You have to be SO pathetic.

Published: February 15, 2013 at 8:19pm

To think that this man will be a cabinet minister, and that we’re swapping the good stuff for this pile of crap. Unbelievable. Il-vera pajjiz tal-bad taste u abysmal choices.

How long exactly after independence does it take for a population to develop a certain level of sophistication? Trid tkun il-vera backwoods bunny (qabda pozi or not) to claim that this effing turnip, one of many in Joseph Muscat’s refrigerated vegetable compartment, will make an excellent cabinet minister.

Lanqas biss nafu naghzlu par zarbun (all the ladies think they’re Kim Kardashian) ahseb u ara partit politiku.

God bless Maltese society.


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  1. Beauty and the Beef says:

    Irony – hadd ma ghafaslu ‘like’. In the photo, at least.

  2. Lord Lucan says:

    It’s sad all right but it was predictable.

    As Bruce lee always said, ‘be water’.

    Basically by pounding these Laborite muppets into the ground over the last 5 years you have motivated them.

    Determined opposition is a hard opposition to beat.

    [Daphne – It might not have occurred to you that it’s actually the other way round.]

  3. TinaB says:


  4. Yanika says:

    U intant, hadd m’ghamillu like.

  5. Helen says:

    Daphne, please give us some explanation how come John Cosiglio and Kevin Drake are on Affari Taghna and speaking the way they are. You are my only hope of consolation on this crazy island.

  6. Harry Purdie says:

    Someone better bless Maltese society. It’s about to go down the toilet.

  7. AG says:

    I’m surprised that he has more than thirty comments and nobody actually pressed ‘Like’.

  8. just me says:

    This is not the first time that Toni Abela has protected a criminal.

    In 2004 he was informed that the Labour mayor of Marsa had been involved in several cases of paedophilia. He did not report this to the police and it was only years later that the information was made public through an anonymous letter.

    By then, however, the crimes were time-barred and, thanks to Toni Abela’s inaction, the sexual offender got off scot-free.

  9. George says:

    This is more pathetic:

    Not mentioned in the panel, Mrs Mugliette and half of the Zoo cast.

  10. Matthew says:

    Bursting Labour bubbles no. 3,672.

    After five years of being told that the Maltese are being clobbered and bludgeoned by energy rates, it turns out that the Maltese are so happy and confident using energy hungry technology that it is one of only four countries in the EU which has registered an increase of energy consumption in the last four years.

    That’s only half the story. It is the country which has registered the biggest increase in energy consumption over the past four years.

    All the other countries in the EU registered a decrease because of the recession.

    Estonia registered an increase of 4.8%, Poland an increase of 3.2 %, Belgium an increase of 0.1% and Malta a massive increase of 17%.

    Meanwhile, Lithuania registered a decrease of 24.5%, Ireland and Greece a decrease of 12.3% each and Spain and the UK a decrease of 9.4% each.

    Read more about it here.

  11. anna caruana says:

    I really agree with what you wrote , So pathetic . If Simple Simon is the best PN has to offer .

    Simple Simon mentioning cancer twice during the debate yesterday shows what a spineless creep he is.

    The only support he has in his own party comes from that other Gonzi clone Clive Pule who s as bright as a candle in the night.

    PN lost the plot and that s why they deserve to be on the opposition benches. Simon has no leadership qualities.

    De Marco would have been a much better candidate.

    • Natalie Mallett says:

      Int bis-serjeta!!

    • Angus Black says:

      Anna Caruana,

      ‘Simple’ Simon is nearly half Louis Grech’s age and twice (conservatively) as smart.

      The Nationalist Party elected Simon Busuttil after nominating Tonio Borg to the position of EU Commissioner, a position Louis Grech would have been unfit for.

      The Labour Party elected (sort of) Louis Grech deputy leader because Joseph wanted to counter (MEP) Simon Busuttil with a Labour MEP who is 65 and not in the best of health.

      This shows how poor Labour’s reasoning is and how shortsighted its leader is.

      Mario deMarco would have been a valid deputy leader and so would Tonio Fenech have been. The fact is that the contest was wide open and others could have chosen to run.

  12. Wilson says:

    ‘after independence does it take for a population to develop a certain level of sophistication’

    It normally takes a number of decades with oscillation between extremes.


    The best of Labour, appealing solely to the average Joe’s inferiority complex.

    What do they think they are now? Tista Tkun Int? Arani Issa?

  14. maryanne says:

    Unbelievable. Just heard Toni Abela being interviewed by The Times reporter.

    Forget everything else. Lawrence Gonzi needs to address this issue head on.

    A lawyer and party deputy reasoning like a communist.

    ‘Beza’ ghan-nies onesti tal-kumitat.’

    So Toni is judge and jury. But it is not his remit to decide not to report to the police because the evidence was gone.

    Let the latter carry out their own investigations. Most of the time proof is only found during investigations.

    Following the same reasoning, the police should not investigate anything because it necessarily disturbs honest citizens who are dragged into investigations as a matter of course. This is omerta’.

    Even Manuel Mallia is talking as if he is judge and jury. What about the Chamber of Advocates? Can we have some comments please?

    Can anybody enlighten us non-lawyers if it is true that the witness of a crime is under no obligation to report it to the police, as Manuel said yesterday on television?

    I don’t care about being given free this and free that.

    I don’t want justice in our country to go down the drain.

    Lawrence Gonzi, you can do this. Go for it and burst their bubble.

    We are expecting some serious talk tomorrow at Haz-Zebbug.

    • Carmelo Micallef says:

      It is now time for Prime Minister Gonzi to lead a stern and resolute fight against the increasingly hubristic Maltese fascists.

  15. winwood says:

    Such a suggestion by this plonker to press “like” should have been made to his ex deputy leader Inspector Gadget.

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