Again I ask: why did John Dalli’s daughter become a director of Alfred Mifsud’s Crystal Finance last month?

Published: February 26, 2013 at 5:53pm
Tarcisio Mifsud

Tarcisio Mifsud

Alfred Mifsud

Alfred Mifsud

Yesterday I asked a question. In the light of what happened this morning, with Tarcisio Mifsud arraigned on corruption charges linked to Enemalta, an answer is even more pressing.

Last month, John Dalli’s daughter Claire Gauci Borda, who together with her sister holds all of their father’s business interests, became a director of Alfred Mifsud’s main company (the one which used to employ Joseph Muscat): Crystal Finance.


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  1. Karl Flores says:

    The three men in this picture haven’t any credentials to present.

  2. bystander says:

    Do you mean John “disgraced ex-EU Commissioner about to be arraigned by the police as soon as he is well enough to travel back to Malta” Dalli?

    • Martin says:

      YES. As soon as John Dalli lands in Malta he willbe arrested and arraigned in court.

      S’issa c-certifikati medici (sic) qed izommu lill-pulizija Maltija milli tohrog mandat ta’ arrest internazzjonali ghal John Dalli. Qed jahrab mill-gustizzja Maltija.

  3. TROY says:

    ……and the plot thickens.

  4. FP says:

    The “xibka ta’ ħażen” is finally being uncovered.

  5. Min Jaf says:

    John Dalli’s frequent active participation in ONE TV programmes and his continued and transparent efforts to torpedo the Gonzi government had nothing to do with the enhancement of democracy, it was all about getting the PN out of office before the ongoing shady dealings came to light.

  6. xe says:

    He is the link between Muscat and Polidano Group. He was employed with the group and although he was no longer on Enemalta’s books he still drove a grey Hyundai with Enemalta number plates.

    During those years he was financial consultant of sorts to the group and later employed as some type of general manger with Poligas Ltd.

    Must be the time and the person who piloted the ‘illegal’ gas plant permits through MEPA.

  7. OMG says:

    Disgruntled John indeed. My my what a tangled web we weave.

  8. AE says:

    Is Dalli still hiding in Brussels? How long are they going to let him do that for? Does he have to be so obvious?

  9. Tania says:

    Will he be well enough to come to Malta to vote? I wonder ….

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