Perhaps it’s time for those thousands of text messages to be published now

Published: March 24, 2013 at 8:07am

The trouble when the moral and the decent are involved in a battle not of their own making with the amoral, immoral, indecent and just plain evil is that the latter always win because they stop at nothing while the former are restrained by their own basic decency and wish “not to descend to the same level”.

The former prime minister and several other key individuals have thousands of text messages which the man who is now Law Commissioner and ‘coordinator of the Constitutional Convention’ sent them at all hours of the day and night during his more highly disturbed cycles.

There were days when he would keep up a staccato barrage of SMSes with threats and abuse. But all those decent people, so busy being decent and too afraid that Debono would do his worst – he was going to do his worst anyway, so what was the point of holding back – never said anything about them in public and would never have dreamt of publishing them.

At one point the man who is now Law Commissioner sent a text message to somebody close to the then prime minister, demanding that Lawrence Gonzi be taken at once to an exorcist because he is possessed by the devil.

The facts on this matter had reached the press at one point but the story was pulled.

A Law Commissioner who believes in exorcists and Satanic possession? A Law Commissioner who sends a text message demanding that his prime minister be exorcised? A Law Commissioner who sends out thousands of abusive text messages?

Disturbed he might be, but in that strange way that some crazy people have, there is method in his madness. He has a good handle on personalities and good guage exactly how far he could go and what he could get away with. He sent streams of messages to those he knew would never release them, but never sent any to me because he knew they would be straight up on this website within seconds.

Instead he harassed me with mad, fixated telephone calls – the sort where your caller launches into a neurotic rant before even saying hello – but gave that up too when I began hitting the red button as soon as I saw his name, and then writing about it.

I suppose it is entirely fitting that this crazy country should now have a nutcase in charge of law reform. May the progressive, liberal and oh-so-clever individuals who swung this election be very, very proud of the change they brought about. Well done and congratulations. Your gullible stupidity is now historically enshrined.

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  1. Joe says:

    Will William Mangion soon be given a job in government?

  2. Mary Anne says:

    The following is from Franco Debono’s Blog:

    “Wiehed irid izomm quddiem ghajnejh illi b’maggoranza ta’ disa siggijiet fil-Parlament l-kunsens tal-Opposizzjoni Gonzi ftit li xejn hija mehtiega jew taghmel differenza.”

    Really sound reasoning indeed coming from Malta’s Commissioner of Law, who has been appointed in a very meritocratic way. A truly Malta taghna lkoll example!

    • Min Jaf says:

      Labour Party in government appointed North Korea’s Kim Il Sung and Libya’s Mumammar Gaddafi as Companions of the Order of Merit.

      That much should have been a clear indication to voters as to Joseph Muscat’s interpretation as to what constitutes merit.

      The only criterion is the extent that the individual has been useful to the Malta Labour Party.

    • Gahan says:

      Dalwaqt isiru seba’, minn disa’ Franco! Tant hu hekk li lil Justyne halliha b’xejn u Scicluna ceda s-siggu tal-hdax il-distrett biex jitla’ fuq il-hames. Miskin Debono Grech se jitla’ u jerga’ jinzel.

    • La Redoute says:

      Debono is not motivated by what is right and necessary. He’s motivated by what he believes to be right and necessary in his own regard. He’s now in an excellent position to wreak havoc and exact revenge.

    • Jozef says:

      Ghaddietlu l-kilba ghas-sovranita’ tal-parlament issa.

      Kien xeba’ jkarwat fuq ir-rappresentanza tal-poplu. Ara issa, dawk li vvutaw ghal-kandidati Nazzjonalisti ma jghoddux.

      Tista tahseb kemm se jirrispetta l-volonta’ taghhom.

  3. mc says:

    “Is-sewwa jirbah zgur”. Mhux hekk!

  4. Plotinus says:

    Was this done deliberately? Was it an oversight? Is this the start of how things are going to go on?

  5. maryanne says:

    Even his head inclines to the left.

  6. Ghoxrin Punt says:

    Muscat has already started breaking his electoral promises and parliament has not even been convened yet.

    I have as yet to see one government appointment based on merit. So much for the people choosing. I think Muscat use of ‘we the people’ was the royal We all along.

    What can I say, well done all you pseudo liberals. This is what your ‘it’s cool to vote labour’ has given us.

    Unsuitable appointments by an unsuitable government.

  7. Natalie says:

    Exactly, may those who voted for Labour because they thought that Franco and JPO were too much for the PM to handle, delight with their inclusion in the new Labour government.

  8. Adrian says:

    Franco’s appointment is an insult to our inteligence. Jeffrey has been accomodated already. Franco has been sorted out. In a few days it will be Jesmond’s turn, because otherwise he will sulk like he did when in 2008 he was not reappointed minister.

  9. Peter Frendo says:

    This guy is simply shocking.

    Problem in Malta is that people are way too simple.

    Yesterday I was standing inside a snack bar in Rabat buying some pastizzi and I looked around and felt like a tourist.

    I heard stuff they were talking about and I then understood how Labour won the elections.

    Malta is predominantly filled with such characters – I cannot understand how PN have won so many elections with such people forming part of society. We must have a few angels somewhere looking over us.

  10. diapason says:

    Dan ma kienx qal li se jemigra l-Italja? Kemm idurlu malajr! Il-hasra hi li se nibqghu nitwikkew bih.

  11. Edward says:

    Is it just me, or was this going to happen all along?

    I mean, it just seems to blatantly obvious that Debono was promised some special position by Muscat should Muscat get elected and all Debono had to do was cause a problem which had been engineered by Muscat too. I’m just saying, it’s all too convenient.

    • Cod says:

      I have reasons to believe that Franco Debono has been Labour’s Trojan horse in the PN camp all along. His closeness to Carol Peralta is a big clue to that.

  12. Nikki says:

    There are several people in Malta who have managed to get ahead despite being obvious crazies.

    You should look closely at the University of Malta administration and the particular Labourites that are running the show there. It’s like a psychopath’s paradise.

  13. Nikki says:

    What a massive disservice to their country whoever got such text messages has rendered by keeping quiet about them.

    This man needs help. He should be in a nice cosy padded cell. It’s amazing how crazy goes unnoticed in Malta.

    Even Natius Farrugia looks and sounds as daft as a brush and has trouble grasping concepts a 7 year old could manage.

  14. Matthew S says:

    I’m still shocked by the Debono news (even though I didn’t expect any better from Labour) but what is even more shocking is how many people think his appointment is perfectly normal and proves that Malta is really tagħna lkoll.

    In other news, the penny about the police commissioner, which Daphne has been predicting for so long, has dropped.

    Meritocracy my foot.

    Let’s hope that the press do their duty and keep the public properly informed about these shocking and disturbing goings on. In a normal, democratic country, people would be apoplectic about Labour’s appointments since being elected and the press would be having a field day.

  15. Gahan says:

    Ma ninsewx li Dr Franco Debono ghajjar lil Dr Lawrence Gonzi Hitler ta’ Malta.

  16. stef says:

    I am one of those voters from the fifth district who back in 2008 voted for Dr Debono, and when I read such articles I just feel speechless!

    The more I hear Joseph Muscat speaking of unity, the more I am getting scared of this man. I don’t know how to explain this but I have this gut feeling about him and I just hope that I am totally wrong.

    • Catsrbest says:

      No, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re not wrong at all about Your gut feeling about him is right.

  17. Paddling Duck says:

    It’s just occured to me after a Sunday afternoon beer or two: isn’t the budget to be passed now irrelevant? The government expenditures for 2013 are based on 6 ministries but now we have 14 and counting.

  18. nev says:

    You sold your party Franco. Will even sell your mother if you have to.

  19. judy says:

    I cannot accept the fact that this person has been given this position and idiots are still defending him (The Times/FB comments),

    Even during his interview with John Bundy apart from the ball-scratching, mobile attached to balls and evil smirking like a child who just got his way parts (which should be more than enough to get the picture), he makes no sense at all in his arguments.

    I have no degree or any other qualifications but, by god, I have eyes and ears and most importantly logic.

    Here is my only sanctuary for some sanity – your blog and other people’s comments make dealing with such idiocy on a daily basis a little easier. THANK YOU ALL.

  20. giraffa says:

    Payback day came early after the election. Muscat is giving those who made Dr.Gonzi’s life so stressful, good jobs in recognition of their services. Who next? I wonder what’s in line for Jesmond Mugliett – maybe a consultant with the Infrastructure Ministry?

  21. worried parent says:

    I think The Malta Independent should work to get the scoop on these SMSes. Well done for bringing up this subject. I always hated John Bundy’s Pajjiz tal-Mickey Mouse – but now I think it should replace our Innu Malti.

  22. Grace says:

    Mulej nhiena!

  23. Grace says:

    Sorry, “hniena”!

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