[THIS IS THE POST FOR WHICH I WAS ARRESTED] Is this the man you want as your prime minister? Well, tough – it’s what we’re going to get. Malta represented by the first ‘hamallu’ since Dom Mintoff.

Published: March 8, 2013 at 7:25pm

He can’t walk, can’t stand to attention, can’t lay a wreath with grace and dignity, and doesn’t even know that the wreath he’s laid at the foot of the Independence monument should be upright, which is why it has that great big square stand at the bottom. And why is his jacket flapping open – because it’s too tight to be done up?

Jimxi qisu bassa, waddling with one hand in his pocket – the real Muscat when the support system is missing:

My, look at this – such a smooth act.

And what about the wife – “ghax meta Joseph jigi d-dar….it-tfal jiehdu nepp”. And my God, she’s a pushy one. She’s not going to be the power behind the throne, but sitting right there on it, with Joseph on a leash. No wonder she doesn’t mind his indifference towards her – he’s the machine that gets her to power.

Min jaf x’hamallagni gej. Lanqas biss irrid nahseb. Issa ha mmur niehu nepp.

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  1. Lord Lucan says:

    Yes! That’s right.
    I have some suggestions on who is to blame for this disaster, but I will wait before revealing this.

    • MojoMalti says:

      Why wait? If that happened, you can blame a bunch of ungrateful, shortsighted children who didn’t learn their lesson in 1996 and have punished themselves (and the rest of us) for their shortcomings.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Lord Lucan, you were (are?) one of the sharpest dressers of your time. Perhaps you could give some sartorial advice to our soon-to-be prime minister.

    • Kurt Borg says:

      You are seriously influenced by Joseph. You are behaving as he did on the Libya situation. He only showed his cards when he was sure! Coward.

  2. Athina says:

    Today on Facebook: “perit itlob ghalina”. I was shocked – to me it is a blasphemy.

  3. xmun says:

    Muscat in the European Parliament. Are these the type of scenes we shall have to become accustomed to during EU summits when heavy negotiations are necessary?

    Think wisely. Five seconds to change your destiny.

  4. AE says:

    OMG he shuffles like an ape.

  5. Peter Grech says:

    “Give us our language” – look who’s talking, the man who talks brings up his children speaking English, the language he refused to speak himself.

    • David Buttigieg says:

      You must be joking!

      Have you ever heard them speak?

      It’s NOT English, their kids have a far better command of the language then they could ever hope to have!

    • Grezz says:

      I think you mean they speak Manglish – oh, sorry – Menglish.

  6. afm says:

    OMG. I bust a gut laughing.

    And what’s even funnier is that the more he tries the more he gets it wrong – their clothes, the language, the expensive handbags etc.

    The first thing they should realise is that poise, the way one dresses and talks, are not acquired but learnt along the road of growing up.

  7. SC says:

    The way he throws that wreath down is truly shocking.

    It shows he doesn’t care and is only doing it for the photo op.

    He is lazy, sloppy and always late.

    I just hope people are seeing the real Joseph now.

  8. Last gasp says:

    Kemm hu injorant u bassa.

    • The Phoenix says:

      Mario Demarco has a lot to answer for. Whatever the outcome.

    • Jozef says:

      And look at the comments below the piece, Privitera and the usual suspects bashing government.

      I suppose refraining from using GonziPN is unbiased and apolitical comment.

      If anyone had any doubt what The Times is up to.

    • Lestrade says:

      Yes, nowadays the Times is full of coincidences !

  9. bob-a-job says:

    Is that Fantozzi in that first pic?

    Oh, no it isn’t. Now that I think about it, Fantozzi wears a beret like Jana Mintoff.

  10. Lupin says:

    Pruzuntuz….xejn aktar..la taqa’ l-maskra naraw.

  11. bob-a-job says:

    Jana being the Maltese version of Yana i guess – Ghax issa Malta taghna ukoll

  12. L.Gatt says:

    What gives her the right to speak about what she will do for Malta? Ahjar ma nghid xejn. Din mhux Michelle Obama imma Hillary Clinton (less the brains). God help Malta b’dawn iz-zewg pruzuntuzi.

  13. C. Fenech says:

    Very funny, please stop this block and do something fruitful.

  14. just me says:

    Sorry, I forgot to put the link. This is the video.


  15. Gahan says:

    A read what the French President was saying on the You Tube endorsement. It seems he’s not ‘au corrant’ with Maltese politics and our economic situation, it’s anything BUT an austere economy.

    No Francois ( I suppose you’re on first name basis with Joseph, after meeting him near the lift)) , Dr Gonzi did not impose any austerity measures on us, by your logic we should not vote for the change you want so that you will have more support in the EU Council.

  16. H.P. Baxxter says:

    – Wot di hack!

    – I am extremely sorry.

    – Wotsdy yoose of hevink on payper det wi hev en offichyal lenkwicc!

    Ghiduli ftit, l-ahwa, meta Merkal tqum biex ittih bil-harta u tghajjru “l-ikbar Dummkopf fl-Ewropa minn Hitler l’haw”, se jitlob translation?

    Il-vera Gahan Malti.

  17. just me says:

    I found this video on YouTube. It urges people to vote for change.

    In it we can see young people enjoying a high standard of living.

    They have nice furniture, the latest mobiles, computers, tablets, etc. It shows that they have been doing well under a Nationalist government.

    And yet they want change.

    If Joseph Muscat becomes prime minister, they will certainly get a change, but not in the direction they expect.

  18. Paul Bonnici says:

    He waddles like a penguin.

    • Crockett says:

      Mr Bonnici, I am writing from Antarctica to protest on behalf of all penguins and to state that we have taken offence at your comparison.

  19. Min Jaf says:

    He even got the wreath wrong. That is a funerary wreath which he laid at the foot of the Independence monument. It is the sort of wreath you would place at a war memorial on Armistice Day.

    But perhaps a funerary wreath is appropriate, given the situation.

    Ahsbu sew, nies, qabel ma timlew il-vot taghkom – hux ser taghzlu il-hajja mal-PN jew agunija u mewt tal-hajja kif nafuwa issa jekk nigu taht it-tmexxija ta’ Joseph Muscat u z-zmagati u inkompetenti li ghandhu mdendlin mieghu.

  20. Ooooops says:

    “and we get not even to speak our language?” How does that even make sense?

  21. Grezz says:

    Le, ta, hi – hu ftit selit u soppa qabel in-nepp.

    Seriously though, although I had seen the first video, I had neverr bothered replaying it, thinking how ridiculous he looks. I was too slow to notice the wreat planted so unceremoneously on its back!

    The man is utterly ridiculous, and is going to be a hell of an embarassment to the whole of Malta.

  22. Wayne Hewitt says:

    It’s like trusting the steering wheel of a car in the hands of a toddler. Gol-hajt.

  23. Beowulf says:

    The day of reflection seems to be going well for you. Hopefully you will end up in court again along with that bloody retard Gonzi who is paying you.

  24. Joe Zerafa says:

    My wife was about to throw up when she saw these videos, and I nearly joined her.

  25. Harry Purdie says:

    Des alps Suisse. Bonne chance a tous les Maltaise Bleu. On espere une victoire.
    Mais faites attention, un menace rouge s’approche.

  26. Marco says:

    you are all judging a person that FOUGHT FOR OUR RIGHT….FOR OUR LANGUAGE….A LANGUAGE THAT IS AN OFFICIAL EUROPEAN LANGUAGE since Eddie ‘dahhalna fl-ewropa’ and you ARE JUDGING HIM ??? What kind of people are you ?! judging and making fun of someone who DEFENDED YOUR BLOODY LANGUAGE !!! ???

    • Lestrade says:

      Yes, I agree with you, it is a bloody useless language !

      • Carlos Tabone says:

        How patriotic of you! Consider catching up on your British colonial history in Malta perhaps you will one day realise what a bloody idiot you are.

  27. Mat Farr says:

    Enjoy question…

  28. Mat Farr says:

    Enjoy questioning…

  29. Joe Mallia says:

    With you all the way, Daphne. If these scum think we’ll accept another police state, they have another think coming.

  30. Gahan says:

    Astrid Vella
    Today, 17:34
    To think that Government turned down Giovanni Trevisan’s offer to build a complete, roofed, fully-fledged theatre FREE OF CHARGE and preferred instead to get mired in these questionable dealings involving taxpayer’s money.

    Manwel Debattista, that is when you can say imagine what a huge difference that would have made to poor families. Alternatively or even to the restoration of lower Valletta.

  31. Augustus says:

    Propja Censu z-zatat.

  32. B says:

    Bl injoranza tijak kolla gabruk ax qas il ligijiet ma taf

  33. concerned citizen says:

    I was looking at the di-ve news website, reading about your arrest for not observing the day of reflection, when an advert came up saying someone was going to vote Labour.

    What is the difference between your blog and di-ve website adverts?


  34. Angus Black says:

    Bravu Guzeppi, ghalhekk jghidulu hekk, h*ra f’qalzietu w mesah fil-glekk.

    Mhux ahjar mar jixtri ftit kabocci ghas-soppa ta l-armla minflok qaghad isabbat il-kuruni ma l-art bhal ma ghamel quddiem il-monument ta l-Indipendenza?

    U min kien il-fotografu ghax hlief il-patata ma gietx tidher.

  35. Matthew says:

    I spent all day worrying that you are about to get a knock on your door by the police because you kept posting.

    I LOVE you for being so brave and for ignoring such a stupid law but I’m also furious at you for risking your own well being.

    How ironic that on International Women’s Day a woman in Malta is being muzzled for speaking her mind, and just when we are on the verge of electing a progressive, liberal and feminist government.

    Damn it, this brain dead country doesn’t deserve you.

    Regardless of what the election result turns out to be, I want to thank you profusely for being a light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel of shoddy journalism. During your free time, you produce better material than all the full time newsrooms put together.

    I want to thank you for telling the truth, for exposing lies, for being entertaining, witty, humorous and unique, for caring about your country and your fellow citizens (even though you could easily live quietly publishing successful magazines about less controversial topics), for always standing up for what is right, for never giving in to threats and intimidation and for being more lionhearted than seven Mel Gibson led armies put together.

    Daphne, I salute you

    You are an inspiration, one of a kind and the kind of woman every smart man dreams of meeting one day.

  36. ken il malti says:

    He looks like a vindictive son of a bitch, typical of his small minded parochial political party.

  37. village says:

    Times of Malta lost it. It is the beginning of the end.

  38. Someone says:

    As a last comment, all of the content of this campaign can be summed up in one of my favourite idioms;

    Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!

    The Maltese version of the idiom is much more the point but this is a family blog.

    Vote Nationalist. Abstaining or voting AD is tantamount voting for JosephMuscat.Com and you will be an accomplice of putting your country in a negative economic cycle.

  39. bookworm says:

    We’re behind you in your quest, Daphne.

  40. follower says:

    You are so right.

  41. Someone says:

    Do we expect the BBC to be taken to court for stating…

    “Mr Muscat, an economist and former member of the European Parliament, is calling for a change in direction although observers say he hasn’t fully explained what that means.”

    … on silence day?


  42. Hector says:

    Cant wait for tomorrow mid day when results are out ! To see your face daphne. When all malta will shout MALTA TAGHNA LKOLL.

  43. M says:

    Awww, and here we have it – our very own Eva Peron. How cute is that?! Very, if by cute you’d understand ‘stab me now’.

    Come on Michelle, don’t forget your descamisados now. Your people being as they are, I’m sure they’ll willingly take their shirts off, għax aħna cooool hijjj.

  44. Wilson says:

    Whilst a person has every right to freedom of speech, which SHOULD BE RESPECTED AT ALL TIMES…freedom of speech should be practiced sensibly and with responsibility.

    This post seems to border on vulgarity and only seems to have no other intention but to carry a message of hatred towards the individual, and to the ‘social group’ who YOU label as “hamalli”!

    An opinion is to be respected, as it is indeed one’s own, and everyone has a right for one…

    However, a journalist should be conscious and aware of the manner in which he/she should conduct his/her practice as a journalist. Journalism should strive to be informative, fair, and honest. Journalism should be the beacon of liberty. It should not serve as inciter of hate and prejudice.

    One’s subjectivity is not a problem at all. Rather, subjectivity is what makes the world more interesting. However, it becomes a problem when it comes in the form of a personal attack towards the person. Ideas could be critiqued, but this is an attack on a person and even a social group.

    I came across this:

    …public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility.

    Whilst it seems that this blog actually tries hard to seek truth (in most of the blogs at least), however this post seems to be far from away from being professional and decent.

    P.S. I am sorry for what you had to endure with the arrest and all. No one should be treated that way! If anything, the law should be the same for everyone, and not just to those who practice seemingly unprofessional journalism (as could be the case of this post in your blog).

  45. emmede says:

    “Kemm int sabih Joseph hi!” “U l-Marija Santa!” “Ajma Michelle…”

    Wow… impressive. Some people have really valid points to bring to the table, don’t they?

    I will not vote for change, even though I have never lived under a Labour Government. I have enough sense to vote for a party which values my education.

  46. manum says:

    Daphne dear, what do you expect? You are hitting them where it hurts most! He wants to show Malta how special he is and you are showing us that in reality he is nothing but a defeathered peacock.

    He has declared publicly that his party changed without realising that in doing so he is telling us that he is embarrassed of the party’s failures.

    Daphne there will be a day when he will be in the dustbin like his predecessors.

  47. david anastasi says:

    Imagine putting up a Christmas tree on its side.

    Doesn’t he know what a stand is for.

  48. P Shaw says:

    The Broadcasting Authority has banned the media from reporting and publishing the letter sent by W.E. to the police asking for protection of their staff and property, following the threats issued by the MLP agents of love.

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