Malta Taghna Lkoll: I don’t think Labour supporters are exactly on message with this one

Published: January 16, 2013 at 11:58am

I have received a comment from a fan of Konrad Mizzi. He can’t write, can’t think, and so is very impressed by him. And obviously, he doesn’t seem that keen on me.

Imma Malta Taghna Lkoll, hbieb.

Posted by foxxommok:


Ja sahhara kerha!!! Idhol fuq l-internet, ja qahba stupida, u ikteb ‘Konrad Mizzi’ u studja sew l-esperjenzi li ghandu ma kumpaniji kbar barranin bhal Pcubed u Moorhouse, qabel ma tiftah dak il halq kbir l-ghandek! Filkas zommu mghaluq u ifthu biss meta jaqbadni l-bewl.

Kemm niehu pjacir naqlalek ja mara kerha.

U iva jien lejburist!! U tkaxkira ghandkom ja qatta ndannati!!

Foxx kemm ghandek!


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  1. canon says:

    That man could be one of Konrad Mizzi’s team.

  2. Not Sandy :P says:

    Here’s another one who thinks Konrad Mizzi’s a genju:

    Alison Aquilina

    Joseph prosit ta kull proposta li ghamilt u prosit ikbar tal proposta li ghamilt tad dawl u l ilma . Nixtieq niehu din l opportunita li nifrah lIl konrad Mizzi ghax huwa veru intelligenti u hadd min tal Pn mhu ha lehhaq ma dan il genju
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  3. Luigi says:

    No, it’s obvious that this comment is not by a labourite, otherwise he wouldn’t have specified the word lejburist. Only between Eddie Fenech Adami’s Nationalists supporters (us), that word is specified. I’m sure you would answer this now.

    [Daphne – If you’re a Fenech Adami supporter, then I’m a fried egg.]

    • Luigi says:

      You can’t understand why Nationalist supporters of EFA times have shied away from GonziPN. This is precisely what happened to the MLP in Sant’s times. Labourites shied away from MLP and voted PN of EFA.

      I kindly appreciate an aswer.

      [Daphne – I’ll humour you. The Nationalist Party’s core vote is a lot smaller than Labour’s. A great deal smaller. That’s why Fenech Adami won by just a relatively minuscule margin in 1987, despite those 16 years of Albanian life. Work out the rest for yourself. In proper universities, you are expected to use your own reasoning skills, not take dictation.]

    • Another John says:

      ‘foxxommok’ is definately a lejburist and happy about it. That’s why he expressed it so. Not so difficult a concept to understand, Luigi.

    • Clifford says:

      Fee-fi-fo-fum I smell the blood of a Labour bum.

  4. fran says:

    Priceless. is this what it’s going to be like IF Labour win?

    I still can’t believe that more then 50% of the population are so stupid and ungrateful.

    Well they will suffer more then we will and if they have to learn the hard way so be it.

    • Another John says:

      I’m not so sure that they would suffer.

      Labour supporters have always ridden atop the gravy train provided by the state via the taxes of the hardworking business community.

      They just milk the social security system for all it’s worth. The new economy and modern jobs do not mean anything to them since they were (are) all happy with jobs mal-gvern (remember the korpi?).

    • J.White says:

      Dear Fran,

      First of all not every LP supporters are like the gentleman here, but unfortunately every party have these rude individuals- both of them. If you take a look in facebook you find Nationalist who speaks that way as well.

      But apart from that, to be respected you have to respect the decency of others, I am not saying to restrict the opinion and freedom of others but if you take notice of the neminem laedere principle instituted in our Rights and Obligations you will understand the matter at first reading.

      Having Daphne here with all these blogs against a lot of people, whom she decided to be very rude with.. I am not surprised that she is receiving such comments.

      As they say.. ain’t Karma a B*****?

      [Daphne – May I reply instead of Fran? You don’t understand the first thing about freedom of expression, the expectation that politics are to be criticised and mocked, and, above all, the law. This comment here above is a criminal act. It has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of expression and it is an inappropriate and illegal response to the views of others.]

      • J.White says:

        I understand that criticizing politics is common practice and also needed in a small country like ours,

        that is why I said that the person sending such comment is very rude, however I am not surprised by it because when people see certain critics (and those who do not know how to answer in a reasonable and polite manner) will offend other.

        please re read, I said I am not surprised but I never said I agree that such messages should be sent.

      • J.White says:

        and another thing I was referring to your right of freedom of expression not the commentator right.. please take another look at my comment, maybe you will understand the matter better with this regards.

        and such principle I talked about (about your blog) was of a civil nature not of a criminal nature (as the above comment).

  5. George says:

    Ha haha. Konrad joined Pcubed in 2010 and as soon as Joseph noticed that he is star candidate material, he was scurried to Malta to work on the Labour Party’s elaborate energy plan. That is as far as his expertise goes.

  6. ZN says:

    Totally ashamed of such comments.

  7. Mike says:

    Charming. The highlights of a strong and rational argument; name calling and obscenities.

  8. Pizzuto says:

    Embarrassing idiots.

  9. rc says:

    They just read “Malta taghna..” and then get confused about the rest.

    • La Redoute says:

      They read it as Malta Kollha Taghna.

      That slogan was a most unfortunate choice, given the sort of history the Malta Labour Party literally enjoys.

  10. billy goat says:

    Somehow I have the feeling that the writer is a young woman as they tend to use the “mwa” at the end of rubbish posts. So progressive. Malta taghhom lkoll.

  11. Jozef says:

    Pcubed & Moorhouse, the new player in world business.

    Where company cars are strictly Mini Coopers.

  12. Daniel says:

    I have no problem saying I will vote Labour, but that comment is deplorable. Whoever wrote that is a senseless fanatic who probably has the same attitude in football and fil-‘festa’.

  13. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Let’s be honest, chaps. PN was asking for this arse-kicking. And MLP exploited PN’s major weakness: being big on heart but small on brains.

    MLP’s ranks are now full of ‘doctors’ in various ‘technical’ fields.

    PN is full of doctors too, but they’re all lawyers.

    It had one brainy fellow by the name of RCC (remember him) but his intelligence and superior mental capabilities were like some sort of exotic condition in the party.

    Joseph Muscat seems to have realised this early on, and during these five years he dressed up MLP in a mantle of techno-intellectualism. Now he’s even written a nice coffee-table-compatible book containing his thoughts in the grand Continental political tradition.

    It’s too late for PN to catch up. Their entire message, their language, their policies are Azzjoni Kattolika/Caritas/Oxfam rather than KPMG/RAND/Oxford.

    They lost the rationalist floaters, some of whom are now more comfortable with MLP. It’s a damn shame, but there you go.

    Democratic politics is all about marketing, and boy has MLP played that game well.

    • The Phoenix says:

      Why have I got the same sinking feeling as Baxxter here?

      Definitely would agree on the RCC bit, although his dogged support of certain people, namely an ambassador down south, is unbelievable. The PN campaign is half-hearted at best and written by abbatini.

      Its going to be an arse-kicking. Then people like me have to step in and kick out all the useless bloody lawyers, starting from the hapless PBO. And the useless mouths in the PN headquarters who are there only as a stepping stone to deputat.

      The tesserati will take the party away from these people if we lose. If we win, well…….they are right to be there.

      Joseph Muscat is ruthless and is aiming for the jugular. He wants in. It’s not important how. He will get in, unless by some miracle someone in the PN will pull a rabbit out of the hat.

      Above all, Muscat has proven that he has the one all important aspect of a successful campaigner – the killer instinct. Ask Anglu.

      The only problem is that Muscat does not have the team or the qualities to be PM. The methods he used, like character assasination of so many people, especially those who had the guts to write under their own name exposing him for the fraud that he is, will backfire on him.

      He is Judas, Mephisto and a bit of Algheri rolled into one.

      You have to hand it to him, however. He has all the balls the PN lost. All of them.

    • maryanne says:

      MLP has ALWAYS played the marketing game well, Baxxter.

      With regards to the Azzjoni Kattolika/Caritas/Oxfam rather than KPMG/RAND/Oxford policies, you do realise that not all PN voters are rational floaters.

      Many think that it’s the latter who win elections but try to be ultra modern and progressive and you will lose the conservative vote and you’re back to square one.

    • Luigi says:

      You are absolutely right H.P Baxxter. The best brain was RCC but they exhausted him.

      [Daphne – Err, that wasn’t quite it, Luigi. That wasn’t exactly what happened.]

      Besides that, he suffered from a hubris syndrome in the past years. Sometimes it’s good for a party to go in opposition and replace its own people . The worst thing to happen in a political party is to monopolise a campaign. The more brains you have the better you are. It shows that Labour involved a lot of people in their campaign. They are very well organised. It shows, even in their message they are very consistent unlike the last election.
      The problem with the labour party in the last election was that their General Secretary monopolised the campaign, made the headquarters his own fiefdom – remember he had a lot of power through Sant – and were inconsistent throughout the whole campaign. That’s why the gap was narrowed. Moreover, Gonzi was more trusted than Sant. Sant had no credibility. Now, Gonzi is not trusted irrespective of how good he steered the economy during the financial crises and to add to that irrispectrive of new Vici Kap. Besides that, Labour came up with a credible plan on energy or at least it looks like that.

    • bilbo says:

      Isn’t RCC a marketing guru? Actually I think he’s a marketing pioneer in Malta. When he got his qualifications most Maltese hadn’t heard the word. Today most think it’s about advertising.

    • Kurt Mifsud Bonnici says:

      This is an interesting analysis H.P. Baxxter.

      So, if I follow correctly, the PL will win the election because its ranks are full of candidates with “intellectual” accomplishments rather than what if offers in its electoral manifesto?

      I find that worrying.

      Also there appears to be an ongoing discussion about whether technocrats alone are suitable for governing a country on the merit of their intellect.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        That’s exactly the way Joseph Muscat has marketed the party. Just look at their electoral campaign. It’s all figures and charts and techno-babble.

        Gone are the ideology and the emotional appeals to klassi tal-haddiema or even middle class. We are not being asked to vote for Labour but for a power station.

        Back in 2003, we were not voting for PN but for Europe. A vastly more far-reaching thing, I grant you, but the focus was on the product rather than the party. In 2008 there was bugger all.

        Joseph Muscat has beaten PN at their own game. It’s an incredibly cunning game they played. For who would refuse cheaper electricity? You see, there are no morals in the equation. We are not being asked to make a moral choice but a financial one.

        Whereas PN is all about morals. They cannot fight techno-babble with laser-guided precision technical put-downs. They know no science. They are theologians, jurists, social workers.

        [Daphne – I never have reason to put you right, H. P., but this time I do. The one technical expert in this mess IS in the Nationalist Party: Tonio Fenech. How did you miss that? His exasperation with Mizzi is precisely because Mizzi is not one, and he is unaccustomed, in his line of work, to dealing with people who won’t line-up the facts and look at them. That much is screamingly obvious to me, on my sofa. Nobody in the Labour Party is ‘technical’. They are doctors and lawyers – they now have more lawyers than the PN – architects, old leftist economists, a 65-year-old former Air Malta chairman who is battling cancer (funny how we never heard anything about that when Alfred Sant gave a press conference) mixed in with absurd people like Silvio Parnis and old Commies like Marie Louise Coleiro. They’ve created an image and you’ve eaten it up. I am impervious to marketing, because while watching, I’m busy deconstructing. Not like you at all.]

        Faced with a wall of “esperti teknici” they have been reduced to a few timid squeaks, trying to match tariff with tariff.

        Desperate times call for desperate measures. Here’s what I would do: I would call RCC from wherever he is and present him as an election candidate. Then he can be the spokesman for the campaign. They may have the finest cavalry in the world, said Rod Steiger, but we will match them, with our lancers.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        I won’t put you right, but have you seen PN’s electoral manifesto? It’s Peter Serracino Inglott mixed with Dun Gorg.

        I’m not PN-bashing here, but they seem to be struggling to articulate their technical rebuttals, and have had to resort to outsiders.

        They should have had the whole of Malta’s engineering community on their side. So why are the engineers silent?

        If politics is dialogue then maybe PN has been talking to the wrong people since 1987: the imsejknin, the ommijiet fuq ir-relief, the zaghzagh volontarji, the housewives, the pensioners, the sick and the needy, and also the self-employed, who used to be known as shopkeepers, which is a far better description.

        [Daphne – I’ll tell you why the engineers are silent, H. P. It’s because all the polls are signalling a victory for Labour. Therefore, they are not going to stick their necks out for the PN and against Labour, which is how people tend to see things here in Malta. The idea of civic responsibility, of speaking as an independent professional, just doesn’t exist. The ‘esperti’ who are hovering around Labour – and let’s be clear that there are none, really, bar a retired old civil engineer whose children are even older than I am, and a fraudster like Andreas Gerdes – are probably giving their two cents’ worth because (and this is the flipside of fear) they hope for something in return. Have no doubt that there are a few key people in big business who are helping out in secret. This is not because they support the Labour project – if they did, they would support it publicly, as they did with EU membership in 2003 – but because they want to be first in with the victor, and share the spoils.]

        I mean I can’t honestly say I’ve ever read anything by PN and thought “My god, they are talking to rationalists.” Joseph Muscat is promising flying cars and monorails, and maybe PN should have pitched their politics that way. You know, think of what Malta should look like in ten years’ time, and then work backwards from that.

        I don’t know, I’m thinking aloud now.

    • Wilson says:

      You mean there is a little Mein Kampf by J. Muscat running around somewhere?

    • Mikiel says:

      Totally agree – you couldn’t have described the situation better. Unfortunately you could be predicting the future. Hopefully PL will maybe copy as well PN’ many successes over the past years.

    • Censa says:

      Agree that PL are marketing with all their might, but I also think that being rational would make one see through a marketing ploy. PN need to play ahead because focus has been shifted yet again.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        That’s the tragedy of it. MLP shouldn’t be the rational choice. If anything, it’s the emotional choice, the Samson option, the ‘hu go fik PN li bqajt korrott u hloqt oligarkija ta’ inkompetenti’ choice.

        But PN isn’t communicating with the rationalists. It is incapable of doing so.

        Even during the EU referendum campaign, it only managed, just, to talk brain to brain through outsiders like Gordon Cordina and Simon Busuttil.

        Now Simon Busuttil has been reduced to a younger copy of Lawrence Gonzi, complete with the platitudes and the bleeding heart. I don’t claim to speak for anyone, but this kind of PN turns my stomach.

  14. anthony says:

    Mirabile dictu.

    This guy thinks Konrad is great.

    No wonder.

  15. Tom says:

    Wow. I had given up on the Maltese poetry scene.

  16. S. Cuschieri says:

    I can’t believe all the stupidity that people come up with. This comment shows pure arrogance and ignorance (don’t know which is worse).

    And their campaign is based on ‘Malta taghna lkoll’ which should show unity, but deep down all we get is pure hatred.

    • Wilson says:

      I really think you are being diplomatic. I personally think this person is scum, very rude and whatever academic education he/she might have usurped from the state was a waste of money.

      But I also understand that with free and stipend-ed university education this is bound to happen, and examples in parliament over the past year have really abounded.

  17. denis says:

    Was Helena Dalli referring to this guy when she said that she will be re-organizing the civil service?

    • silvio says:

      I never thought there would still exist ONE single person on this island who would deny that our civil service needs re-organizing.

      What is wrong with having a civil service which is there to do exactly what its name implies.

      To Serve the very ones who are paying to get their service?

      They should be all held accountable for their mistakes that can cost the nation financially. A case in point – who is going to take the blame for the silly mistake of printing half a million voting cards, with the wrong signature?

      What are we supposed to do, just leave everything as it is because we are scared of doing what has to be done, and leave all those who are incompetent (the majority are delivering and doing a good job) just warm their seats and do not fit the job they are entrusted with.

      Yes, the civil service needs reorganising , which is nothing but a natural process that happens in all the different positions in all societies.

      Unfortunately, some of them are so incompetent, that it would be difficult to transfer them to a different post so they will find themselves having more time for their hobbies.

  18. Clifford says:

    At least he did send you a kiss

    • M Attard says:

      With such comments and degrading language it’s going to be very hard for Joseph Muscat to succeed in turning us all (blue and red) into a peaceful, respectful and civilized nation.

  19. puxa says:


    This is so disgusting. I can’t believe that a person can write something like this. And what hatred!

  20. Aunt Hetty says:

    Hehe……the FOXXes are back again.
    A hunting we will go,
    A hunting we will go
    A hunting we will go
    A hunting we will go.

  21. Dan says:

    Why do I get the feeling that the majority of Labour supporters, or at least the subliterate ones, are misinterpreting the Labour Party’s slogan? I think they understand it as ‘Malta taghna wkoll’, not ‘lkoll.’

  22. marvel says:

    What happened to the protesters who were against “Il-Qirda ta’ Marsaxlokk”? Where did they vanish, are they going to approve the “Double Qirda ta’ Marsaxlokk”?

  23. Riya says:

    Jekk min kiteb din il pastazata huwa xi ammiratur ta’ Konrad Mizzi veru ghandu biex jiftahar Konrad Mizzi u l-partit tieghu.

    Jekk Konrad Mizzi huwa bravu kif qed jghidu tal-Labour missu jikteb hu jew iqabbad xi wiehed mill-kanvasers bravi li ghandu halli jwiegbu ghad domandi li qed isirulhom mhux meta imerrihom xi hadd ighidu li qed ikun arroganti.

    Jien milli smajt min ghand dan Konrad Mizzi nista’ zgur nigi ghal konkluzjoni li huwa bniedem giddieb per eccelenza.

    Pero’ huwa wkoll kapaci jikkonvinci lill-kap tal-Partit Labutista dwar dan il-progett tal-power station.

    Kullhadd jaf li biex tikkonvinci lil Joseph Muscat ma tantx trid tkun bravu ghax kull ma trid huwa li tghidlu, turih jew tivvintalu xi ideja kif ghandu jittradixxi l-poplu Malti biex zgur jirbah l-elezzjoni li jmiss.

  24. David says:

    Tad-dahk, anzi tal-biki, li nistaw nigu taht dawn il-kwalita ta’ nies. Il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio.

  25. Pro says:

    B’garanzija li dan il-bniedem qas wasal ghall-ischool leaving certificate! Lejburist iehor jikkonferma l-livell ta’ injoranza li ghandu hu u l partit kollu tieghu.

  26. Luigi says:

    @ H.P Baxxter

    How can you have old leftist economists? Economics is mainly built on the free market system. Basta titkellem minn ghajnek halli tkun wegibt and left your readers unanswered. The only leftist economics is Keynesian Economics and that relative to the Austrian school of economics. I suggest you read The General Theory of Interest, money and employment by Keynes- even though it’s too technical and you won’t understand it – and then the Road to Serfdom by Hayek (this you would understand it because it’s mainly philosophical). Both Keynes and Hayek were right in their theories. But still none of them is leftists.

    As a social liberal person as you say you are, then you should embrace Keynes and not Hayek. For the benefit of the readers Austrian school mean less government intervention, while Keynesian school means more government intervention when the market is not functioning.
    Now, I say Keynes formula has been adopted again, after nearly a century, having governments bail outing banks and injecting money in the economy. If it was for Hayek’s economics we would be in dire straits.

    [Daphne – How can you have old leftist economists? Ask the Labour Party. They’ve cornered the market in them.]

  27. old-timer says:

    Tant hu miskin u kodard, li mhux kapaci juri ismu

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