Malta taghna lkoll update: Labour billboards now being used by Hamilton Travel

Published: March 17, 2013 at 8:10pm

The political parties have temporary permits to erect X number of billboards all over Malta and Gozo during the election campaign – but the emphasis is on the word ‘temporary’.

When the campaign is over, the posters are meant to be covered up or removed and then the billboard structure itself taken down soonest.

They cannot be used for other advertising.

Yet over this weekend, Labour’s billboards have turned into advertising hoarding for Hamilton Travel, which is owned by decaying Super One showman Norman Hamilton, whose wife also hosts a Super One show and one of whose daughters featured in several of Labour’s promotional videos.

This is in blatant violation of the rules, but given that Muscat has asked for the resignation of all MEPA boards and has also announced that he will be dissolving the authority and replacing it with some strange creature, nobody dares say anything.

In the same spirit, Charles Polidano resumed his illegal development at Hal Farrugia a few days before the election, when he knew that nobody was going to stop him and that Labour was going to win. He has carried on and the new prime minister has said and done nothing about it.

Over the last five years, Polidano’s Monte Kristo estate has been the venue for countless parties by Labour politicians and the Labour Party itself, including a major Super One fundraiser and the weddings of Marlene Mizzi’s daughter and of Karmenu Vella’s son.

Questions were asked as to whether they paid the commercial rate or even whether they paid at all, but no replies were forthcoming.

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  1. king rat says:

    Malta taghna lkoll , down the line in a few years time the new freedom cry shall be Malta taghna wkoll .

  2. Max says:

    Maybe the billboards were part of the arrangement.

    I was one against PN in saying do not compare with the past – but now I admit we are going back in the Labour golden years.

    I am so sad to see the Maltese being fooled making the people believe that Labour has changed.

    • maryanne says:

      The PN were right to mention the past. Joseph Muscat is surrounding himself with men of the past.

      Pray, tell me what the young ones who voted for him know who Mario Cutajar and Mario Vella are. According to il-Mument, Mario Vella has been put in charge of Malta Enterprise. Nice.

    • MojoMalti says:

      Don’t be sad for the Maltese who were fooled. They deserve every last bit of what they’re going to get. Be sad instead for the rest of us who will get it anyway, despite our countless pleas for sanity to prevail.

  3. Lilla says:

    Ms. Caruana Galizia, you are the nearly the sole voice of reason in the cacophony of misinterpretation and blatant lies that is today’s media.
    Your blog is keeping me sane, thank you.

    • maryanne says:

      Agree. One such example was the retaining of Marlene Bonnici in her EU post. I and I am sure many others, did not know that she is staunchly Labour. If it weren’t for Daphne, Joseph would have got away with it.

      • It-tezi ta' Mario says:

        Ditto Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, whose reappointment was announced BEFORE the election.

        Alfred Camilleri is one of the few names permanent secretaries who have been retained.

      • P Shaw says:

        The ambassador to Washington DC, appointed during the last few months of the PN legislature, is also a staunch Laburist.

        Did the PN (lame-duck) administration ask the MLP for its recommendation, similar to Marlene Bonnici?

      • george grech says:

        I agree 100 %

  4. Mr. Bean There Done That says:

    The Fearless Leader has already become The Frightening Leader.

    Does he still spend an hour a day at The Spinach, or is he spending more time in there to outmuscle all opposition?

  5. Joseph says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us aware of certain things, which other newspapers and media do not want to do.

  6. Bob says:

    They are only meant to be used for election posters and then removed. There is some memorandum on that at MEPA I thinks.

  7. Nighthawk says:

    Why are you surprised? They did this at Christmas too, when the campaign was ‘on hold’.

    The sad thing is that they think its rather clever – that’s why they’re Labour.

    I don’t think its clever – that’s why I’m not Labour.

    They also thing the above is ‘being personal’. If it is, well, tough. It’s as personal as criticising a public official for being drunk in public at a partisan event.

  8. Dumbo says:

    “If one had any doubts about the indignity suffered by indebted countries who are forced to seek a bailout, one should have been present for the night long meeting held in Brussels to decide the bailout conditions to be imposed on Cyprus following the crises which left them with a 17 billion euro gap in their system”.

    This was stated by the Minister of Finance, Prof Edward Scicluna.

    • La Redoute says:

      Well, it was his first big outing since being appointed minister of finance and he rushed to issue a press release. There’s no newspoint to that release at all. Or, rather, the newspoint is the subliminal message that Labour was wrong all along and thanks to the non-Labour government (and no thanks to Labour) we’re not in that situation ourselves.

    • canon says:

      Wasn’t Cyprus Joseph Muscat’s model?

    • canon says:

      That is nothing new to us. Lawrence Gonzi warned us many times what could happen. Now Minister Scicluna should tell his leader about it because with the implementation of Joseph Muscat’s promises, we are driving full speed to that situation.

  9. Gahan says:

    Shouldn’t these billboards be promoting Karmenu Vella’s cruise liner agency also?

    BTW : is this guy going to renounce his chairmanship from Orange Travel while keeping his shareholding in the said company?

    Is he still a director at Betfair?

  10. Giovanni says:

    Cisk posters were stuck this morning to the PL billboards in St.Andrew’s next to Luxol

  11. Jozef says:

    Malta taghna lkoll will form an intrinsic part our lives.

  12. Peter Mallia says:

    Here we go:

    And there we’ll be with Muscat in one year. He promised heaven on earth. Just like Hollande, he won’t deliver.

  13. Plotinus says:

    One thing I cannot bear any longer is that Hansel and Gretel trail of Labour propaganda giant smart phones which leads from any point in Malta all the way up to Castille.

    It is about time that Joseph Muscat and his coconut have them removed starting from the one which blocks the pavement outside Castille. Surely they couldn’t have missed that particular one.

  14. bob-a-job says:

    Ah yes. Norman Hamilton a.k.a. Clive Waters in his singing years, a career abruptly terminated by a probable lack of popularity.

    If my information is correct he actually sang in what has become his Party’s Headquarters (in Hamrun – not the porno studios at il-Macina).

  15. Harry Purdie says:

    The about-to-be the most popular phrase on the rock–‘I TOLD YOU SO!’

  16. concerned citizen says:

    Thank you to the advertisers for bringing a splash of colour to my otherwise drab existence.

  17. Il-Hajbu says:

    Norman Hamilton – Malta’s new high commissioner to the Court of St James (ghax ghandu kunjomu Ingliz u jaf jitkellem bl-accent).

  18. dre says:

    Daphne, I’m writing this just for you to know (because I haven’t a clue where to contact you). I think you are a very strong woman and I love reading your blog.

    You not only give me long hours of entertainment but you also give very, very strong facts about the people who the 37,000 ‘risk takers’ chose to lead our country for the next 5 years.

    Thank you.

  19. The chemist says:

    You get what you ask for.

  20. fear & hope says:

    This is just the beginning. As I said earlier, the majority lovingly handed the ‘muviment’ a carte blanche.

  21. Mike says:

    A week ago I was visiting my Mum at Mater Dei and noticed that Labour’s giant iPhones were still on display as you enter the hospital grounds.

    Now I was under the impression that all political billboards were to be removed on Saturday by midnight so I took a photo of the offending item and put it up on Facebook.

    It brought some typical reactions… check the screenshots below:

  22. Zunzana says:

    I cannot but read your blog to know exactly what is going on around Malta tieghi ukoll. The sooner the PN starts pointing this new odd governance to the public the wiser the swithchers would realize who they voted for.

  23. sarah says:

    Polidano’s illegal development is scandalous. Mallia discountinuing proceedings against Farrugia Sacco and Muscat getting so involved in it when talking to Reno on TVM is scary – where is the separation of powers?

    Why not let justice take its course?

    If Farrugia Sacco is innocent then he will be proven so. If I were Farrugia Sacco I’d rather clear my name through a judicial procedure rather than be remembered as the one who got rescued by Mallia, Muscat&Co.

    I’d like to know what the foreign press say about this when Farrugia Sacco was heavily criticised by them.

    It would also be interesting to see how people’s perception of Malta being a corrupt country increases under this new government – well it started on the right foot with Polidano and Farrugia Sacco!

    I wonder how much of the PL campaign Polidano funded? What does Astrid have to say about this?

  24. tal-misthija says:

    Tiskantaw xejn, ahna ma konniex nghidu li taht il-Lejber irridu imorru lura ghaz zmien tal 70 u 80.

    Dan ghadu il-bidu issa il-kbir jibda jsir kif issibu posthom il-ministri. Nipserra li l-media li ikkritikat lill pN issa taghmel l-istess.

  25. AE says:

    The one in Gudja is being used by AF Signs and Pure Concepts. I have no idea who they are but the tag line on AF Signs website is rather unfortunate.

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