Turkey rounds on Franco and says, “Ha, hu go fik”

Published: December 3, 2012 at 10:43pm

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  1. ego trip says:

    By ths time of next week, the ‘hu go fik’ freak will be relegated in the dustbin

  2. A Montebello says:


    That’s also about as close as Debono’s going to get to some naughty action.

  3. ciccio says:

    Franko’s got his head too far up the turkey’s ass to realize the consequences of his actions.

  4. Evarist Saliba says:

    Mr Bean was funny. Dr Franco Debono is not.

    • Mesmes says:

      Or should you say “was not”?

      • Evarist Saliba says:

        Mr Bean, or rather Mr Atkinson who played the role of Mr Bean, has been wise enough to realise that the time has come to stop playing the fool, and to act in straight plays on stage. So the past applies.

        Not so Dr Debono, he is determined to go on playing the same role until …… Quite honestly, I do not know until when.

  5. Manuel says:

    Anglu Farrugia will soon tell Franco “Ha, hu go fik”, after the latter will vote against the budget and thus force the government to resign and call an election.

    Until that day arrives, Anglu Farrugia is asking the Speaker to protect Debono. Miskin hux, qalbu tajba Anglu. Where was Anglu when innocent people were not being protected under the Mintoffian regime? Ah, yes, bilhaqq, he was part of it!

  6. xmun says:

    on Franco’s blog this morning

    Joe Vella
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 11:16:20

    se tastejeni jew tivvuta kontra


    Franco Debono
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 11:22:37


  7. TROY says:

    Order your Christmas turkey now, to avoid disappointment.

    Franco stuffs them and Joseph delivers them.

  8. 80`s Golden says:

    Why daphne? Mhux ha tiehu go fik on 10th December darling? be honest….. you can make it if you try very hardly.

    • Neil Dent says:

      ‘….try very hardly….’

      • anthony says:

        The hallmark of a staunch, dyed-in-the-wool, Mintoffjan.

        Rotten English.

        Imbeciles, determining by their pathetic, uneducated and uninformed vote the future of our beloved country.

        It might be twenty months, five years or even ten.

        The longer the better.

        It is about time the so-called floating (opportunist) voter is taught a lesson.

    • Grezz says:

      Marlene strikes again, I see.

    • WhoamI? says:

      Tghid mhux ha jigi xi majjal bhal-leader tieghek jghajjat li waqa l-gvern? A few months short of full-term is outstanding considering what the PN had to deal with in the last 2 years.

      We will never have a repeat of those 22 months in office, unless it’s Labour of course.

    • etil says:

      …try very hard.

      Brush up your English 80s Golden or check your grammar before pressing ‘send’.

      So what about 10th December – one way or the other the elections are due so do not be overpleased if the budget does not go through. What is with you lot, you are always pleased with bad news even if it means that the people will have to wait six to nine months for the increases and incentives indicated in the budget.

      I suppose little things please little minds. Also, I do not think Daphne is going to lose any sleep after the 10th December.

  9. Neil Dent says:

    Wait Daphne, so one of the pair in the photo is Franco Debono, Top Criminal Lawyer, and the other one is Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean, correct? Do I win a prize?

  10. observer says:

    The whole darned world looks really murky –
    Seen through the ass-hole of my turkey.

  11. M. Grech says:

    This evening timesofmalta.com carried a report quoting Franco Debono’s speech in Parliament tonight during which he offered to help the Prime Minister push his reforms.

    I have just checked the site and, to my surprise, the item has been removed.

  12. Mesmes says:

    The threat

    After the recent threat received by letter,
    following his threat to vote against the budget,
    following his numerous threats on any matter,
    on any matter he could get a grasp at.
    At the end it’s indeed ironic,
    looking back to see what’s left on the turf,
    he’ll just see that he pulled only…
    enough rope to hang himself.

  13. Paul Bonnici says:

    Daphne, you could not have found a better pic for Franco, well done!

  14. Matthew says:

    Today it was reported that Anglu Farrugia enquired about Franco Debono’s police protection.

    Nothing wrong with that had it been coming from any other MP but coming, from all people, Anglu Farrugia, the cheek is galling.

    This is the same man who was a government MP when Richard Cachia Caruana’s police protection was withdrawn after the latter HAD BEEN STABBED!

    This is the same man who was Police Inspector when the police force regularly broke all sorts of rules, disregarded human rights and egged on violent mobs instead of trying to control them,

    Did he express solidarity with the victims at any of these times? Did he f**k?

    Apparently, that is all water under the bridge now and Anglu Farrugia has a new penchant for human rights and freedom of expression.

    It is unbelievable how Anglu Farrugia and the rest of the sorry lot have been allowed to rehabilitate themselves and come out smelling of roses.

    One would have expected them to end up in prison or retire into oblivion but here we are on the verge of voting them back into power all these years later. Nowadays, they accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of and the media, together with very many people who should know better, swallows it hook, line and sinker without even questioning them.

    Let’s go through them, shall we? (These are the people who come to mind off the top of my head. Feel free to remind me of others).

    Karmenu Vella: Previously a disastrous minister and the man who physically attacked Eddie Fenech Adami in parliament.

    He is now planning Malta’s future until 2018.

    Alex Sciberras Trigona: Previously a foreign affairs minister back when Malta’s best friends were Muammar al Qaddafi, the Kim dynasty in North Korea and communist China.

    Apparently, now, it’s all about Europe.

    Alfred ‘partnership rebah’ Sant:: a man whose mission was to a) remove VAT (and replace it with something which nobody understood), b) stop us from joining the EU and c) make Malta a Switzerland in the Mediterranean.

    Sant’s current plan is to go represent Malta in the European Parliament in the coming legislature.

    Lino Spiteri: He’s not part of the PL line-up any more but he certainly deserves a mention. Previously a finance minister, back when Malta was shorn of everything from investment to basic goods in shops. He jumped ship just when Alfred Sant’s government was sinking.

    He is now seen as some kind of economic guru and spends his days writing articles exalting Joseph Muscat’s leadership and Dom Mintoff’s vision.

    Last but not least, Joseph Muscat himself: A fervent supporter of Dom Mintoff, Alfred Sant and socialist Malta, this man spent years working tirelessly to keep Malta out of the EU.

    As if right on cue, as soon as Malta joined the EU, he promptly left Malta to work in the European Parliament and swiftly switched from socialist red to European and Nationalist blue. He plans to spend the coming years making Malta more liberal, progressive and European.

    In unrelated news, Francisco Franco is reportedly planning on coming back to life to launch the Democracy and Human Rights Party. It has also been mooted that he might be chosen to accept the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the European Union.


  15. Azzopardi says:

    Jafu titilghu billi titnejku bih.

  16. Toninu says:

    Rowan Atkinson is a lawyer.

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