Reply to the budget speech

Published: December 5, 2012 at 5:40pm

I’m watching the Opposition leader speaking in parliament in reply to the budget speech.

He has just had the ruddy nerve to criticise the Nationalist Party for voting against giving women the vote 70 years ago, when most of the people sitting on the PN benches weren’t even born, and when he HIMSELF campaigned actively against EU membership and now leads the party that VOTED AGAINST IT AND ENCOURAGED OTHERS TO DO LIKEWISE.

Dawn dal-Labour bla zejt f’wicchom.

And to make matters worse, that bloody turnip in a suit, Luciano Busuttil, is sitting right behind him within the camera’s direct line of vision and he grins and smirks like a cross between the classroom sneak and the village idiot.

When the camera does roam, who does it pick up? The nightmare blights of our recent and not-so-recent past, all of them looking increasingly haggard, withered, aged and ghoulish.

Alfred Sant looks like Adolf Hitler risen from the dead after a bad bout of the pox and forcibly shaved by whoever it was who ripped off Muscat’s goatee and Anglu’s ‘tache. Karmenu Vella looks like a shrunken old lady in a bathchair who still insists on having her hair done.

And it’s Super One that I’m watching, which means they’re not doing it on purpose to show Labour at its worst.

They’re awful. Jaqq. And Joseph Muscat sounds just the same as he did when he was a Super One reporter asking sarcastic questions and telling Malta that Partnerxipp l-ahjar ghazla.

Disgusting freaks.

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  1. ciccio says:

    Joseph Muscat keeps referring to “Gvern gdid immexxi minni”.

    To me, it’s more like “Il-Gvern Mintoffjan tas-70s immexxi minni,” with a Cabinet composed of Leo Brincat, Karmenu Vella, George Vella, Joe Debono Grech and headed by a Super One hack whose nanna used to take him to Mintoff’s meetings.

    • ciccio says:

      I have to add that the “Certezza and Stabbilta” theme adopted by Joseph Muscat for his press conference confirms my thought above. In fact, he is guaranteeing stability from the 1970s, because he has the same colleagues, and this is a certainty as to what we should expect.

      In Labour’s case, the past is the guarantee of the future.

      Shouldn’t they have said “Change”?

      Labour: Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

    • Antoine Vella says:

      “Gvern immexxi minni” was a phrase Fenech Adami used to say. As always, Joseph Muscat liberally copies slogans and expressions coined by others: from Mussolini to Luther King, Obama to Fenech Adami, St Francis and others.

      He’s probably the most artificial and insincere politician I remember since I started following Maltese politics forty odd years ago.

    • Did you manage to sleep last night aftyer watching Dr. Muscat hammer the last nail in Gonzi’s political coffin ?

  2. Bahh shih says:

    Did the little twerp say anything new during his speech?

  3. paddy says:

    This time Josephf is sporting not only a blue tie but also a blue jacket – seems that blue is the colour PN policies are the best

  4. Pete says:

    Your post made me have a look at the transmission from Parliament. The Leader of the Opposition is actually reading his speech. I believe that according to Standing Orders of the House, a member can refer to notes while delivering a speech but not read it.

  5. M. Grech says:

    Tinkwetaw xejn. Bi gvern gdid immexxi minn Joseph Muscat, dan il-pajjiz se jingieb fi stat ta’ perfezzjoni.

    Kulhadd se jkun kuntent u bla problemi. Mohh kulhadd se jkun mistrieh li se jkollu xoghol garantit, but mimli flus u hajja komda.

    U halluna!

  6. roundhead says:

    In 1950 Brazil were playing Uruguay in the World Cup Final. Brazil, who were playing at home, started celebrating before the game had even started. They behaved as if the cup was already theirs. Eventually, Uruguay beat Brazil. This event has been labelled the ‘Disaster of Maracana’. I hope that this wil recur, not in Brazil, but in Malta.

  7. Tonio Mallia says:

    Who’s the smirking twerp sitting left of Luciano? If he nods his fat head anymore it’s going to fall off.

    [Daphne – Owen Bonnici.]

  8. Edward Caruana Galizia says:

    What on Earth does giving women the right to vote have to do with the price of fish?

  9. Gahan says:

    I am listening to Joseph’s carefully written speech, written by some lawyer (Toni Abela maybe?).

    When I listen to such speeches which are carefully worded and dotted with innuendos, silly jokes and buzz words, I simply shut down.

    Yes, this government was far from perfect but at the end of the “Ma Nafdahx” litany, I would direct the last “ma nafdahx” to Joseph Muscat who was caught red handed conspiring with a journalist at a radio station.

    For me that was enough material for him to disappear from the political scene.

    Who would you prefer presiding the EU in 2017 – Simon, who broke all records as an MEP, or Joseph who spent his two years in the European parliament “studying” to get his doctorate and biding time to be eligible for an MEP pension?

  10. Jozef says:

    Loved the fairytale about BWSC, especially now that we’re absolutely resigned to the fact he doesn’t have a plan for his ‘gas’ conversion.

    As if a caretaker government can do anything with his proposals. Or doesn’t he trust Franco to vote against?

    And what is it he means by not wanting to have anything to do with the new parliament building?

    That he may feel out of place was well known, that he intends to humiliate the leader of the opposition to avoid the place is news. Such taste.

    Il-hdura hemm qeghda, naraw la jkollu daqsxejn rih fil-qala kemm ser jitqazzez u jwaqqa’ ghaz-zufjett.

    Diskors ta’ kesahlu li jaf li d-daqqa tieghu. Kompli ghajjar pajjiz Joseph, hekk iridu ta’ mieghek. Pastaz.

    • Wilson says:

      BWSC – the generating sets were thought out to have the gas conversion capability from day one. Whoever is in government can change them. All it takes is money. But Joseph is still trying to see whether he can get diesel at a cheaper price than the present government.

      For those that have been waiting and wanting to know how he is going to reduce the energy bills…..well… you know.

      But for clarity’s sake it does not mean he has managed.

      • Jozef says:

        And yet he was lying through his teeth, in parliament. Muscat has taken the art of propounding a lie until it’s truth to a new level.

        It’s unprecedented.

  11. Jozef says:

    X’disprament, jokrob ghan-Nazzjonalisti, jaqaw?

  12. Futur Imcajpar says:

    Eddy promised us a lesson of economics and a fountain of ideas from Little Joey tonight. I guess he is not delivering despite the bill board. Good thing I’m not wasting my time listening to the drivel.

  13. ClS says:

    I admire your courage Daphne. I couldn’t stand the Mr Negative Muscat.

  14. anthony says:

    The shots of the opposition benches looked so much like a tour at Madame Tussaud’s.

  15. Lomax says:

    Why doesn’t manage say “Gvern Laburista mmexxi minni”? And what’s with the blue suit and blue tie?

    Oh, and the “femminizmu” when to me, a woman, the mere word is insulting. I don’t want femminizmu, I just want to be treated as an individual – irrespective of my gender (which is, incidentally, exactly the way in which I’m treated).

    Needless to say, his will be a “liberal” government, built on “meritocracy” and he had the gall to say that under his government, Malta will be a meritocracy. I’m sure, if what that Helena said is anything to go by, if “you are Labour” then you will be meritorious. If, on the other hand, God forbid, you’re anyhing else, eeeh, then you will just wallow in your misery.

    Have you noticed, then, how the creep skimmed over Malta having one of the best graduate-employment record in the EU? He just mentioned it en passant, I would say. It is quite understandable though, isn’t it? After his saying that the government took IT students for a ride, he certainly cannot then dwell on the graduate-employment records,

    Oh, well, I guess we just need to brace ourselves. This is just the tip of a very cold and uncompromising iceberg.

  16. Ir-roadmap tal-Moviment iffukat says:

    Has anyone seen any hint of Labour’s roadmap in Joseph’s 2 hour speech in Parliament this evening?

  17. carmel says:

    Dear Daphne, you have to accept the writing on the wall, you are watching the future Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat.

    [Daphne – I think I was one of the first to take that as read, Carmel.]

    • Harry Purdie says:

      I remember that, Daphne, almost five years ago. Had a big problem with your prediction at the time. You were the first to analyse the situation. Only time you really pissed me off.

      Still really like you, though.

    • TROY says:

      Issa Naraw,carmel.
      It-tigrija sal-barkun.

  18. edgar says:

    Yes Carmel, I agree but you also have to accept the fact that he does not f*ckin deserve it.

  19. Edward Caruana Galizia says:

    Perhaps Dr Muscat might want to read the front page of this morning’s “Metro” .

  20. ciccio says:

    After tonight’s events, and Joseph’s clear ‘roadmap’ to position Labour against the budget, I suggest that tomorrow morning Austin Gatt should resign from cabinet. This should result in the following consequences:

    1. It becomes the news of the day after, eclipsing Joseph Muscat’s irrelevant budget reply speech.
    2. Allow Franco Debono to vote in favour of the budget, and exhonerate him from any historical responsibility for bringing down the government.
    3. Permit the government to pass the budget normally and in time, before the beginning of the new year.
    4. Expose Labour as the ONLY group in Parliament who voted against the budget, without Franco Debono being an accomplice.
    5. Present Austin Gatt as a hero who saved the situation with his courage.
    6. Give a boost to the PM’s position when he delivers his speech on Monday.
    7. Allow the government to conclude the legislature with a bang.

    After which, elections can be called.

  21. Gahan says:

    In six months time, the odds are that we will be having an ex-Super One journalist as Malta’s Prime Minister .

    A glimmer of hope is that voters are yearning for something more ‘exciting’ than Joseph’s PL.

    When talking to people about the reasons for their illogical choices , I find the lack of excitement in the ‘old’ thing to be the major reason.

    Why do people change their good jobs for lower paid ones? (I know a few)

    Why do people buy the latest mobile phones and discard the ones which they bought a year ago?

    Why do some people change their partners for others , leaving a disastrous situation to them and their loved ones?

    Why do people buy another car while they can be served with their five year old one, which is good as new?

    Why did many staunch PN supporters ‘support’ Franco? He provided excitement.When he pushes the self destruct button, people will be searching elsewhere for more buzz.

    People are in search of exciting times like they did in 1971.

    The PL are putting up billboards which keep up this excitement ,but Joseph “ma fihx buzz” a young man told me. Simon can be the answer. We wait and see.

  22. silvio says:

    We must have the guts to admit that this was one of the best speeches every delivered in our parliament, equalled only by that of E.Fenech Adami , following the death of Raymond Caruana.

    I’m writing this after having heard the whole speech and not rushing to criticise, when he had just stared.

    • Homer says:

      Ignorance is truly bliss. What you attribute to ‘guts’ is actually a lack of grey matter.

      By the way, if someone tells you I’m condescending, they mean I’m talking down to you.

  23. silvio says:

    Dear Daphne, are we to judge persons by whether they look like turnips or cabbages?

    Most times appearances can deceive.

    In my opinion, we never had anyone look more like a turnip than the late Fr. Serracino Inglot, and yet he was one of our most brilliant persons.

    We must not reduce our parliament to a beauty contest, as we would end up not only with turnips and cabbages, but a whole minestrone, with an overdose of BASAL and Gdur.

    [Daphne – Turnip is not a reference to physical appearance, no more than gidra is.]

    • silvio says:

      Usualy the wrapping gives an indication of what is inside

      • Gahan says:

        Careful about wrappings. Some wrap inferior quality products in expensive wrapping papers.

        Alfred Sant wrapped his winning electoral programme nicely, but we all know what we got after we satisfied our curiosity, Silvio.

  24. voter says:

    I am still confident that the Maltese voting population are not so daft, blind and stupid to put this lot in Government. I still believe that the Maltese floating vote has enough sense to see the proper light.

  25. James Bartolo says:

    he was just reading like a village classroom boy. reading from a prepared text.

  26. tal-misthija says:

    This speech convinced me that LP, PL or MLP, they never change.

  27. mattie says:

    No tax for minimum wage earners.
    A minimum wage freeze.

    Contradiction or?

  28. verita says:

    Wara id-diskors ta’ Joseph fuq TVM kien hemm diskussjoni fuq il-budget u rajt lil Marthese Portelli iggib fix xejn lil Dr A Abela u gabitu jitkellem wahdu. Hlief iffahhar kull ma kien hemm fil-budget ma ghamilx. Pero, se jivvutaw kontra.

  29. Riya says:

    Kemm hi sabiha il-vizjoni tal-MLP biex imexxu il-pajjiz il-quddiem hux.

    Tpaxxejt nisma’ lil Josepf Muscat isemmi l-mizuri tal-programm elttorali tal-MLP li ilu iwieghed snin li ser ihabbar qabel l-elezzjoni.

    Ghal inqas issa nafu xin hi t-tema tal-programm eletorali tal-MLP: Insulti – Tajjir u Tmaqdir

    Dawn ghandhom programm elettorali jew le? Ghidilna Eddy Privitera ghax int wiehed minn ta’ gewwa u mithla ta’ Joseph sewwa.

    Tipikament Labour. Kirba ghall- Poter

    Vera miskin min jivvutalhom lil dawn in-nies. Mhux ta’ bxejn qatt ma’ jzidu fil-voti. Izda mill banda l-ohra tiehu r-ruh ghax tghid li f’dan il-pajjiz ghal anqas l-injoranza mhux qed tizdiet.

    Izda, dan iffiser ukoll li fi kwazi 25 sena tal-MLP baqaw fejn kienu u qatt ma’ taghlmu xi jfisser li tkun fil-Gvern ghax ghadhom jahzbu li tkun fil-Gvern ifisser biss biex tbazwar u taqdi lin-nies tieghek bil-qerq u bil preferenzi u mhux tmexxi l-pajjiz il-quddiem.

    Joseph Muscat qal li l-PN dahaq bin-nies tal-IT. Imma dawn bis-serjeta’ jew? Fi zmien il-Labour anqas konna noholmu biha il-kelma IT ghax Mintoff u shabu li ghadhom hemm sal llum kienu jghidu li l-IT joqtol in-nies bilguh.

    Jekk sejjer zball sur eddy Privitera nitolbok gentilment tikkoregini.

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