Ministers and parliamentary secretaries: have your say here

Published: March 13, 2013 at 9:00pm

Here’s the DOI press release. Please have your say. I’ve just written my views for my column in The Malta Independent tomorrow, which you’ll be able to read in the print edition or on line.


Office of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister: Dr Joseph Muscat

Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Simplification of Administrative Processes: Dr Michael Farrugia

Cabinet Office

Internal Audit and Investigations
Public Administration
Strategic Policy Coordination
Management Efficiency Unit
Planning, Policy and Priorities Coordination
Malta Environment and Planning Authority
Government Printing Press
Land Registry
Joint Office

Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto

Deputy Prime Minister: Mr Louis Grech

Parliamentary Secretary for the EU Presidency 2017 and EU Funds: Dr Ian Borg

Relations with the European Union
EU Internal Coordination
EU Presidency 2017
EU Funds and Programmes

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Minister: Dr George Vella

Relations with Foreign and Commonwealth Countries
Relations with International Organisations and Institutions
International Economic Relations
Maltese Communities Abroad

Ministry for Tourism

Minister: Mr Karmenu Vella

Parliamentary Secretary for Culture and Local Government: Dr Jose’ A Herrera

Tourism Studies
Cultural Heritage
External Transport
National Library
National Archives
Culture and the Arts
National Orchestra
Valletta 2018
Local Government

Ministry for Education and Employment
Minister: Mr Evarist Bartolo

Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth & Sport: Dr Stefan Buontempo

Childcare and Early Education
Compulsory Education
Higher Education (including MCAST)
Life-long Learning
Public Libraries
Employment and Training
Research and Innovation
Centre for Development, Research and Training
Science and Technology Policy
Sport and Sport Complexes

Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change

Minister: Mr Leo Brincat

Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights: Mr Roderick Galdes

Climate Change Policy
Environmental Policy
Waste Management Strategy
National Parks, Afforestation and the Countryside
Rural Development
Animal Welfare
Veterinary Services

Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure

Minister: Mr Joe Mizzi

Manufacturing and Servicing
Construction and Maintenance
Coordination of Major Government Projects
Internal Transport
Coordination of Road Building, Maintenance and Landscaping

Ministry for Gozo

Minister: Dr Anton Refalo

Gozo Affairs (excluding Health services and Education)

Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties

Minister: Dr Helena Dalli

Social Dialogue
Civil Liberties
Data Protection
Non-Governmental and Voluntary Organisations
Competition and Consumer Affairs
Medicines Authority
Industrial and Employment Relations

Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business

Minister: Dr Christian Cardona

Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth: Dr Edward Zammit Lewis

Economic Policy
External Trade
Investment Promotion
Malta Enterprise
Government Investments
Small Business and the Self-Employed
Trade Services
Maritime Affairs
Promotion of Financial Services
Information and Communication Strategy
Digital Economy

Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity
Minister: Ms Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

Parliamentary Secretary for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing: Dr Franco Mercieca

Social Policy
Family Policy
Child Policy
Social Housing
Social Security
Solidarity Services
Policy concerning Persons with Disability
Community Care

Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security
Minister: Dr Emanuel Mallia

Parliamentary Secretary for Justice: Dr Owen Bonnici

Armed Forces
Airport Security
Correctional Services
Probation and Parole
Civil Protection
Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs
Central Visa Unit
National Identity Management
Public Registry
Civil Registration
ID Cards
Courts of Justice
Attorney General’s Office
Notary to Government
Public Broadcasting Services

Ministry for Finance

Minister: Prof Edward Scicluna

Budget Office
The Treasury
Inland Revenue
Indirect Taxation
Customs and Excise
Financial Services Regulation
Malta Statistics Authority
Relations with Central Bank

Ministry for Energy and the Conservation of Water

Minister: Dr Konrad Mizzi

Development of Alternative Energy Sources
Oil Exploration
Energy Policy
Malta Resources Authority
Enemalta Corporation
Water Policy
Water Services Corporation

Ministry for Health

Minister: Dr Godfrey Farrugia

Health Services Regulation and Standards
Health Services
Occupational Health and Safety

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  1. Susan says:

    I wonder what Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando must be feeling, watching the man who cuckolded him so spectacularly move straight into a ministry after being elected at his first attempt, while he gets fobbed off – YET AGAIN – with the chairmanship of the Malta Council for Science and Technology.

  2. David Buttigieg says:

    My favourite so far is Maria l-Mouse, Minister for education if you please.

    Doesn’t have a clue what “No taxation without representation” means.

    So if I vote for tal-Ajkla (I didn’t) I don’t pay tax, Sur Bartolo?

    What a frigging disaster of our own making!

    [Daphne – Yes, that’s what he said: that AD should have a seat in parliament with a national quota, because those who voted for them have a right to ‘no taxation without representation’. So what about the thousands of non-Maltese who live, work and pay tax in Malta but are denied the vote because they are not citizens?]

  3. Manuel says:

    So the PL criticised the previous administration with spending too much money on ministers’ salaries, and now Muscat comes out with the brillaint idea of having 14!

    What a hypocrite.

    Malta taghna lkoll hux, issa ser tkun izjed tal-Ministri u tat-8 segretarji parlamentari.

    Then they were scandalised with the 500 euro honoraria that the Government gave to its ministers.

  4. jojo says:

    My first reacton was worry, then I thought if they f….k up that’s it.

  5. Phili B. says:

    The Ministry for Tackling Public Shows of Insubordination is conspicously absent.

    Yesterday Marlene Farrugia, and today Jose Herrera, have already started to vent their anger.

  6. mario says:


  7. JGrech says: I like how they did not stop mentioning the weeky €500, when EVEN with that, PN’s cabinet would have been less costly.

  8. Claud says:

    Home Affairs and Justice are back together.

    I wonder what Franco thinks about this.

  9. Don Corleone says:

    Seems good to me.

  10. Redneck Rabti says:

    The people have chosen. They will now get the government THEY deserve for the coming 5 years.

    There are 2 titles which will look dumb on a letterhead:

    – Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Simplification of Administrative Processes
    – Minister for the Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto

    Whether we like it or not we are lumped with this lot. As Dr Cool and Relax told you back in 1996 (fun times), the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    At this point, I’ll just pray and hope that the pudding isn’t too bitter.

    My gut feeling is that Muscat gave a ministry to the old-timers to keep them happy, then 2 or 3 years down the line, there may be a reshuffle.

  11. MarkH says:

    Perhaps a further reflection of the very many promises made. We may be subject to a banking crisis as a result, in the form of a “favour-bank” default!

  12. Min Jaf says:

    Karmenu Vella il-Guy responsibabbli ghat-‘theatres’ – nahseb ser jingwalawa huwa w Kenneth Zammit Tabona tac-coff.

  13. Jozef says:

    Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Simplification of Administrative Processes: Dr Michael Farrugia

    Execution: A jerrycan full of petrol and a lighter.

    Mepa’s in Castille, so was Sandro Chetcuti last Monday.

  14. Didi says:

    D’haw ma kienux ghamlu ghageb ghax Home Affairs and Justice were within the same ministry? Kemm nesewha f’malajr id-diska!

  15. George says:

    Didn’t Joseph Muscat then Leader of the Opposition state that a Labour government would drastically cut public spending?

    His first initiative as Prime Minister has considerably gone astray. His new cabinet is the biggest one in the last 25 years and would surely cost much more than the outgoing Nationalist cabinet.

    On his second day in office Joseph has already gone back on his promise on public spending.

    • verita says:

      we also have to include the increase to 14 permanent secretaries as there will be one for each minister

  16. maryanne says:

    Is there an adjective to describe people like Franco Debono?

    “At least two separate persons are responsible for justice and home affairs,” Franco Debono said. “It’s an improvement over the situation under Carm Mifsud Bonnici. Justice doesn’t necessarily merit a ministry unless you add other responsibilities to that portfolio. It’s not that vast.” (MaltaToday)

    So now under Labour it’s ok but under the PN it was not ok to have justice and home affairs under one ministry.

  17. Min Jaf says:

    Dr Godfrey Farrugia issa huwa l-Ministru tat-tnehhija tal-waiting list tal-isptar Mater Dei.

    Jekk jdewmukom biex jaghqduq, jew tonqoskom xi mhadda meta tkunu hemm, issa ghandkom fejn tirrikorru.

  18. Super one says:

    In case you’ve missed it it’s on Super One again.

  19. R Camilleri says:

    It seems that Labour still thinks that education is there only for employment purposes.

    • Jozef says:

      Even more pathetic is research and innovation divorced from the economy.

      University will become one byzantine empire, to each their little fiefdom.

  20. General says:

    Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity
    Minister: Ms Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

    Do they mean the one who had extramarital affairs and broke up two marriages in the process?

  21. GP says:

    Apart from Leo Brincat and Karmenu Vella… not a bad team at all.

  22. taxxu says:

    Fl-ahhar waslet il-bidla li ilni nistenna.

    Imma miniex cert jekk id-dinosawri gewx qabel il-ministri jew le peress li team zghazugh.

    Also Franco said it is OK for the justice and home affairs to be under the same minister after last year’s fiasco.

  23. vanni says:

    23 Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries?

    The PN had 12. Is this a tacit admission that every PN ex- Minister was worth 2 MLP Ministers?

    Speaking of cost. Remember that 500€ that Labour were always bleating about? That is looking decidedly like peanuts now, when one considers all the expenses and perks this Ministerial crowd are going to cost the exchequer.

  24. Jozef says:

    Hu go fik Franco. Ara x’wiehed wahhalek.

    Bahnan, l-gustizzja taht segretarju parlamentari fil-ministeru tal-intern.

    Ejja helu tkellem u pprotesta.

    PBS taht il-ministeru tal-intern. Erm, StudioMaster anyone?

    Minister for health services: Godfrey Farrugia
    Applicants for community homes around Malta: His lover
    Chairman of the MCST: Her ex-husband
    Permanent guest on ONE breakfast show: His wife

    I can see it already:

    What scientific conclusions provide evidence that homes in the community provide a better health, sorry wellness, service?

  25. Johannes says:

    With all these fossils back as ministers, the only surprise is that we don’t have a Minister for Archaeology.

  26. La Redoute says:

    How does one implement an electoral manifesto? Surely they mean their electoral programme?

  27. La Redoute says:

    Excuse me, but does anyone know of any countries that are not foreign to Malta?

    George Vella is responsible for Relations with Foreign and Commonwealth Countries

  28. La Redoute says:

    Joe Mizzi is responsible for coordinating major government projects. That would include Konrad’s power station and gas terminal.

    My, I can’t wait to see the fur fly.

  29. Joe Cassar says:

    Utter rubbish! Same old faces, and I guess we are back to 1996, if not the 1980s.

    We know nearly all of them – ‘been there, done that’ indeed – and we know what they are incapable of doing.

    It is Dr Mallia who caught my attention most. First he was againstthe MLP, he even wrote a book against them, and now look at him – a pure opportunist taking an oath as a Labour minister.

    Ghal gol-hajt.

  30. mc says:

    So, after all that criticism home affairs and justice are one ministry.

  31. The chemist says:

    It’s easier to fool people than for them to realise they’ve been fooled.
    ‘Mark Twain’.

  32. Jozef says:

    Watching Realta’, Joe Mifsud’s missing.

    Does it mean we’ll start receiving letters who gets to install a solar panel?

  33. Sex, drugs (karta safra) & rock 'n' roll says:

    New Prime Minister, new Cabinet, new Pope, new teeth. Life is beautiful.

  34. Jozef says:

    Hooray, Birkirkara’s the place to invest.

  35. QahbuMalti says:

    The €500 per week pales when you consider that each Minister is allocated 21 staff and each PS 11 staff plus themselves. This government’s resources are 15×21 + 8×11 + 15 + 8 = 426 top salaries. Compare that with the evil GonziPN with a mere 8 ministers……

  36. Ian says:

    That awkward moment when a lousy ex lecturer of yours becomes finance minister.

  37. Nicky says:

    What a mess. Take sea transport: one ministry is in charge of maritime affairs, another of external transport and the third of internal transport (e.g. water taxis and Gozo ferries).

    The EU integrated maritime policy seeks to integrate maritime transport with other policies but we dissect it into bits.

    Did they ask the Perm Rep to the EU for advice? It’s going to be impossible to coordinate Ministerial Council participation, let alone a Presidency.

  38. Nighthawk says:

    Wasn’t it a huge problem to have Home Affairs and Justice in the same ministry? So its not a big deal any more? Where’s Frankie Tabone now?

  39. Marian says:

    Oh no, what about Silvio Parnis! No minister for the south?

  40. Nighthawk says:

    Wait a minute, the Minister For Tourism has huge interests in the tourism industry. Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

  41. Mario Mercieca says:

    Their names speak enough without any comments

  42. Ghoxrin Punt says:

    From one Klikka to another.

    Karmenu Vella, George Vella, Varist Bartolo and Leo Brincat.

    Same ole, same old, lessons not learnt either I see.

    Jose Herrera, PS responsible for the Archives!

    Marlene Farrugia? Nothing? And to whoever says (as I have already heard it said) but they gave her partner a Ministry, excuse me? How much more insulting can one get, to think that she will be satisfied with what her partner got. So patronising and sexist.

    Interesting how the pro European members of the party have been put aside.

    Ian Borg, negotiating funding from the EU? Give me a break!

    Ministry for the Implementation of the Manifesto? Why does it sound like something out of Harry Potter?

    I thought that is the collective responsibility of all Ministers and the Prime Minister, not of one person?

    Why have 14 Ministers if they are not each responsible for the implementation of their promises?

    Interesting also how MEPA remained under Joseph. Is this because he wants to increase efficiency, or because he has to honour promises made?

  43. Nicky says:

    Having national regulatory bodies in the same ministries as the operators goes against the independence criterion in EU legislation. I’m smelling infringement procedures on their way.

  44. sunshine says:

    A few initial comments:

    – So is Transport Malta going to be disbanded again, since roads are under Mizzi, air travel is under Vella and maritime is under Cardona?

    – How is Leo Brincat’s portfolio of sustainable development going to work with the PM’s office re MEPA? And with MRA under Konrad Mizzi?

    – Who is Leader of the House?

    – Is Public Works (as an entity) being disbanded?

    – Wasn’t it the PL which criticised the PN for putting Justice and Home Affairs in one Ministry?

    – Malta Statistics Authority under Finance Ministry – what is this? The NSO? (National Statistics Office)?

    – Occupational Health and Safety under Health? Why? Should it not fall under Consumer Affairs possibly?

  45. Dave says:

    Besides the dinosaurs, the obviously planned a while ago (Konrad), those set-up for a fall (Louis Grech whose Ministry at least according to the announcement during the ceremony includes “it-twettieq tal-manifest”), the too young and incompetent, etc, it is worth taking note of what Muscat kept to himself:

    Information & Gov Press – between him and the dwarf, plenty of experience there. Expect press releases (or tweets) that sound like something from Maltastar. Also I wonder if he will find a new paper supplier.

    Internal Audit and Investigations – expect a witch hunt. The pity is that the %$€er died but then again they would not go that far back in their “digging”.

    Public Administration & Strategic Policy Coordination – these will be run by Mario Cutajar.

    In essence Muscat (a) passed the buck on pretty much everything barring PR and (b) will probably be the main bearer of pitchfork & torch to hunt out hofor and other things to use to justify his legislature of, at best, mediocrity.

  46. Toyger says:

    I’d like to know what expertise Helena Dalli has to share concerning the medicines authority.

  47. AE says:

    What a mess – where does one start? What the hell does Public Broadcasting have to do with Home Affairs? or Local Government with Culture?

    I guess it was too much to ask for there to be logic on the part of Labour.

    Interesting how Muscat has kept for himself anything to do with property.

    Sounds like this is an expensive Cabinet. Any idea how much is this going to cost us compared to Gonzi’s last Cabinet?

  48. Oscar Cassar says:

    Wara hafna interventi fuq One TV minn Dr Franco Debono dwar is-separazzjoni tal-Gustizja u l-Intern, kont nimmagina li dawn se jibqghu separati.

    Ma kontx qed nistenna l-Gustizja bhala ‘Seg. Parlamentari’.

    Rigward Dr Owen Bonnici kont narah aktar bhala responsabbli minn Zghazagh, Sport u Kultura aktar milli dwar il-Gustizzja filwaqt li Dr Herrea ma narahx assocjat daqstant ma Kultura u Gvern Lokali. Il-Kunsilli / Regjuni fadallhom fejn jizviluppaw u kont nipreferi li dwarhom kien jinhatar politiku li trawwem sew fijhom qabel kien elett fil-Parlament.

    Nahseb li dan huwa wiehed mill-akbar Kabinett ta’ Gvern fl-istorja politika ta’ Malta u ta’ min inkunu nafu l-ispiza li l-poplu se jkollu jhallas biex dawn joperaw ta’ kuljum partikolarment wara kritika qawwija li kienet issir fil-passat ricenti dwar l-ispejjes tal-Ministeri.

  49. Steve says:

    It’s telling that the two token women are responsible for consumer affairs (shopping) and family affairs (Labour knows a woman’s place).

    Feels like we just went back in time.

  50. edgar says:

    Dr. Chris Cardona, Minister of the Economy, Investments and small business. Interested to know whether pole-dancing bars and nightclubs fall under his responsibility.

    If in the affirmative, good move from Joseph as I understand that Chris has become quite an expert with his frequent visits.

  51. P Shaw says:

    I thought that Marlene Pullicino (excuse me Farrugia) was the speaker for energy.

  52. P Shaw says:

    I did not realize she was not elected.

  53. Gahan says:

    Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights: Mr Roderick Galdes

    Animal Rights? Animals don’t have rights.

  54. Terry Cini says:

    Who is responsible for Airmalta?

  55. bookworm says:

    Ajma hej, taht Manuel Mallia spiccajt.

  56. Rita Camilleri says:

    ,,,and so let the party begin..

  57. maryanne says:

    Herrera was on Super One this morning. He’s a good lawyer.

    He pointed out for all those who want to hear that he has been working and shadowing Justice for the past five years, holding weekly committees with all concerned.

    He continued by saying: “Issa qiieghed hawn u nahdem fuq xi haga ohra.”

  58. old-timer says:

    We are forgetting that the present government has a HUGE majority in Parliament and, with a smile, they can say, we do what we like and you just have to stick it.

    Regarding Herrera; although I am a PN, yet I think that he has been harshly treated. His mistake is that he accepted – very undignified.

  59. thehappyone says:

    With all the jobs now delegated. What is Joseph going to do?

    • La Redoute says:

      Swan around and pose for photographs.

    • Makjavel says:

      Go to the gym and stick KPI’s up on his office wall.
      KPI is for Key Performance Index , or better known in business jargon , screw the others before they screw you.

    • ciccio says:

      Walk up and down Republic Street with wife and children, acting like the Royal family.

      Did he get himself a convertible presidential cars to tour the country as yet?

  60. cikka says:

    I have often visited Dr Godrey Farrugia’s clinic in Zebbug. Whilst sitting in the waiting room, opposite the receptionist/nurse in charge, l cannot fail to notice people walking in, going straight to the receptionist, asking for a sick leave certificate, either for themselves or for someone else.

    The receptionist asks for the length of duration required for sick leave, person answers accordingly….et voila.

  61. nc says:

    U l-Ministru tas-sawt, miskin?

  62. Gahan says:

    Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto

    This IS weird , so what’s the responsibility of the prime minister?

    Would we be told that Joseph did not deliver because Louis was the GUY responsible for the Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto?

    If the minister for EU affairs is Louis Grech, what would George Vella be doing as foreign minister?

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