“They’re right behind you!” (Well, it IS panto-time)

Published: December 10, 2012 at 11:16pm

Just look at who’s crammed up behind Joseph Muscat as he speaks about ‘gvern tal-biza u firda’ while leaving parliament tonight: Tuks Farrugia, Toilet Parnis and Kohlrabi Busuttil.

That really makes me have faith in Labour’s ability to govern. Can’t wait to have this quartet of freaks running the show along with their friends.

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  1. Dee says:

    If worse comes to the worst, Parnis and Busuttil are a better option to have behind you, then Cyrus Engerer I guess.

    • Mercury Rising says:

      I actually had to do a double take. Good one!

    • mandango70 says:

      Depends. Quite a number of people will happily be voting Gonzi again notwithstanding having been shafted for so long.

      Each to his own I guess.

      [Daphne – Shafted by Gonzi, my big toe. You really don’t get the full scale of what has been achieved over the last four nightmare years, do you? Try peeping outside Malta. The real question-mark is over those who plan to vote Labour despite having been shafted royally and irremediably by them – most spectacularly, by Karmenu Vella – for 16 long years and then another 22 months. Trid tkun altru mignun.]

  2. Vanni says:

    Daphne, it’s not Joseph’s fault, miskin. Great leaders stand on the shoulders of giants, Joseph has to make do with Cocunut Kurt.

  3. TCB says:

    U happy now? Have you made your air reservation for 10th march? Can’t wait to receive my vote to send it back to Stamperija telling them where to stuff it. May you be damend like you deserve for all the harm you did to the PN

    [Daphne – Hallina trid. You won’t be sending your voting document to the PN. You’ll be using it to vote Labour. The last time you popped in here was around August, in hysterical praise of Dom Mintoff. Like hell am I going anywhere on 10th March.]

    • Nanny Goat says:

      On the 19Th March I will be watching the red flags crowding the streets whilst saying ”just wait you pampered and spoilt lot and see what it is like living under a Neo- Mintoffian regime for five or ten years”.

      New mitellklaz indeed!

  4. Harry Purdie says:

    Gimme room, Joey, let me in. You wouldn’t be here without me.

  5. P Shaw says:

    While certain people in Malta are so bored that they are eager to ride on a roller coaster, in Italy, where people are by now used to uncertainty, are desperate for a sense of normality.

    Following last Saturday’s resignation offer by PM Monti, the editor of La Stampa wrote “It should be time for Italy to become a normal country, predictable and even boring…..For a year we got close to it” (as quoted by The Financial Times today).

    The grass looks greener on the other side and the Maltese seem too bored in a normal country that managed to escape the financial crisis in Italy.

    Franco Debono always wanted to emigrate to Italy, and now, the Italian’s style of managing the economy will be exported to Malta.

  6. Matt says:

    I just can’t understand why my Maltese brothers and sisters want to trust their future in MLP hands. Isn’t it obvious that they are clueless about running a country.

  7. george grech says:

    Il-PL fl-oppozizzjoni wera kemm ma jimpurtahx mill-poplu Malti, ahseb u ara fil-gvern !

  8. Turnip says:

    Vanni this is when Alfred Sant had Joseph as his shoulder:


  9. xmun says:

    So the general election will be held on Franco’s birthday, 9th March.

  10. marks says:

    Someone wrote that the PL team looked like a gang from Goodfellas. To me they looked more like the gang from Analyze That – so funny yet so sad for Malta.

  11. GALLETTU says:

    Franco has rendered himself obsolete and will be forever haunted by the ghost of Christmas past.

  12. Neil Dent says:

    That waste of space and hair gel, Parnis, is starting to look his age.

  13. Jozef says:

    I’ve noticed Joseph’s adamant we shouldn’t get any politics over the season, and that perhaps the PM should listen to what the opposition has to offer regarding EU funding.

    Anything to procrastinate his manifesto it seems. Strange, now that he’s finally got himself in the real limelight.

    So, what’s it to be Dottor Muscat? Or do you still think you’re the underdog, and how dare the PM snatch all the panache you claimed for yourself? Scuttling away from your own, when he could walk out of parliament head high.

    Maybe, just maybe, it was better if you chose grace, vote for the budget and THEN come across all sanctimonious. Berlusconi just did. Unbelievable what Italians do to look good.

  14. bookworm says:

    As they say up in the north, ‘winter is coming’.

  15. mintoff the legend says:

    3 xhur ohra u…..aqbad id f’id ma franco…….IRRELEVANTI….ara taghmlux klabb ; loki loo bondi, bocca w il-bella kumpanija.

    [Daphne – In times of a Labour government, my dear, I become MORE relevant, not less. In fact, one of the reasons I am not looking forward to a Labour government is that I will feel in duty bound to carry on writing, whereas if the Nationalist Party is elected, I shall feel able to call it a day without feeling bad about it.]

    • Jozef says:

      Am I right in saying the elves sound rather on the defensive?

      Even Mandango has lost hiss sprightly cheer.

    • A Montebello says:

      Whatever the blinkered say, Daphne, unlike Franco, you are EXTREMELY relevant.

      People look to your blog as a source of to-the-minute news, information and no bullshit spade-calling – that’s why it was near impossible to get through to this site last night.

      I know for a fact that you have reignited the bored and complacent and we’re ready to vote.

      I say that as someone who has felt extremely serene and comfortable over the years that the country was in good hands.

      I think we may be in for some surprises. I read somewhere recently that the gap between the two parties has already narrowed by 5 points.

      [Daphne – Three points.]

      • Jozef says:

        The surprise was the collection of results outlined in this budget. Gonzi’s work required the entire legislature.

        It was relatively easy using elvespeak on every newspaper hijacking the national agenda.

        Problem was, Joseph didn’t deliver a persona to look at for ideas.

        Can’t see the baroque crowd sticking up for him, not after Joseph turned their snobbery into personal insults directed at the PM.

        He’s too ‘becero’ to approximate any argument. Perhaps they’ll subscribe that his undisclosed plans for Mepa had better be avoided.

        If they’re genuine. Imagine Charles Buhagiar responsible for Valletta’s ongoing works, or what priority will be given to the Palace’s restoration.

    • silvio says:

      So, if I understand well what you mean,is that If the P.N.is elected it will mean “Mission accomplished”.

      Will it than also mean ” Ecsucise me could we now talk about my bill?

    • Zunzan says:

      Not looking forward, because you bloody have to hide yourself as your Gonzinu could not protect you anymore SABIEHA ( just to give you an aggettiv ta uzajt il-kelma sabieha i did not mean it).

    • A. Charles says:

      I ill be proposing Daphne for Gieh il-Republika award. She deserves it.

    • mintoff the legend says:

      ” whereas IF the nazi…erm..fascist….erm….nationalist broken party is elected ” looooooooooooooooooool

  16. voter says:

    I think those who really believe that Labour will win the March 9 elections are making a mistake.

    I am convinced that the switchers are rethinking their plans. I still consider the Maltese to know what is good for them.

    The “gdur” who clapped last night after the budget was not approved do not realize that the budget was in THEIR favour.

    It is OK for the government to lose a vote, but I do not think that this should mean a victory for Labour at the next elections. Perhaps Privitera can enlighten us on this.

    • Catsrbest says:

      I fully agree with your comment.

      In fact I noticed that JosephPL & his team left parliament gloomier than ever, without the usual wry smile on their faces and also in diffidence.

  17. Catsrbest says:

    I tend to agree with Joseph Muscat when he states that the PL is the underdog.

    Life has showed me that all negative entities, persons are most likely to end up underdogs and losers; while those who have faith and are positive end up winners in the end. Believe and achieve and this is one of the greatest quality of Dr Gonzi.

  18. Matt says:

    Daphne, if it is true that the MLP is leading by 3-5 points now, then I don’t see them winning the election. The PN is the larger party but if the people stay home on election day MLP will govern for a long long 5 years. I dread the thought.

    [Daphne – Leading by nine points, reduced by three points over an earlier 12-point lead.]

  19. AntiLabour says:

    Biex tivvota Labour trid tkun vera faxx krafes wara dak li gara.

    Serjeta ta’ xejn.

    Ghazlu leader li kien skadut qabel ma sar.

    Kien kontra l-Europa, ghalhekk la sirna membri qatt ma missu hareg ghal leader, izjed u izjed meta kien hemm Dr. Abela.

    Issa zgur sejrin jaghrawna MAKKU, jekk ikollna gvern Leiburist. Halluna.

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