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Published: February 20, 2013 at 8:26pm







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  1. Cportelli says:


    • Fido says:

      If it is not sickening, then one can easily say that even the ‘mature student’ in the pictures have benefitted from the PN government policies regarding continued adult education since she was present at the MCAST meeting and Labour says it doesn’t rent mobs.

  2. anthony says:

    The aristocracy in action.

    A preview.

    The real thing beginning 10th March.

  3. ken il malti says:

    I hate to say it but these people deserve to get screwed over.

    Too bad everyone else has to suffer.

  4. Zejtunja 3 says:

    Hass hazin! What a bunch of peasants. All I can say is they are going to get what they deserve, the pity is the rest of us are going to go down with them.

    • birzebbugia says:

      This reminds me of the 1789 French Revolution mobs. Il-generazzjoni gdida ta’ progressivi u liberali. Tal-misthija.

      Liberte, egalite, fraternite – jew mewt jekk ma taqbilx ma’ tal-Labour.

    • nevil debattista says:

      @ The woman in the white top: Hanqa ta’ hmar (a donkey would have been much more socially acceptable) qatt ma telghet is-sema.

  5. we are not amused says:

    Damn. Labour have screwed me already. I have to rethink two weeks of lesson prep because all the sites I usually call up on the smartboard get effing labour pop-ups and the children erupt.

    Imma din ma rawhiex qabel ma nittnu kull m’hemm bir-riklami?

    They really don’t get the ramifications of the internet. Imbasta jbazwru.

    • Steven says:

      Download adblock for your browser…easy, and it removes all ads, Labour’s and PN’s.

      • rjc says:

        I’m having great fun clicking ten times each time one of the Labour ads appears.

        They pay for the number of hits they get, so next time you see one, click, click and click again.

  6. just me says:

    After Joseph’s recent preaches in favour of politics which unite, a positive attitude, etc, I expected him to quiet the booing crowd at MCAST today and ask the “students” to show respect towards their Prime Minister.

    Instead he was just giggling smugly and enjoying himself.

    Practise what you preach, Joseph.

    • Oops says:

      What do you expect ? He was even doing that during Kevin Drake’s “emotional” speech ‘taht it-tinda’. Actually I couldn’t help noting that he was the only one while everybody else was sombre.

    • Anthony Briffa says:

      His will eventually be paid by his own coin. All what he is doing and saying will haunt him when in power.

      These are all eye openers. Nobody can say that he did not realize what would happen after thr 9 March.

      The switchers will carry a huge responsibility when things start going wrong and everybody will be pulled down.

  7. village says:

    Verzjoni moderna ta’ KMB ma l-aristokratici l-godda ta’ Joseph.

  8. JPS says:

    ‘Catholic Arabs’

  9. Steve Forster says:

    You can only hope that the “mongol hordes” do not breach the city gates

  10. David says:

    Is that lady Labour’s secret weapon?

  11. TROY says:

    Darwin was spot on.

  12. TROY says:

    A sneak preview from the Planet of the Apes, which is expected to premier on 10th March.

  13. Aunt Hetty says:

    KMB’s WORKERS’ ARISTOCRACY on the rampage – and neo-Mintoffian Joseph is not yet in power.

    God preserve us all.

  14. Wormfood says:

    What did the Romans ever do for us?

  15. Manuel says:

    All those millions invested in MCAST by the PN government. And this is the result.

    They hardly know that MCAST was closed down by Mintoff, taf int, ma kienx hemm bzonnu, and reopened and invested in heavily by the PN.

    I really hope, and wish, that if Muscat wins the election, the first to suffer would be these same idiots. Today at MCAST it was like a campaign against free education and stipends. And then someone here called me daft. Yeah, daft indeed, Sir.

  16. Gahan says:

    “Malta taghna lkoll “ qisux dak is-slogan tan-Nazzjonalisti “Ilkoll ahwa Maltin”?

  17. Teo says:

    Everything that Labour stands for. The lowest of the low, scraping of the barrel, il-vera qatta hamalli bid-diploma fil-hamallagni.

  18. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    This morning we had a taster of what mob rule looks like. Unfortunately, under a Labour Governmen this is what one will start seeing in the strangers’ gallery in Parliament and at the University and MCAST on graduation day. As regards the students’ behaviour, I regret to say that the ‘professionals’ of tomorrow will be a class that will put us to shame.

    • Spock says:

      You did not experience first hand the aristocracy of the workers on the rampage on St. Luke’s Hospital grounds that August day in 1977 when hospital doctors were man-handled whilst they were ministering to their patients and locked out of the hospital – their crime? Obeying the legit orders of their recognized union not to process some minor paperwork.

    • Village says:

      Unfortunately Malta is also made up of this rubbish. The class hatred inculcated by Mintoff in the 60s and 70s and his lurid socialist legacy has weakened the ethical and social fibre of most Maltese.

  19. Jenny says:

    Lovely crowd. Who do they want to fool? If their people don’t change PL won’t either.

    They are there for them and only for them. This is such a give away of the true PL.

    As regards stipends, and their proposal to give them also to repeaters, I feel is the same as saying to one’s husband or wife that if they cheated on you, you were ready to give them another chance.

  20. Wormfood says:

    Indeed, one cannot help but notice the remarkable similarities between the facial contortions of this lot and those who were baying for the blood of Salman Rushdie and Kurt Westergaard.

  21. ciccio says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that the ‘cheer leader’ is a former Pom Pom girl of the Malta Labour Party.

    • Gahan says:

      Il-profil taghha huwa twil hafna:

      Kienet fil-Brigata Laburista meta kienet zghira.

      Marret l-iskola tal-gvern sa hmistax il-sena u Moran kien jiktbilha c-certifikati biex ma tmurx skola.

      Sabulha gobb thit il-’jeans’ gol Qasam Industrijali ta’ Kordin.

      Meta fl-1981 il-Labour seraq l-elezzjoni , tawha flett tal-Gvern Kordin u izzewget .

      Mindu fethu ir-radju Super One u t-televixin lilhom biss baqghet tisma’!

      B’ “Taghna lkoll” dik qieghda tifhem li la jitla’ Joseph se jkollha xi dritt li tiehu id-dar ta xi sinjura.

      Jekk se jargumenta xi hadd maghha ghandha t-twegiba inkejjuza lesta:

      Taghna lkoll ! Taghna lkoll ! Taghna lkoll !Taghna lkoll !

  22. makjavel says:

    We’re looking at the children and grandchildren of those who ransacked the law courts, the Curia, Eddie Fenech Adami’s home and burned down The Times.

    • Tal Barrani Revisted, says:

      You forgot that they are also the brats of those protected bullies who beat up , shot at , and gassed teenagers, women and septuagerians at Nationalist Party activities .

  23. qahbuMalti says:

    … and then he has the cheek to say that he wants an end to tribal politics! So what exactly did the MLP fuel today?

  24. AE says:

    Maaaa x’biza ta’ nies

  25. Mandy B says:

    Lovely. There are definitely two Maltas.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      And some idiot decided to pull down the wall.

    • Pepe` says:

      Indeed. And they don’t even share a border.

    • anthony says:

      That was never in doubt.

      Forty five years ago a close friend from a Scandinavian country, now an eminent scientist, told me :

      Your islands’ inhabitants are made up of two completely different races.

      I can tell the difference in a myriad features.

      40% European, 40% Arab, 20% a cocktail of the two.

      She had come to this conclusion after having spent a few months here.

      She was spot on.

  26. tobacco says:

    The one in the white top, is she a student? She looks quite mature.

  27. Stephen Borg Fiteni says:

    Who the hell is that woman?

  28. caflanga says:

    The lady in white needs a bra. For her lower jaw.

  29. sammy says:

    X’ misthija! Shameful ta’ vera.

  30. RosanneB says:

    She’s the dark-horse!

  31. stevn gerrard says:

    And everybody thought it couldn’t get worse after Sant.

  32. dutchie says:

    Reverse Darwinism at its best.

    This fate of the Maltese Islands is sad to witness, but then again, it seems to be happening all around the world at a slower rate.

    Survival of the most idiotic and the demise of the intelligent crowd. The lower the I.Q. results in the more offspring. (no birth control, more pregnancies etc)

    The higher the I.Q. equals a lower fertility according to some studies.

    Politicians should address the least intelligent and cater for all they are out for : freebies.

    Intelligent people need to have more offspring… to balance out.. before there is no one left.

  33. TinaB says:

    I bet that the woman in these photos is an avid lover of the Maltese culture, history and art. In particular baroque.

  34. RosanneB says:

    And haven’t you noticed they chanted ‘Taghna Lkoll’ not ‘Malta taghna lkoll’ God forbid.

  35. TGTBT says:

    Joseph Muscat is only comfortable in debates where everything is organized.

    In his mass meetings he uses a teleprompter, so nothing is from the heart as it is all prepared.

    When occasionally Labour lets its guard down, its true colours come through. Look around you in neighboring countries and see the disaster that is all around us, then look at Malta.

    That didn’t happen by chance.

  36. Dahlu l-goblins l-MCAST hej.

  37. MARY ANN BORG says:

    So that lady in white, what exactly is she graduating in? Geriatrics?

  38. H.P. Baxxter says:

    On 10th March, I will personally deliver a busload of Labour supporters to Kenneth Zammit Tabona’s flat, for a candlelit celebration.

  39. MMuscat says:

    If they want Joeseph, let them have him. Throw him to the crowd. Please note that once you open the Joseph packet you cannot return it until he falls together with his goverment.

    Batteries included in his wife’s purse next to a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. Small parts detach from the top of the head. Not suitable for children under 8, give them a book a week instead; older ones do not need him as they’ve got their tablets.

  40. Jozef says:

    I refuse to think there’s no one in that crowd who doesn’t have the potential to get somewhere.

    What’s horrible is how Labour will seduce them with the new repeater class, money if you fail, the latest promise, as if they’re resigned to a life of self-imposed squalor. Make that entitled.

    I don’t think it’s far-fetched to link Labour to a collective misgiving. It’s as if there’s an alibi to feed, and only Labour’s willing to acknowledge it.

    Saviano speaks about normality in silence, the method organised crime uses to lead by anonymous power. If we’re not willing to name and shame, nor will we manage to identify and pull any of the individuals who have a will away from the stasis.

    I think it’s absolutely disgusting how the press won’t engage individual reality, how no one outside this blog will close in on these people, unless under Labour’s patronage.

    It is exactly this, and with which parallels can be made, that feeds the mafia, camorra and other criminal organisations. Handouts, clientelism and adamant resistance to the unknown go hand in hand with an absent sense of state.

    This isn’t necessarily the case with Labour, far from it, but one has to ask which way are the dynamics.

    When Joseph shies away from their contact, which he does, he’s basically condemning them to remain a number. When he uses them to destroy an adversary, then be driven away in a black saloon car, leaving them behind, his power is vicious, implied, silent and permanent.

    The only means they have to exist outside their context when he’s gone, ironically, is on this blog. It’s tragic.

  41. Clifford says:

    She needs a good dentist. I’m sure they’re available, even under evil Gonzi.

  42. Brian Ellul says:

    Good thing that a not-so-young lady is attending a course at MCAST.

    Well done, PN.

  43. TGTBT says:

    Is the lady in white a ‘mature’ student?

  44. Steve says:

    Here we can see a talking MONKEY and the famous BLOKKA BAJDA with no teeth.

  45. zunzana says:

    Dik il-mara wahda mill-baqar li semmiet Michelle fuq ONE.

  46. James says:

    Please may I have your email address.

    [Daphne – [email protected]]

  47. Peter F says:

    I’m wondering whether Kenneth Zammit Tabona and other turncoats, with hand on heart, can really stand up and say that they identify themselves with these people? This is not addressed to Frederick Testa, because, somehow, I can see him fit in, and he was always a Mintoffjan anyway.

  48. MX says:

    This video gives a good overview –

  49. mark says:

    By any chance, were these pictures taken from Richard O’Brien’s ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

  50. sarah says:

    Have I missed this version of The Exorcist?

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