Here are some fetching ladies who Joseph will never put on his billboard (and to whose charms he is impervious)

Published: March 4, 2013 at 11:50am

snobby sisters

Here's the girl behind Joseph's right shoulder.

Here’s the girl behind Joseph’s right shoulder.

Antonella Snobbija

And here’s the girl behind his left shoulder

antonella is in

The Snobby sisters have proudly uploaded this photograph of the day they met the Fearless Leader (see behind him). He must be the only straight man on earth who turns his back on not one but two spectacular sets of titties.

The Snobby sisters have proudly uploaded this photograph of the day they met the Fearless Leader (see behind him). He must be the only straight man on earth who turns his back on not one but two spectacular sets of titties.

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  1. selly says:

    xi billboard qi…. il billboard tijak u ta dawk iz zewg kumidjati gonzi u bussutti jamluu mla ta dawn il gmiel mandomx xjamlu jahlu hin phal ma tamel inti ahjar tamel naqa afarijiet is suggu mla tahli hin fuq dawn ,,,,,,,,,,,,, viva labour

  2. MxC says:

    The line between ‘spectacular’ and ‘fake’ becomes even more blurred.

  3. Mark says:

    You’re wrong. He probably sees their reflection in the teleprompter – which explains the smile.

  4. TinaB says:

    Xi kruha ta’ nisa sar ghandna f’Malta taghna.


  5. Lestrade says:

    Are boob jobs available free of charge in Malta?

    • TinaB says:

      They’ll probably become free after the 10th of March.

      Halli il mittelklass ikunu jistghu jaffordjawhom ukoll.

  6. Simone says:

    Surely you mean spectacular balloons posing as the real thing, Daphne — a most appropriate metaphor for Labour.

  7. dutchie says:

    I like female breasts with natural proportions smaller or larger than average. This is just cheap Hollywood trailer-trash porn size. A complete turn-off.

    I think they crept up beind him on that photo though without him knowing.

    • Wormfood says:

      Quite, they’re far too obvious and vulgar, not really that remarkable in an age where we are bombarded with this stuff and they won’t feel that nice either.

  8. MxC says:

    Are the titties “Taghna Lkoll”, or reserved for him only?

    • Nadesh c says:

      issa can you tell me what’s the meaning of uploading this pics?? yeah i have my pro pic with dr muscat? so?? why your so stupid, meaningless and ignorant to upload the link here? not that does it bother me. but it does bother me that a stupid person like you mentiond my pro and also the cover photo?!! can you please get a life. and go try to make something better for your self?!

  9. jenny zarb says:

    Hehe as an MLP follower I would recommend this ill written blog to anyone – it will surely gain votes for the MLP as it is a reflection of the cheap mentality pertained by most of the PN voters – who THINK they are superior to the MLP followers, whereas in reality are really resorting to stupid banters in order to try to win some votes. I’m very glad the MLP hasn’t resorted so low yet as to find ugly nationalist women -( and there are a great number of them as a photo of the writer of this blog would clearly make obvious to anyone not visually challenged) – in order to win votes!! This is the sort of punishment the PN deserves – to let nationalist voters make a ridicule of themselves in this blog!

    • Lilla says:

      1. We don’t care what ignorant Labourites like you think of us. In language you can understand, you can kiss our collective arses.
      2. Starting with ‘hehe’ doesn’t really make for an intelligent comment.
      3. Please reread number 1.

    • TinaB says:

      The owner of this blog is way prettier than the fetching ladies in question and the thousands of others who look like them, jenny zarb.

      Oh, and as far as I know the PN have absolutely nothing to do with this blog – the comments you see here the sentiments of common citizens like myself who want to feel proud of our country, its culture, government and people, not to be the laughing stock of Europe and the rest of the world.

    • Ghoxrin Punt says:

      Jenny, if anything is cheap in this particular blog, it’s the persons in the photos.

      And the fact that they allow themselves to be photographed like that, makes them fair game.

    • Dattard says:

      The point is not whether they are ugly or pretty. The point is that they are insulting our intelligence by merely existing.

  10. Nadesh c says:

    I honestly dont check this notebook. but as long as a stupid girl/woman uploaded some fb link’s here with my pic and this goes toTinaB. than i have to coment.. this notebook is so nonsense. i mean.. ok you are against p.l? but why try to make fun of people who simpatise with p.l? i mean.. i dont know why attaking the snooby people or other people. couse, if i want i can upload thousand of pics here of p.n people but im not going to get so low like TinaB. shame on you all for all this ignorance! and i have to say and qoute ”i have nothing against p.n” but seeing people like you your ashaiming your own party.

  11. Nadesh c says:

    and again where is the liberty of expresing ourself? and again where’s our privacy? i mean last time a checked was ilegal to get pictures and throw them whenever it comes. but yeah!! this is daphne’s blog and she’s untouchable right? hehe

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