Ara kemm ahna koooooool, bl-earpiece nidderigu l-ispontaneous demonstration

Published: February 14, 2013 at 12:46am

Here’s Alex ‘Tander’ Saliba (top picture) of Forum Zghazagh Laburisti, photographed at the university this morning, wearing a floor operations earpiece and communicating with Labour Central Command.

So spontaneous. Pathetic.

feeling important with an earpiece

I thought you might like another look at his bedroom.

I thought you might like another look at his bedroom.

This is what a progressive and liberal bedroom looks like.

This is what a progressive and liberal bedroom looks like.

Tander Saliba with his fearless leader.

Tander Saliba with his fearless leader.

Yes, he would have a dog like that, wouldn't he.

Yes, he would have a dog like that, wouldn’t he.

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  1. La Redoute says:

    No chance of any action in that bedroom, is there? Imagine having a go under the watchful eye of Mickey Mouse, a crucifix, a snowman, a Krismis Fader, Joseph Muscat and the rest of the Saliba household watching through the glass door.

  2. Ivan says:

    Not sure what’s most appaling between Joseph’s portrait on the wall, the USSR army cap, and the soft toys. The mind boggles.

  3. Makjavel says:

    Signs of an overgrown child, confuses his soft toy with Joseph.

  4. Lorna saliba says:

    This idiot was definitely breast-fed till he was six and wears women’s underwear.

  5. rjc says:

    What a nerd!

  6. caflanga says:

    Did mummy put the candles and the scented burner on his desk? Oh there’s a copy of Antolisei’s Criminal Law on the second shelf. At least he bought that.

    The pink and black books close to it look like volumes from the PIN encyclopedia oddly enough. Still, the law books and copious notes that a law student typically goes through in six years seem nonexistent, unless they were ‘sbarazzati’ by mummy to make way for Santa and Mickey.

    I wouldn’t want an imfissed like that to defend me in court.

  7. edgar says:

    There is also some space on the wall for Cyrus Engerer’s picture.

  8. ciccio says:

    I don’t believe that is an earpiece. I am morally convinced it is an artificial brain.

  9. Lomax says:

    What, pray, possesses a man of that age to hang a poster of another man on his bedroom wall? Are they so brainwashed? God help us.

  10. mattie says:

    The size of the cupboards worries me. The desk is small and narrow.

    The wardrobe is a small two-door cupboard, the books are few and placed on a small unit.

    Could the size of these important things in the house, be the obvious reflection of the size of the brain and how it thinks?

  11. Adam says:

    What struck me most in his bedroom is the mask near joseph Muscat’s portrait, must have fallen off Joe’s face? Is this the secretive mask Gonzi has been on about?

  12. Adam says:

    Poor dog… what it has to put up with… Malta Taghna l-Klieb Wkoll

  13. Augustus says:

    Fearless leader my foot. If he is so fearless why did he take his band of idiots to the university with him?

  14. Paul Bonnici says:

    What a pretty bedroom. That’s a well behaved mummy’s boy, keeping his bedroom clean and tidy.

  15. me says:

    I get the feeling that this bedroom is very, but very cold, there is no soul in it.

  16. A PhD Student says:

    First of all what the hell with the santa on top of his computer?

    Does he look at it while searching porn?

    Secondly, he is not a student anymore. He (supposedly) graduated in 2012.

    Yes, it’s Dr. Thunder now.

  17. sammy says:

    Too funny! Who is he? What did I miss?

    [Daphne – ]

  18. sasha says:

    Madonna kemm huma imnejki..n

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