What sort of lawyer notes down in the minutes of a meeting that one of the parties has balls?

Published: December 13, 2012 at 5:52pm

Police inspector Angelo Gafa said in court that Gayle Kimberley met John Dalli at his Portomaso office on 6 January 2012.

This is the office of John Dalli & Associates, a business which he claims to have passed on to his daughters.

So, he met Dr Kimberley as John Dalli of John Dalli & Associates, to discuss something that he might do in his capacity as an EU Commissioner.

Tal-ghageb (or at least, it would be if this were not John Dalli we’re talking about).

Inspector Gafa then quoted something that Dr Kimberley had jotted down in her minutes of the meeting: that Dalli has “an open mind and is not preconditioned on lifting the ban on snus” and “If there was a commissioner with balls, this is the one.”

Spirtu, santu, amen…

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  1. A.Attard says:

    I think the last line should be “Patri, filju, spirtu santu…..”

    [Daphne – Possibly, but my bunch only use the last three words.]

    • anthony says:

      You are all wrong.

      ‘U patri u tfilju u spirtu ssantu’.

      I am adamant that I am correct on this one . I was not so sure about the ‘imexxu n-nisa’ expression.

      I have a penchant for matters religious rather than for those concerning human trafficking.

      [Daphne – Imexxu n-nisa as with imexxu d-drogi: trafficking as distinct from pimping.]

      • Min Weber says:

        Indeed, a corruption of a mishmash of Latin and Sicilian: U patri ut filju u spirtu santu.

        The “t” in the second “u” is a remnant of “et”.

        This is Salvatore-like speech (do you remember him from The Name of the Rose?), which was typical of the Middle Ages.

      • Qeghdin Sew says:

        Filju from figlio, but tfilju?

  2. Angus Black says:

    “If there was a commissioner with balls, this is the one.”

    Maybe for ease of gender identification?

  3. H.P. Baxxter says:

    How would she know nudge nudge wink wink?

    • Artemis says:

      She found out he had balls at the poolside meeting in Gozo when he was wearing his budgie smugglers. Well, I assume they weren’t Brussels sprouts he had down there.

  4. Rover says:

    J Dalli BA ghandu par babaw. Must be all that GMO stuff.

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