Jemima Puddle Duck is interviewed by an escort girl…oh, sorry, my mistake – that’s Jackie Mercieca

Published: March 4, 2013 at 12:20pm


Somebody just sent in this picture and message.

Attached photo taken of Joseph Muscat’s interview on Super One this morning.

He is a real ‘caflanga’, sloppped into his chair with his feet turned inwards.

This was the only photo I could get as I got the end of the programme and my finger came in the way covering his smug daqqiet ta’ harta expression.

A truly inspiring figure to lead the nation…

Yes, his posture is awful, but then so are the shoes worn by almost every woman propagandist and hostess on Super One TV. Miriam Dalli’s shoes are taller than her legs and when she tries to move towards her guests she risks breaking her neck.

The women who host Ilsien In-Nisa wear shoes you’d only see on escort girls in the cocktail bars of London’s more expensive hotels with a certain type of Middle Eastern clientele, and quite frankly, that’s exactly what they would be mistaken for in that scenario and with that TV set: escort girls lined up at the bar, legs crossed in ‘f*ck me’ shoes, waiting for a pick-up for the night.

Now here’s Jackie Mercieca, who likes to present herself as the brainier side of Super One, though if truth be told she has the intellectual capacity of my lettuce colander, with about as many holes in it. Haven’t they noticed yet that no EUROPEAN woman who wants to be taken seriously wears shoes like that?

So OK, Maltese women are mainly midgets. Take off their shoes and you’ll find they’re 4′ 10″ with legs that are more of a school-ruler than a yardstick. But so what? It’s not as though Maltese men are a race of giants – but more to the point, there are other high shoes you can wear that don’t make you look as though you charge by the hour for positions that Joseph Muscat wouldn’t be even remotely interested in.

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  1. Lestrade says:

    In the business, they are known as “hooker heels”.

  2. ciccio says:

    Oh look, Joseph is wearing his most valuable possession: his Spinach gym Chelsea boots.

    He’s really starting to look and behave like Popeye.

  3. Jozef says:

    Yes, she will go on for ages about dan il-gvern madoff, kemm hu maqtugh minn-nies.

    When the program was about public transport she dismissed the bus to Bidnija as a lussu zejjed and ic-cittadin komuni jistenna, x’gharukaza.

    Gravity’s wreaking havoc on her features. Could be the boredom.

  4. Grace says:

    She has to wear those shoes because she’s only knee high to a small frog.

    [Daphne – That’s absolutely no excuse.]

  5. Neil Dent says:

    Joey’s what’s known as ‘pigeon toed’. I’m no expert but it’s probably what accentuates his trademark waddle.

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