Published: February 21, 2013 at 1:40pm
Johan Mula, who saw two men cutting up a 'blokka bajda' in the Hal Safi Labour club kitchen and made them throw away the evidence, with Labour leader Muscat and deputy leader Louis Grech

Johan Mula, who saw two men cutting up a ‘blokka bajda’ in the Hal Safi Labour club kitchen and made them throw away the evidence, with Labour leader Muscat and deputy leader Louis Grech

Johan Mula, the Hal Safi Labour club president who refused to go the police when he found people cutting up a “blokka bajda” in the club kitchen, and instead made them dispose of the evidence, is not just the son of retired Police Inspector Bartholomeo Mula, who was involved in the police frame-up of Pietru Pawl Busuttil in 1986.

He also has a brother who is a police inspector right now: Inspector Herman Mula of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

And you really have to watch this:

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  1. caflanga says:

    He’s also cousin to Police Inspector Denise Miruzzi Mula and to Police Superintendant Zarb who is at the Security Branch. It’s a family of police officers, bl-gheruq u x-xniexel.

    And he doesn’t want to cooperate with the police.

    • Paul Bonnici says:

      That’s perhaps why the police force is in such a state and Beppe Fenech Adami said that the police are the most trusted government body, Oh yes! – not after reading this!

      Reconciliation is here to haunt us.

    • maryanne says:

      “Ghalfejn tahbsu li mort l-ghassa u hemmekk sibt puluzija li huwa laburist…”

      Do we know to which police station he went?

      It’s about time that the Commissioner of Police calls a press conference and clears the air about this puluzija laburist.

  2. Peter Mallia says:

    Inspector Mula and Hal Safi. Rings a bell? Pietru Pawl Busuttil knows the story. 25 years is nothing – a blink of an eye in the history of a nation. These people have not changed.

  3. RosanneB says:

    Jista jkun dan il-pulizija ‘Laburist’?

  4. J Farrugia says:

    As a 29 year old I don’t remember those dark days, fortunately. But I think I will soon have a taste of that dreaded medicine.

    • anne says:

      Mr. Farrugia, i hope that you will never taste that dreaded medicine and we will NEVER again taste it. believe me, since you are young, those were days that are best not remembered. PLEASE GOD DO NOT LET US LIVE THOSE DAYS AGAIN.

      • observer says:

        By 1983, or thereabouts, when you were born, dear Mr Farrugia, thousands upon thousands of us had been tasting that Marxist/Communist dreaded medicine for the best part of 13 years already.

        Do try your best, please, to avert having all of us, including you, doing that all over again.

    • anna caruana says:

      You already do , does Nardu Debono ring a bell.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Stop right there, J Farrugia. You’re 29. Then you lived through dark days yourself. Or have you forgotten 1996-1998, and 1998-2003? Fighting the anti-European camp, with the prospect of a life outside Europe on an island next to North Africa, was every bit as dark and depressing as the 70s and 80s.

  5. Leli says:

    Joseph Muscat, SHAME ON YOU!


  6. Carmelo Micallef says:

    I am haunted by the thought that these ‘pimps, thieves and scoundrels’ are salivating at the thought of what they will do if the PL/MLP get into power.

    If good people do nothing then it is certain that evil will prosper; there is evil in our midst, even if it is only the evil of ignorance: an evil that can be stopped by exercising our democratic right and duty.

    This is way beyond partisan politics, it is about right and wrong, good and evil.

  7. TinaB says:

    Everywhere they go Michelle always makes it a point to continously nod in approval each time Joseph opens his mouth.

    Il-vera cercura.

  8. Il-veru Malta taghhom ilkoll.

  9. Toninu says:

    Shame on who?

  10. La Redoute says:

    That photo of Mula with the two then MEPs was taken in Brussels. Did Muscat and Grech finance Mula’s trip? And was it paid for out of their MEP allowances?

  11. Giovanni says:

    The Times is really scraping the bottom. I never remember seeing a photo of any one file libel.


    • observer says:

      Tghid it-threesome li huma marru jsibu xi ‘pulizija Laburist’ bhal ma ghamel sehibhom?

      Jidher li tal-iskuzi ‘Times’ kienu avzati minn qabel dwar fejn ghandhom imorru u x’ghandhom jaghmlu – inkluz jistennew il-poza ghar-ritratt.

    • Philip Camilleri says:

      Maybe The Times has made the switch as well.

    • charlie says:

      It-Times saret tal-misthija. Bizzejjed tara t-titli li taghti liz-zjarat ta’ josephmuscat.com.

      Wherever he goes, according timesofmalta.com, he’s given a rousing, warm or enthusiastic welcome, or a hero’s.

      Then you mail an anti Labour comment and it isn’t published.

  12. Eugenio says:

    Ice. Ing sugar

  13. giraffa says:

    Now we will see who is the biggest liar.

    Will Varist now be asked to hand over his computer to the police to trace the origin of the original e-mail, before it was tampered with by somebody whose only interest at this stage of the game is to throw innuendos like confetti?

  14. Joseph Vassallo-Agius says:

    Malta Taghna lkoll!

    What hypocrites!

  15. Neil Dent says:

    Priviteraaaa – come out, come out, wherever you are!

  16. vanni says:

    Bartholomeo Mula? Was he a fat slob who used to ride around on a motorcyle? Disliked even by his fellow officers?

    If so I certainly do remember him.

  17. Twanny borg says:

    It-tort mhux tal-president mula ghax huwa tkellem mall-partit responsabbli u huma kellhom jiehdu azzjoni.

    [Daphne – Missu mar dritt ghand il-pulizija mhux dritt ghand il-partit. Jew tghixu dinja ghalikom?]

    • Passaport says:

      @Twanny borg (nahseb naf min int)

      Int taf bizzejjed li l-president suppost kien jaf x`ghandu jaghmel.

      L-azzjoni kellha tittiehed minnu bhala persuna responsabli mill-kazin u fl-stess hin xhud okkulari.

  18. mattie says:

    Never around when you want him most. :)

  19. David S says:

    Sorry to disappoint you but The Times reporting is a lot worse than MaltaToday’s.

    See today’s report of two more businessmen charged in oil procurement scandal:

    “Furthermore Mr Cassar and Mr Portelli had been bribed by Mr Tabone and Mr Sammut.”

    No wonder The Times does not even have an editorial policy anymore, if its own reporters can’t even pick up who is bribing whom. Do they even have an editor anymore?

  20. Malta Mintoffjana Ukoll says:


    “In her nomination for the general election she had entered her name as Schembri Deborah (tad-divorzju) and wanted that to appear on the ballot papers.”


  21. David S says:

    timesofmalta.com has corrected the oil scandal report but till 4pm it was as I copied it above.

  22. maryanne says:

    And right on cue, Malta Taghna Lkoll. Mhux qed jahseb li lil JPO qed inzommuh b’Nazzjonalist, Joseph hux?

    Labour will retain JPO as chairman of MCST (The Times)

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