Labour’s next proposta: free childcare for washing-machines, so that women can have them watched while they go to work

Published: February 2, 2013 at 11:02am

A Labour voter washes her clothes. She is unable to take advantage of her Great Leader’s offer of free childcare because she has to babysit her washing-machine during the day.

“I’m going to vote Labour because Joseph Muscat is right about the night tariff. We can’t neglect our washing-machines and leave them to work alone.”

Kurt Sansone of The Times (who likes to spend Labour press conferences head to head with Labour communications coconut Kurt Farrugia, perhaps because it makes him feel tall) reports:

Joseph Muscat laughed off the Nationalist Party’s proposal to lower electricity tariffs at night, saying the party would probably give families alarm clocks.

Parents, he said jokingly, were unlikely to allow their children to watch television after 10pm in order to save on electricity.

Interviewed by TV presenter Miriam Dalli under the tent in Pieta yesterday, the Labour leader took a dig at the PN’s night tariff proposal saying it was unclear by how much bills would be reduced.

“The PN will probably distribute free alarm clocks for people to wake up at night and use household appliances then.”

Ho, ho, ho. Kemm huma amusing, hux? It’s the sort of joke I expect to hear while waiting in line at the post office among the ladies who left school at 12 and have done nothing but wash floors and make minestra since. And that’s probably why he said it, to appeal to them (as though he doesn’t do that already).

I am quite sure that Joseph Muscat knows washing-machines have timers and that it is common practice the civilised world over to set appliances to run at night, because that’s when electricity is cheapest.

In the modern world – yes, even in Malta – people run their washing-machines and dishwashers at night routinely in any case, because they’re at work during the day.

But Muscat likes to give the impression, on the one hand, that he’s a Brussels highflyer, and on the other hand, makes believe that he lives in a world where women spend the day babysitting their washing-machine and making sure to stay hard by it in case something goes wrong and it leaks.

Imbasta bil-free childcare halli n-nisa immorru x-xoghol. So who’s going to babysit their washing-machines and do their hasliest while they’re out at work?


The Labour Party is so bloody atavistic, conservative and old-fashioned that it’s beyond belief. The devil is in the detail, as the saying goes. And it’s in these details that you see how Labour and its people really think: post in-nisa huwa d-dar matul il-gurnata, joqghodu ghassa mal-magna tal-hasil.

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  1. Anon says:

    Issa qed jidhaq dan? Jew qed jittiehed mil-Guy u nesa’?

    Taht is-subtitle “Power Tariffs”, hemm miktub li anke Muscat ha jdahhal night tariff, imma ma jaqbillux jghid issa…

  2. Mikiel says:

    “Tal-Hoover tahsillek il-hasla bil-lejl, sinjura. Tiffrankalek id-dawl u thalliek tmur tisfenn mal-hbieb. Cempel illum ha tigwadanja minn KORS b’xejn dwar kif tikalkulha il-hin. B’certifikat mil-universita.”

  3. Gabriel Cassar-Torregiani says:

    Forget free supervision. As a time-buster, Joseph Muscat should come out with a Labour version of Cluedo or ‘who dunnit’. Bil-Moviment, ma’ Me Shall, fuq il-waxin maxin.

  4. silvio says:

    If Maltese housewives are still using the type of washing machine in the photo, no wonder Malta needs a change, not only in Govt but in washing machines.

    Pl.Excuse me if the machine is yours, I would have thought it would be more at home with Baxter, he might want to use it to wash his grief when the time comes.

    One more thing before closing,
    How about this as a slogan.
    “Sorry no sex between ten and six, Washing time.
    I vote P.N.”

    One thing for sure,no more the “I have a headache” excuse.

    [Daphne – I appreciate that at your age things might take a little longer than they ordinarily would in the bedroom department, but surely even you understand that it takes about three minutes to stuff clothes into the washing-machine and turn the dial. And given that you’re now retired, you’ve got all day anyway. I don’t wish to be rude about the rest.]

    • Matthew says:

      Are you for real, Silvio? Are you taking Daphne to task on the photographs used?

      No wonder you vote Labour. You probably have never read a well written international newspaper or magazine and you probably think that those godawful, cringe-worthy jokes so popular on Maltese TV shows are actually funny.

      The photographs are used to make a point. It’s called satire and it’s a whole literary genre unto itself.

      Look it up and learn something.

    • Neil Dent says:

      Silvio I’d have thought that your Great Leader’s brazen contradictions and childish retorts (see above quote) would make you cringe with embarrassment.

      But no, instead you emulate the idiot, with your own feeble attempt at corner-grocer humour. But then again you vote Labour. How can we expect any better from you?

    • silvio says:

      WoW Daphne, Why do you always have to shoot from the hip? but I must admit you are sure good at it,this time you really hit the target,where it hurts.
      Just one question, you said I:” got all day”
      to do what,turn the dial,or for something that not even a whole day would suffice.?
      As for not wishing to be rude,just don’t worry,fire away I ‘ve taken worse and still survived.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      I’m already awash in grief, Silvio. There are other things in life beside politics, you know.

      And I don’t own a washing machine. I live in a couple of rooms and do my washing at a public laundry. If you want to joke about washing machines, then I suggest you direct your humour at your Maltese middle class peers.

      So long, grandad.

    • silvio says:

      WOW, I can assure you that I don’t need a “whole day” to turn the dial of the washing machine.

      And don’t worry about being rude, I’m used to it.

      Something I learnt in Italy.

      A settanta anni, l uomo ferma solo in capo luoghi.( ma ferma)
      La donna a settanta anni e come la Siberia, tutti sanno dove e, ma nessun voul andare.
      Time flies watch it.

      • Linda Kveen says:

        So Italy was where you learned to be rude and sexist. Go figure!

        With comments like, “La donna a settanta anni e come la Siberia, tutti sanno dove e, ma nessun voul andare,” I don’t think you need to worry about sex between, “ten and six” or any other time. No woman in her right senses is going to want to be with you.

        One of the many problems with Labour is that they lack imagination and the ability to think outside the box.

        If they are so worried that doing the laundry at night is going to cut into their sex lives, why don’t they just combine the two?

        Put the laundry in the machine and have sex in the laundry room. That way, the women (because only Labour women do the laundry) can keep an eye on their washing and make the men in their lives happy too. It gives a whole new meaning to Fifty Shades of Grey.

    • sparks says:


    • tinnat says:

      Silvio, do you know what a washing machine is? It washes clothes, but it´s not a woman. Between 10 and 6, YOU will have no excuse.

    • M. says:

      Silvio, Labour voters have probably all got tumble-driers (and air-conditioners in every room), hence their constant complaints about electricity bills.

    • Angus Black says:

      Silvio, let me assure you that every time you try to be funny, you fail miserably. If however, your comments are not intended to be jokes, then you may need urgent help.
      Maybe Joseph can give you a free alarm clock since you seem to have a specific time of night when you spend all of a few minutes ‘doing it’.
      So, for so few minutes of pleasure, I wouldn’t worry. You can try doing it between the washing and rinsing cycles. If things don’t quite work out, try the spinning cycle, for a great climax.

  5. Adrian says:

    Why do we expect better from the PL leadership?

  6. marks says:

    Muscat will be wasted as a prime minister. He would excel as a stand-up comedian, with his witty one-line retorts.

  7. Matthew says:

    What is your method of discipline as a father?

    My method is to set an example. I cannot expect my kids to help out in house work if I do not do housework myself. Of course I do give them a certain look when they are not behaving, which they clearly understand.

    Joseph Muscat, 2011

    This man is more slippery than a filth covered cod fish. How can he know so little about home appliances if he regularly does the housework?

    And assuming that he does do the housework, when exactly does he get around to it? Does he take a couple of hours off from being the Great Leader in the middle of the day to rush home and do the cooking and cleaning?

    Anyone who has ever had to worry about his electricity consumption knows that in the great scheme of things, the television set’s energy consumption is negligible, especially modern flat screen energy efficient ones.

    Let’s help him along, shall we?

    This graph shows which appliances use most electricity. Below there’s a link to the interview from which the Muscat quote is taken.

    • Matthew says:

      One other thing which the graph shows is that the appliances which consume most energy tend to be the ones which either run 24/7 or ones which have timers and can be easily used at night: refrigerators, heaters, air-conditioners, pumps, washing machines and so on.

      And that’s just home appliances. Many factories run energy hungry equipment 24/7 and almost all businesses have some equipment (refrigerators, security equipment and so on) still running back at the office when they are not there.

  8. Fed up says:

    In some countries washing machines and boilers are voluntarily fitted with a radio activated devices that allows utility companies to switch appliances on and off remotely during the daytime in order to manage their power curve.

    Other consumers opt to have their devices activated only to allow off peak working hours.

    Even electricity boilers are similarly connected. Consumers benefit because they get a special discounted tariff for agreeing to connect to the service. Energy saving is as much about good energy management right down the value chain as anything else.

    So the days of “when I want and as much as I want ” will be numbered irrespective what people like politicians fighting for election do or say.

    It is stupid to mock night time reduced rates because it will be introduced whether or not Enemalta’s monopoly on the distribution of energy comes to an end and energy producers have to compete in a real world for consumers.

    If he has it his way, the dear leader can in future sit in his kitchen watching his machine going through its washing cycle whilst at the same time trying to get to grips with his utility bill and resisting trying to eat humble pie from on the plate in front of him.

  9. Joe Vella says:

    “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody”.

    Bill Cosby

  10. Wilson says:

    The night tariff makes a lots of sense on a national basis for both industry and households. On a daily volume to those that have solar systems it would make tremendous sense. To the industry on a 24 hour basis it will work out a lot cheaper. To the medium businesses with their 24 hour servers it makes a lot of sense. To the house holds with aircon (both in summer and in winter) it makes a lot of sense.

    If Labour’s proposal of 25% cheaper rates on a 24 hour basis was possible it will make a lot of sense, BUT Labour has failed miserably to nominate what the -25% is on. It is a plan which even the local field mice have failed to swallow.

    IF this plan was at all feasible and all Eco-reductions/ subsides remain in place it might make sense. But if the proposal is as our dear Mr. Mizzi explained; normal households will continue paying exactly what they are paying at present and only heavy consumers will benefit from a reduction but in the long term all will pay a percentage or two higher than at present.

    The night tariff is balanced and fair to all, both large and small.

    Are we sure Labour is meant to be a socialist party because it is no where remotely close.

  11. QahbuMalti says:

    Wanna bet the MLP will change their energy policy after they are elected to make use of the Interconnector and night tariffs? There is no way on earth they are going to build that LNG plant in less than 4 or 5 years – unveiling it for the next election. They will need to subsidise the electricity bills by millions only because otherwise Joseph Muscat would need to resign. A very expensive Prime Ministership indeed.

    (Point to ‘journalists’ – what criteria will Joseph use to resign – for me it has to be the LNG power station not being up and running by 2nd March 2015.)

    His only other alternative, while fighting his way through multiple courts because he failed to observe EU procurement laws, will be to use the Interconnector procured by the Nasty Nats – which provides us with lower cost energy.

    How sad that the people have been well brainwashed to believing the biggest fraud Malta has ever endured. Mintoff was bad – but he didn’t have the millions with which to craft his con – this one does thanks to cheesed off businessmen!

  12. Censu says:

    Kemm jinsew dawn tal-Malta Labour Party. Fit-tmeninijiet in-nisa Maltin ukoll kienu jaħslu bil-lejl, imma mhux biex niffrankaw il-flus – izda għax matul il-ġurnata ma kienx jkollna ilma.

  13. PG says:

    Apart from the fact that people do not wake up at night to switch on their fridge and freezer. Kemm hu injorant u sarkastiku ir-ragel. Vera tuba.

  14. John Schembri says:

    When in Eddie’s times Radio101 used to come out with the news that EneMalta recorded the biggest loads, I used to tell those around me that was not something to cheer about. That load was subsidised and was due to the running of A/Cs, not because of industry.

    After the last election Gonzi started to tackle this problem and grabbed the bull by its horns, he made us pay for what we consume while redirecting the money on subsidies towards renewable energy, energy saving bulbs and appliances, and of coarse helping those who were hard hit by the unsubsidised tariffs.

    Gonzi invested in a power station which can react to load changes efficiently, got funds from the EU for an interconnector to the European grid and is actively lobbying for an EU funded gas pipeline for our power station.

    Under his leadership Malta will have all its residences with smart meters so that electricity theft, which was rife, will go down , meter reading can be done without meter readers, and above all the customers can avail themselves of off-peak tarrifs about which anyone who studied electricity knows very well what a win-win situation it will bring both to EneMalta and its clients.

    PV panel installations will get a boost because during daytime EneMalta would be generating at full load,and while the sun is shining the PV panels will help by ‘pumping’ the much needed electricity at peak times.

    Companies with expensive machinery can consider operating their machinery 24/7 thus creating more jobs.

    When Muscat made the statement about the interconnector, gas and off-peak tariffs , I said that that’s precisely the governments plan. I reassured myself that if Joseph will be Prime Minister nothing will change.

    Now it seems that he had a change of mind he’s in favour of a flat rate because his contract with this unknown energy supplier will be at a fixed price no matter how much we consume.

    How will Joseph incentivise PV panels if he brings down the electricity prices at -25% at flat rate without night-tarrifs?

    Are people that irresponsible?

  15. ciccio says:

    Other possible Labour proposals:

    Free washing machine centres next to the free child care centres. After picking up your child in the evening, you can do the washing before returning home.

    One free washing machine per employer. Tax cuts to employers for allowing women to do their washing while at work. L-aqwa li l-partecipazzjoni tan-nisa inziduwwwa.

    Free conversion of washing machines to gas. Free installation of two gas tanks in every home. Free gas to every family. Jew b’xejjjn jew xejjjn.

  16. Tabatha White says:

    One should really being reflecting:

    Joseph & Co’s lack of programme presentation results from what:

    The wish to present an element of surprise at the last moment that leaves no time for comment?

    Is this because there is no confidence in their own proposals. That they themselves are lacking in substance?

    Lack of respect towards the whole of the electorate, not only their committed supporters? How can this be expected to materialise ‘later’? We already have a taste of irreverent procrastination.

    Total lack of vision? I read “creativity and innovation” twice in the same paragraph of a Labour columnist. What’s their big surprise going to be? Some magic-wand that has charlatan written all over it?

    Just in case they say we have no objectivity: The only Labour element with some sense and decency has wisely set himself well away from a bunch he cannot be too proud of. Reference here to John Attard Montalto.

    They’re in for the taking, not out for the giving.

    It’s never been any different.

    Their whole campaign – after 25 years in Opposition – amounts to empty bleating up the wrong tree. The only consistent factor has been hypocrisy. Yes, that has been well studied.

    How can a country be trusted to move forward with economic confidence. Ask anyone, Labour, NP etc., whether or not investment and cashflow are expected to resume a normal flow after March 9th?

    With a Labour victory the economy will still be in wait-and- see (post) election mode standstill for a minimum of 6 months until we see what, exactly, is going to happen. Even if they trust Joseph with their vote, will they trust him with their money? Do you think, for example, that the gaffa is going to switch on whilst Mepa revisions are an unknown factor. Highly doubtful and unlikely.

    With a NP victory, all economic activity including local and foreign investment, will resume from the election slumber from day 1. Foreign investment will remain unaffected. investments will be generated. Cashflow will resume because Labour and Nationalists alike will be able to sleep at night.

    And the truth is, that in the current global economic climate, businesses cannot afford a six month slumber in business. Not to speak of the run of foreign investment away from the island. Serious investors prefer stability, even if it is conservative, versus day-to-day inconsequential decision taking and monumental lack of vision. Except of course, yet more opportunisti: again out for what they can take not what they can give with all necessary guarantees contractually determined in advance.

    Expect a marked deterioration of service by any “foreign investors” since the contract stipulations will have as much foresight, due diligence and double-checked editing as Joseph’s visit to the blood clinic.

    Manwel and clique are only after the 1% per contract minimum.

    They don’t give a damn about the electorate.

    Some people don’t think.

    • Angus Black says:

      Now why would Joseph produce his own electoral programme, when the Nationalist Party is doing it for him?

      Can’t you see that whenever the NP explains two or three proposals, hours or a day later the LP comes out with similar proposals with a change here and a change there so he can put his name to them?

      The problem is that by making changes, he guarantees that his versions won’t work. But the semiliterate out there do not know the difference between the real thing and an inferior fake.

  17. Karl Flores says:

    Having a good night sleep, with air conditioners on, whether cool or hot, is one of the most advantageous points to consider regarding cheaper rates during night time, not to mention those where hot and cool air is needed such as hotels and entertainment establishments.

  18. canon says:

    We have been washing clothes at night by means of an automatic washing machine for the past 15 years. We know younger housewives who do the same so that in the morning they can go to the gym or to play tennis. Joseph Muscat’s thinking is 50 years behind.

  19. Ramona says:

    He should know about washing machines, given he went out of his way to casually drop, during a press conference when asked by Lou Bondi about Leo Brincat’s performance on Tvam, “ma rajtux ghax dak il-hin kont qed inlibbes lit-tfal”. Also, is it just me – 10pm isn’t exactly “notte fonda” so what exactly is the problem?

  20. H.P. Baxxter says:


    (“filthy Gonzi”? I think even by his standards he’s gone too far.)

  21. Jozef says:

    Yana was on ONE yesterday, she said she keeps coming across people asking her for work.

    She went on saying she’s taken to going to factories herself to ask whether these are willing to employ them.

    Not kidding.

  22. Manuel says:

    One should hope that Kurt Sansone ACTUALLY knows what Muscat said in 2011 and what he is claiming now.

  23. QahbuMalti says:

    Kurt Sansone knows exactly what he is doing – just like MaltaToday, from whence he came.

    When Gonzi said he faced storms all around he never envisaged that he would cop it literally from everywhere.

    It is a measure of the man that he does not stoop down to take them on in their own fashion.

    He is an honest politician who believes he is doing the best in Malta’s interest – as he has always done.

    Compare that to the fraud on the other side – who only has a personal goal.

  24. ken il malti says:

    Those wringer washing machines are from a time when women actually wore dresses instead of wearing trousers 24/7 like today.

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