This is REAL arrogance. And you have to be a besotted fool not to see it.

Published: February 6, 2013 at 3:26pm

Joseph Muscat and his podium in Hal Lija this morning

Joseph Muscat and his podium in Hal Lija this morning

Aside from the total arrogance of parking his bloody podium in the middle of the road, you have to consider the absurdity of it all.

I am actually frightened by the inability of so many people to see this man for what he truly is. It helps me understand that democracy is forever hovering on the thin ice of dictatorship.

He preys on the gullible, the needy, those who require flattery, whose egos are fragile and whose character is weak. He rounds up the young to use as tools. He has eliminated the checks and balances on power in his political party and talks about doing the same with the checks and balances on power in the state.

And people applaud? They must be mad. Or they haven’t read about the methods used by absolute dictators to rise to power. The fact that we are in the European Union is irrelevant in this respect. Joseph Muscat will go as far as he can.

Now we are even going to have ‘the people’ dismantling the Constitution.

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  1. Tinnat says:

    Let’s put it bluntly.

    Joseph has realised that his market is Mr Undiscerning Citizen, he who knows very little about a great many issues, but who comes to conclusions and complains loudly based on the little he knows.

    Therefore Joseph, like Mintoff, has gone down to the level of Mr Undiscerning Citizen, promising heaven on earth, because he knows the latter will gobble it up without chewing it. Analytical logical discussion has no effect on Mr Undiscerning Citizen. For such a person, what matters is HOW you say things, not WHAT you say.

    The PN has not grasped this yet. It is being tarnished by its an image as the “party of the clever” or the ” party of the upper class”, depending on whether Mr Undiscerning Citizen is feeling stupid or poor. In his mind, the PN does not stoop to his level, so he turns to the leader which does. Simple.

    Is this scary? Like hell it is.

  2. curious says:

    Tal-biza. Naqra u jaqbadni l-bard. So very true. X’ inhu gej ghalina.

    But we are still in time, if the Maltese people can reason things out.

  3. Jozef says:

    We will stop and listen.

  4. ciccio says:

    He is also crossing the continuous white line in the middle of the road. 50 euros for that offence.

  5. Dem-ON says:

    Are these signs of dictatorship, or of sheer madness?

  6. A Montebello says:

    Where’s everybody…. no, I mean it… where is everybody?

  7. john says:

    Do ambulances have to wait for Joseph’s speech to be over?

  8. Jolly Roger says:

    Tell him that the IPhone just outside EDEN cinema is not working. I tried to switch it on and peeped under it to see if the wire was unplugged nothing. It just isn’t working.

  9. Corinne Vella says:

    The man’s absurd. He could just as easily – and more appropriately – have addressed reporters while standing among them on the pavement.

    The whole ruddy show is just a photo opportunity set up to impress the great unwashed.

  10. RosanneB says:

    This is serious indeed.

  11. JPS says:

    Total arrogance at its worst. It’s true that Malta Taghna Lkoll but does this give me the right to dump a box and do a marketing stunt in the middle of the road to promote my business?

    What will he do when he is in power?

  12. Mandy says:

    We are only in the European Union for the time being. Rest assured that Joseph Muscat and the Malta Labour Party will do their utmost to pull us put of it when they are in power.

    All you fools of my generation, who strove so hard in the 1980s for the freedom we tend to take for granted today, don’t throw it all away on a whim.

  13. Pippo says:

    Hello Chavez!!

  14. ken il malti says:

    Checks and balances on power ?

    il Duce does not need any friggin’ checks and balances !

    He wants power at all costs baby.

    Can’t you hear them chanting?

    Duce.. Duce.. Duce ..Duce !

  15. Tumas says:

    He should have gone to Luqa with his podium. His head would have very aptly replaced that one missing from a certain roundabout monument.

  16. manum says:

    a true sight for sore eyes

  17. Spiru says:

    so would the police actually close the road in his honour ?

  18. anthony says:

    This pathetic shot reminds me of the iconic one showing Churchill, wearing a huge white Stetson, sitting in the middle of the road on an armchair opposite the Mamounia with his brushes and easel.

    The policeman in his Bombay hat redirecting traffic is missing in Lia.

    It was not Churchill, so all traffic in the vicinity was banned.

    Arrogant and daft.

  19. Gahan says:


    Jien li ma tantx insegwi l-kamp tal-mużika popolari xorta bqajt mistagħġeb bl-akkużi li faru wara li nżammet fi tmiem il-ġimgħa l-kompetizzjoni għal min se jirrapreżenta lil Malta fil-Eurovision. Apparti mill-punt li ftit hawn pajjiżi li għadhom jagħtu importanza lill-Eurovision daqs kemm nagħtuh aħna l-Maltin, l-akkużi kienu fis-sens li l-wirja kollha ġiet manipulata b’mod ħalli jintlaħaq ir-riżultat li ntlaħaq, u dan għal skopijiet ta’ politika partiġġjana f’nofs kampanja ta’ elezzjoni ġenerali. Kieku kont parti mill-organizzazzjoni ta’ dan l-avveniment annwali fil-kalendarju Malti, kont ninsisti li għandu jingħata rendikont ċar ta’ dak kollu li ġara.

    Jekk ma jitkellimx Jason jitkellem Fredu !

    Veru li kullhadd ikejjel b’xibru.

  20. mickey mouse says:

    Mintoff li kien dittatur ukoll ma kellux dan in-nejk, ha nghidlek.

  21. Mister says:

    According to Maltastar, the Labour Party in government will launch a National Constitutional Convention with the participation of political and social groups to draft the constitution for Malta’s second Republic. “This was stated by the Labour Party Leader Joseph Muscat during a Press conference in Lija this morning.”

    1. Why did he have to close off the road to traffic?

    2. Why does he need a podium to hold a microphone?

    3. Why does he need a microphone at all, to speak to five or six people standing right in front of him?

    3. Why does he want to change the Maltese constitution, and `only if necessary` hold a consultative referendum?

    WAKE UP, MALTA! You have fallen into the trap which Joseph Muscat has been setting all along this electoral campaign.

  22. mandango70 says:

    Are roads closed off daily for political events organised by the mainstream parties? Why’s this different?

  23. rober says:

    is there anyone actually listening to him ?

  24. canon says:

    Joseph Muscat is so happy with his podiums that he intends to take one of his own every time he goes abroad to meet other dignitaries. It makes him feel more secure.

  25. TROY says:

    Was there a tsunami warning at Lija at the time the Great Leader was on his podium?

  26. D Sullivan says:

    It’s all your fault. You have been passing so many comments about the shape of his body that he is starting to think he’s a roundabout.

  27. Harry Purdie says:

    Half way through the campaign and the little shit has already assumed the stance of a bloody dictator. What next?

    Now I know why his old man named him Joseph. Probably his second name is Adolph

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Since our journalists are bloody useless, Harry, may I assume the role of a Stephen Sackur here, and get your expert opinion?

      How do foreign investors view the impending Labour victory?

      How will it affect investment patterns, if at all? What about the financial services sector? Are they making plans for The Day After?

      And what are the rating agencies saying in their boardrooms, outside their published reports?

      • Harry Purdie says:

        Firstly, my friend, most of my contacts do not have the danger on their radar as yet. (EU member and all that) As we say, ‘small potatoes’. However, I have advised them to dial in and follow the scary proceedings.

        Secondly, most of my investment friends cannot believe that the people would change a government that has kept an even keel. (used to be in sea cadets.) Again, I advised them about the polls. They were surprised and upset.

        Thirdly, have some buddies in the rating agencies in NYC. Ready to push the ‘unlike’ button if Labour is elected.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        I think I’ll put on my black tie. If we’re going to sink they I might as well look my best. You know, like first class on the Titanic.

  28. Matthew says:

    I came across this quote by the inimitable Margaret Thatcher yesterday. I thought I should share it.

    “If a woman like Eva Peron with no ideals can get that far, think how far I can go with all the ideals that I have.”

    It’s probably the same thing which drives Lawrence Gonzi and brings out the best in him. He just can’t believe that people can’t see what is in plain sight.

  29. Fred Muscat says:

    Totally agreed. We will lose it all in 5 years and then it’s another uphill struggle for PN.

  30. Fred Muscat says:

    Now that I heard Tony Zarb on Net News on how he will push tenders towards his business friends, I am 100% sure that without PN in government Malta will go back to the good old 80s.

    Hopefully Tony Zarb will now resign and GWU will get a new head that the workers like myself deserve.

  31. Election Mode says:

    Just when we thought it can’t get worse.

    Someone recorded a conversation over lunch between Toni Zarb (ghax ma jirragunghax fuq stonku vojt) and a business man referred to as a ‘mediator’.

    During the conversation he promised this mystery man the union’s total support, on condition that the employees become members of GWU.

    Net News played parts of the conversation.

  32. TinaB says:

    Those who have always voted labour have no brains so they will applaud even if he tells them that when he becomes PM he will make them wipe his backside.

    The switchers, in particular tal-pepe who prefer to call themselves floaters because they, without even realising, still cannot accept that they are now labour since most of them think that they are God’s gift to the Maltese islands, are completely stupid – whoever thinks that the likes of Deborah Schembri, Louis Grech and Konrad Mizzi are “good” , God bless, certainly cannot be that smart, let’s face it.

    I am sincerely hoping that the latter will be the most affected by Joseph Muscat’s bad governance after the 9th of March.

  33. Riya says:

    Dan qieghed ipixxi fil-pixxatur? Hekk jixraqlu ghax dan il-bniedem ma’ jafx x’laqtu u x’se jaqbad jaghmel jekk ikun fil-gvern. Nispera li Alla jzomm idu fuqna.

  34. Chicken says:

    Labour has published its electoral manifesto. According to Malta Today, it has 837 proposals. Did Joseph Muscat present the costings for all the proposals? And didn’t Muscat promise a roadmap, rather than a list of proposals or promises? Where exactly does the manifesto lead to?

    • Angus Black says:

      According to Prof Edward (get one right) Scicluna, a Labour government does not promise a balanced budget during the coming mandate.

      Now, Fitch and Standard and Poor’s lowered Malta’s rating to BBB+ because the Budget did not pass, so by staying in a deficit position without any plans to correct it for the next five years, would they maintain this rating or lower it further?

      If they take into consideration a 600 million new debt, would they look favourably at Malta’s rating?
      These are questions which should be asked although it is highly doubtful that Joseph and Edward would have a clue nor the will to answer.

      Elect us first, then we’ll see! We’re telling them, we already see what kind of disaster awaits Malta if the gamblers give you a chance.

  35. Nadine Mifsud says:

    Daphne, please read Gustav le Bon – “The Crowd -a Study of the Popular Mind”.

  36. anti labour says:

    Watching Super One – Toni Abela talking about the infamous electoral programme. He sounds like a storyteller. Fuckin’ scary.

  37. Gahan says:

    This is what was happening behind our backs for the last four years.

  38. stephen says:

    arrogant prick, as malicious and scheming as they come

  39. Mesmes says:

    “Il-konferenza ġenerali qiegħda ssir f’atmosfera differenti mis-soltu u fil-Bay Arena tiddomina l-bandiera Maltija u l-emblema tal-kampanja elettorali tal-Partit Laburista.”

    L-unika haga li qed nara li qed jiddomina huwa l-isfond blu!

    • Mesmes says:

      It’s amazing what bloody inappropriate things are being done by Labour. And this when still not in government.

      This was not merely a visit to a factory or a private enterprise. This was a General Conference of the Malta Labour Party. All the party delegates were there.

      Their manifesto was being approved. And what do they do? They simply confirm what their critics are banging on about… their close ties with businesses are being confirmed.

      Organising this conference at the Eden Ice Arena confirms that certain (chosen) businesses are simply and purely an extension of the Labour Party.

      I’m not saying that there’s no fiscal receipt in respect of this transaction – God forbid shouldn’t there be one – but that this whole mess was simply inappropriate.

  40. JPS says:

    I’m watching Joseph Muscat on One TV Live and he has been rambling on about what he would do if and when in government.

    I must admit that a good % of the proposals sound great but I have one question: how will he generate the extra revenue to finance this?

    This is what I want to hear, and not only the never ending list of give-aways, discounts and freebies.

  41. Claude Sciberras says:

    John Bencini got a standing ovation at the PL conference. Bencini forgot how badly treated teachers were under Labour. Once bitten twice shy or maybe he’s a masochist.

  42. Allo Allo says:

    I have to say I like this LP proposal as reported by The Times: “Malta would also have total wife coveragebe totally coved by wifi.” Is this something they picked up from Fifty Shades of Grey?

  43. Claude Sciberras says:

    Some comments on the Education section of the PL electoral programme:

    1 L-edukazzjoni mhux ballun politiku – let’s see if Muscat manages that. His predecessors surely did nothing to keep education out of the political arena.

    7 As with other reforms Labour has finally understood the college reform and is embracing it. Muscat’s predecessor had rubbished it:

    20 Unless I misunderstood this is the most useless measure in this section. Who is going to put money into this fund as though it is some charity? Is this the way Labour looks at the supply of educational tools?

    38 Ahh se jkomplu bil-programm ta’ bini ta’ skejjel. I’m assuming that they will keep the Foundation For Tomorrow’s Schools which Labour had described as a snake pit – remember all the allegations of corruption? – But now it’s OK to work with the same contractors.

    Rispett u fiducja fl-ghalliema – that would be a first for Labour.

    52 Since when is the Mariam Al Batool School a “mudell edukattiv ta’ diversita”? To my knowlege the school is a Muslim school with very little if any diversity – most schools in Malta are much more diverse in that they have kids from all walks of life, nationality, religion etc.

    53 After years of telling us that the rate of early school leavers needs to improve they still can’t come up with a decent concrete proposal of how to do so.

    55 There are quite a few of these… Inomplu… why put it in as a proposal. Mhux ovvja li tkompli if a government is committed then its committed.

    We should only be told if he intends stopping something that has already started.

    And on this point we must remember how critical Labour was when an earlier PN government had eradicated trade schools and reformed the post-secondary vocational sector to create MCAST.

    80 Let’s hope this time round they keep their promise – last time it was the first to go.

  44. TV Marlene says:

    Labour’s arrogance is equally manifested by setting up their tent on Mosta’s most crucial car park right beside the dome.

    It’s been there since Monday and will only be used 4 days later.

    L-ewwel kellna lil Fredu bic-Cittandin l-Ewwel, issa lil dan b’Malta Taghna Lkoll u kull ma jaghmlu hu li jikkapparraw postijiet pubblici minghajr hsieb ta’ xejn.

    Iva m’hawn hadd li jsib l-okkazzjoni jiehu ritratt ta’ dan il-podium jingarr fuq xi vann?

  45. Jozef says:

    To Lydia Abela,

    I watched your opening speech at the conference.

    If you think people didn’t read the PN’s program and all its proposals, a full two weeks before you presented your baseless copy, you’re mistaken.

    You must be out of your mind to treat me like an idiot, insult my intelligence and expect me to subscribe to your jeering tone.

    No, The PN didn’t copy your tablets, breast screening and diabetes proposals.

    You did, the PN’s.

    And one hell of a mess you made of these, mixing and matching, lifting text out of your adversary’s work, which if you don’t mind, is still the legitimate alternative to your sham.

    You give me the impression of being one who thinks the PL should be entitled to a walkover or if that’s not possible, damn, let’s sabotage dialectics.

    Honestly, when I see you people bluffing your way around your own party, leaving no space for what Louis called ‘Intellectual honesty’, I despair.

    Simply because you know what you’ve done, doesn’t mean we won’t notice.

    How come, according to you, if the PN never mentioned any strategy to go for gas and only now is there consensus, did I put comments last year on this blog pointing out the sense behind the BWSC’s gas conversion capability?

    That was when Joseph was gloating to an investor willing to put in a billion dollars. And that wasn’t gas, it was coal fired.

    Who was it you said had to converge to gas?

    Never underestimate the electorate, especially people like me.

    I couldn’t care less if you were too busy pushing Anglu Farrugia to present his motion of no-confidence at the time.

    I presume nor do you now.

    I refuse to be a part of your ploy, and will not partake in your scam. Not when my self-respect is being called into question.

    But then, you wouldn’t understand.

  46. I’m quite with you on most of what you say about Muscat, but I think that his “thirst for power” is not an end to a means; “power” is the be all and end all.

    I don’t think that e.g. what he plans to do with MEPA is a way to clear the path for him and/or his friends to have free rein with building permits. He sees it as a way to scrape a few more votes.

    He seems to be one of those people who think that the main role of management is to commandeer, not lead. I have learnt that such people are usually incapable of seeing past the end of their noses; consequences don’t come into their equations. They just want to see everyone do their bidding – not because they have any sort of strategy, but because it gives them some sort of thrill to see they’re he boss.

    If Muscat were ever to become PM – something which is becooming less of a walkover with every day that passes – I don’t see him becoming another Mintoff. I don’t believe he can even think far enough to place measures to allow him to hold on to his “reign of terror”.

  47. maria says:

    So probably it was no parking, no passing. Where there any people listening to the nofs purzjon?

  48. La Redoute says:

    With delicious irony, Muscat made his pronouncement close to a site made notorious by an even more notorious magistrate who, well, notoriously, is a good and close friend of his.

    If Muscat thinks we can ignore the constitutional requirement for a two thirds majority in parliament when the constitution is rewritten, is he also going to waive that requirement for the removal of magistrates who are unfit for their post?

  49. Guza says:

    Don’t you think he looks like some kind of cake-topper?

  50. David G says:

    Is no one smelling the danger?. Changes in constitution, another republic, podiums in the middle of the street, cold bloodedness. Over 5 years in government and it’s a dictatorial mess.

  51. Carmelo Micallef says:

    The MLP/PL has a history of abusing the Constitution, laws and the people of Malta – what’s new?- certainly not their leader with his coterie of dinosaurs from the Mintoff-KMB era.

    ‘Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it’ (George Santayana)

  52. david meilak says:

    Daphne we are really waiting for your comments re the Tony Zarb recording!

  53. Fido says:

    One cannot expect better. He publically declared that for him “the end justifies the means”! In simple terms he is openly saying ” I’m alright, f__k you Jack.”

  54. bryan says:

    Iva jahasra ma kienx hemm xi warden iwwahhalu citazjoni talli pparkja il-kaxxa f’nofs tat-triq?

  55. norwegian wood says:

    Daphne can I have your email address please?

    [Daphne – [email protected]]

  56. I fully agree Daphne.

    When they say “Malta taghna lkoll” they seem to want us to forget that we are part of Europe now. Apart from that they are trying to bring the healthy concept of opposing political philosophies and views to an end, the seeds towards dictatorship indeed

  57. MMuscat says:

    There are daily significant improvements and tweaks to the podium.

    When the thing was wheeled out for the first time in public, there was a microphone on a stand next to it, shortly it was fitted with its own microphone, now it has two mics and a ‘hovering’ logo in the background.

    What does the future hold? Shall we see some sort of white podium on Segway wheels carrying a fat arse protected by an army of iPhone daleks?

  58. Angus Black says:

    ‘The peoople’ have the power to stop him.

  59. AE says:

    When I see all the marketing that the Labour Party is doing in this electoral campaign all I can think is ‘Empty vessels make most sound.’

  60. Charles says:

    Yet it cannot be called prowess to kill fellow citizens, to betray friends, to be treacherous, pitiless, irreligious. These ways can win a prince power, but never glory.
    Niccolò Machiavelli

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