Even his gym sessions are fake and fraudulent

Published: February 12, 2013 at 4:53pm

Joseph Muscat fakes his gym session

The Sunday Times spent a day with the prime minister and the Opposition leader (separately, of course), following them about on the campaign trail.

The striking difference between the two is that Lawrence Gonzi clearly carried on as normal while The Sunday Times accompanied him, while Joseph Muscat’s day was obviously scripted to impress, and was a near-exact replica of a ‘day with Joseph Muscat’ filmed by Xarabank almost five years ago when he became party leader.

So we were treated to the sight of him playing with the twins in the morning and telling us how he got them dressed, we got a dose of Michelle’s cooking (some of the ugliest baked rice I have ever seen, but never mind) and we got a load of Joseph at the gym.

That’s right. We’re supposed to believe that this flabby man, who can’t walk without waddling and who is in narrow danger of acquiring man-boobs, spends an hour every day at the gym.

He was filmed faking it, pulling at this and that without feeling the burn or breaking out into a sweat. Then the camera panned downwards and we could see that he had hoped the camera would only get him from the waist upwards, so he hadn’t bothered changing his shoes. He was still wearing the black shoes and socks he’d worn with his suit earlier.

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  1. Joe says:

    It’s the new ‘in thing’ at the gym. Now if you are with the ‘I’m In’ crowd, it’s obligatory to be dressed this way…..and by the way, no need to sweat it out.

  2. silvio says:

    Did you by any chance have a look at his underpants?

    Are they boxers, y-front or g-string?

    What about Gonzi’s lunch. I’m sure it’s not one of those that anyone would eat in his office, the place must have smelt of food for the whole afternoon.

    • Gahan says:

      I tell you something about the Prime Minister’s lunch: it was genuinely normal. And you know why? Because the plate was covered with another plate with the Maltese coat of arms, instead of a proper silver cloche cover with a coat of arms which befits more a prime minister’s office.That’s how his food is normally served. Probably those who prepare the food, cover the plate with another warm one.


      Watch 00:58

    • Can you imagine Joseph Muscat sweating it out at a Summit in Brussels? He can`t even sweat it out in a gymn in Malta. says:

      The striking difference between the Prime Minister – the genuine `article`- and the fake – the would be Prime Minister – is so palpable that it hits you in the eye.

      The one spends 25 straight hours at the negotiating table in Brussels without a night`s sleep and manages to pull off one of the biggest deals ever for his country and the other barely has the stamina to hold a few back- to- back meetings with various entities.

      Can you imagine him sweating it out at a Summit in Brussels? He can`t even sweat it out in a gymn in Malta.

      What`s more, he even feels queasy sitting at the back of a car.

      I would say: lanqas hemm paragun bejn Gonzi u Muscat.

  3. Roy says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun if his suit were velcro-fastened all the way down the back? Stripper-style.

  4. ciccio says:

    Good Lord. This was the day when he went to parade the ‘switchers’ at the Eden Arena. The day of the Black Chelsea Boots. And he had spent an hour working out in those boots.

    By the time he got to the Arena, the bacteria in his socks had probably reached the fermentation process.

    There must have been a really nice smell at the Eden Arena.


  5. Catsrbest says:

    What else do you expect from a phoney?

    I notice a pattern in the way the two major parties choose their leaders; for the PN the incumbent is mainly at par or even better than the predecessor, while for the mLP the incumbent is always worse than the predecessor. Can’t they ever get anything right?

  6. Anon says:

    Maaa, xi hdura hierga on One TV programme 903. Repeat on now. JPO u Evarist. Brrr x’ biza.

  7. xmun says:

    I notice that the gym is empty. I pity the gym owner with no clients, and wonder how he manages to survive.

  8. bystander says:

    Hour after hour of endless fun, taking the piss out of this charmless cretin.

  9. Anthony Briffa says:

    This is the fake PM the electorate will get if it does not make the right choice on the 9th March. More so the switchers and PN normal voters who will choose to boycott the election and will not make use of their right to vote, each for his/hers motive for doing so.

    The is what Benigni has to say regarding the right to vote.

    ‘ Andate sempre a votare. Chi non sceglie lascia il potere alla folla. La folla sceglie sempre Barabba. .

  10. verita says:

    U allajbierek il-gym vojt.

    • Guru says:

      Ma tantx tidher li int mithla tal-gym… kull gym ikun hekk filghodu wara 9am

      • Gahan says:

        Tal-Westin Dragonara fid-disgha jibdew gejjin in-nies, hemm kien gie Joseph biex jidher fuq Xarabank.

        Hemm min jigi fis-sebgha qabel imur ghax-xoghol.

  11. Matthew says:

    Daphne, have you noticed how little he gets up to during this supposedly busy time?

    After the one hour work out, The Times found nothing noteworthy to say about his day for almost 7 hours. it is suddenly 7 o’clock in the evening. He attends a political activity and then heads home to rest.

    Lawrence Gonzi on the other hand is simply unstoppable. After the one hour rest at lunchtime, he’s just getting started and there are about five or six activities still to go before heading home. He even finds time to fit in something which was unscheduled.

    We’re about to elect the laziest Prime Minister Malta has ever had.

    Compare and contrast:



  12. WhoamI? says:

    And it’s 7pm, his wife arrives at the party’s headquarters with a change of clothes… in a Trussardi suit cover. Madonna santa, and then she can’t afford kabocci for her kawlata. Fraudsters.

  13. jack says:

    The reputational harm to the gym instructor must be off the scale

  14. ken il malti says:

    That horrible home cooking has not only effected his body with doughboy fat but has been detrimental to his mind and it is starting to show.


  15. NGT says:

    Malta Taghna Lkoll? Even his gym instructor is a well-known supporter as is the future provider of tablets for our Year 4 children.

    Add this to the recently surfaced recording of Toni Abela who sought someone at a police station ‘li hu Laburist’ and you’ll start to guess who ‘Taghna’ in the slogan refers to.

  16. David S says:

    So now Mr Alan Pace has come out as being Joseph Muscat’s personal trainer. No wonder Dr Muscat is looking quite out of shape. Some years back I had used Mr Pace’s services for about 3 months. I can confirm that the person is so unprofessional.

    He would spend his time texting on his phone or chatting, taking little notice whether his client is working out properly, let alone motivating the person to push harder, which is what personal training is all about.

  17. TROY says:

    Smile, you’re on candid camera.

  18. TROY says:

    A fake day in the life of a fake man.

  19. Bully beef says:

    JosephMuscatDotCom is building his muscles. He will need to flex some muscles with those contractors on the Fourth Floor.

  20. Jozef says:

    How does that kitchen work? Another piece of willow pattern and it’s a car boot sale.

  21. Popeye's Spinach says:

    At 2.12 he says he likes to relax in this manner.

    But just look at him at 2.14-2.20. He was only practising and stretching for the gesture at 2.31.

  22. M.. says:

    He said he “dressed up the kids” like they were on show or putting on some carnival costume.

    [Daphne – That’s just his poor English. Lots of people don’t know the difference between ‘getting dressed’ and ‘dressing up’.]

    • Gahan says:

      “…and Joseph forgot to put on their shoes.”

      1) That shows that normally Michelle wakes up before him, (he’s always late), prepares breakfast for everyone while he takes a shower, he puts on whatever clothes wifey prepares for him on their bed while she wakes up the twins and prepares them for school.

      2) When my daughter was five she already knew how to put on her own shoes.

  23. I wonder says:

    In a Facebook post Alan Pace, the gym trainer shown, states that he has been training Joseph Muscat for the past two years. Can’t really call Joseph Muscat a walking advert for his skills.

  24. Pisces says:

    Joseph is trying to build up his hands to match up to Gonzi’s ‘par idejn sodi’. Long way to go…

  25. anthony says:

    If any confirmation was needed, the gym shots gave the game away.

    The guy’s a fraud.

  26. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Ahjar jinsa l-weights u jaghmel ftit cardio. Kemm ahna poplu ohxon, x’wahda din, kemm ahna poplu ohxon.

  27. El Pibe says:

    I happen to be at Melita (the gym in question is situated below the Melita football ground in Pembroke) on a very regular basis and what I can say is that Joseph Muscat has been working out over there for the last 1 1/2-2yrs.

  28. Gordon says:

    You don’t deserve to be called a journalist. I’ve been at that gym with my mother for therapy a year or so ago and I’ve seen him training there several times.

    [Daphne – Why do you go to the gym with your mother, Gordon?]

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