Oh, that’s interesting: Iosif Galea is a friend (and not just Facebook, either) of Lorry Sant/Joseph Muscat henchman Ronnie Pellegrini

Published: December 13, 2012 at 3:06pm

Iosif Galea, one of the conspirators at the centre of the John Dalli storm, turns out to be a friend of the truly awful Ronnie Pellegrini, who was Lorry Sant’s righthand man until his death, and who has come to the fore in the Labour Party again since Muscat became leader.

On paper, Pellegrini is an employee of the General Workers’ Union. But in reality…

Take a look at this bit on Iosif Galea’s Facebook:

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  1. hbieb, kollegi nazzjonalisti,

    aqraw il-verita fuq franco debono hawn:


    guzeppi tal-mosta
    kullhadd jafni

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