Amazing how so many people can’t see Muscat for what he is

Published: April 8, 2013 at 9:09pm
It's hard to work out who is the more malicious and spiteful of these two. Would you believe that this seriously unflattering picture of Joseph Muscat is Jason Micallef's Facebook cover pic?

It’s hard to work out who is the more malicious and spiteful of these two. Would you believe that this seriously unflattering picture of Joseph Muscat is Jason Micallef’s Facebook cover pic?

The hypocrisy of Joseph Muscat and his Labour Party is exposed in parliament tonight as they take the Budget which they voted against last December and now present it, intact, as their own.

As the leader of the Opposition pointed out in an excellent speech (he was in his element), they voted against it on 10 December but will vote for it now, meaning that they could have voted for it back in December too because nothing in it has changed.

But back in December, they said they would be voting against the budget, even though they agreed with it, because “the Opposition never votes for the Budget; it’s just not done”. They made it sound as though voting for the Budget would be some legal or procedural transgression and thousands of fools sucked up that excuse and repeated it as gospel truth.

The wailing into the wind, of lone voices like my own, explaining that it is perfectly legal and possible, and in some cases also desirable, for the Opposition to vote for the Budget, was lost. So many people are so clueless about parliamentary procedure, about politics in general, that they believe outright lies and don’t bother to find out the facts for themselves.

They believe lies because they want to believe them, because it’s convenient, because it fits in with what they want.

Now they are going to see the fact demonstrated that the Opposition can, and sometimes should, vote for the Budget, as this Opposition votes with the whip to approve it.

Those who voted for Muscat should now ask themselves some serious questions. What was all that for? Muscat knew that whether the government was brought down or not, we would have an election in the first few months of this year.

He might as well have voted for the Budget and the responsible choice would have been to do so. His party would still have won the general election, at roughly the same time of year, but the country would have been spared the economic price of being left without a Budget for the first part of the year.

Those who voted for Muscat have to face the fact that given a choice between serving the national interest and giving in to his own spiteful nature and need to perpetrate yet another act of great malice, he chose the latter.

He voted against the Budget to bring the government down, when an election was round the corner anyway, and now he has taken that same Budget as his own.

And yes, some people still can’t see him for what he is. It makes me wonder whether they should be allowed, for their own sake, to choose a spouse.

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  1. La Redoute says:

    Muscat has said that he thanks the Opposition for voting for the budget because this is a vote of confidence in the government – not ALSO a vote a confidence, but a vote of confidence period.

    The single advantage Muscat’s government has, which Gonzi’s government could never have had, is a responsible Opposition which does its duty as necessary. I don’t expect Muscat to understand that. He only speaks the language of political expediency.

    • ROCKY says:

      Kemm hu vojt. Mhux ovvja l-PN jivvutaw favur il-budget? Fassluh huma. Kemm haseb li huma irrisponsabli bhalu.

      Kellu bzonn kien risponsabli daqs kemm hu Dr Gonzi. JM bniedem sarkastiku u bla sustanza.

  2. AC says:

    I just can’t stand his sarcastic way of talking. Jaqq.

    • Alexander Ball says:

      I don’t understand a word of it but it sounds menacing.

      I imagine him in the grocers asking for potatoes in that voice.

      Cracks me up.

      Also imagine him asking for some nooky in that voice.

  3. Election Mode says:

    How shameful. I remember the Mintoff days when parliament was ridiculed and sessions were turned into a farce.

    Today we had Joey being the clown.

    But Lawrence Gonzi was brilliant this evening. If only he contested for party leader again. He is still the man to lead the PN. No one comes even close.

  4. TROY says:

    Jason presents Joseph with the latest copy of the Beano.

  5. Makjavel says:

    He behaves like the class bully, making mocking comments about his more civilized class mates.

    Not even during the company annual summer barbeque do we make fun of our peers.

    What goes round comes around , Malta zghira u in-nies maghrufa.

  6. Joseph Vassallo- Agius says:

    It is true that the Opposition usually votes against the Budget, but not in all cases! In Italy, Berlusconi went to the Opposition benches but still voted in favour of the Budget.

    You cannot vote against the Budget when you agree with it. You cannot present the same Budget you voted against, and now vote in favour.

    It is crazy.

    But JM says: Come on boys, come on girls, in this crazy crazy world.

    What a mess.

  7. Harry Purdie says:

    Yes, Daphne, wailing into the wind some of us did. However, the wind has a remarkable tendancy to change direction.

    With this little, scary weird person now in charge, I expect he will, soon, reap the whirlwind.

    I was fascinated with play, then the film, ‘Inherit the Wind’. I hope little Joey is aware of what he is about to reap.

  8. snowflake says:

    Holl xaghrek u gib iz-zejt! Imbaghad fl-introduzzjoni il-Ministru tal-Finanzi qal li dan hu il-budget li kellu jigi implimentat li kieku l-gvern precidenti mexa’ bil-ghaqal. WHAT DA HECK? L-istess partit li ivvota kontrih u issa sabu lest fuq platt.

    Pero l-iktar li ttini gewwa meta fil-kampanja elettorali kont tiltaqa’ ma’ dawk in-nies li jibbotjawlek: mela Gonzi qatt ghamel xi haga tajba?

    Ovvjament, ghax hekk kien jghidilhom il-Kbir.

    Nixtieq nara x’qed jghidu issa la darba l-Kbir ammetta li l-gvern precidenti ghamel xoghol tajjeb.

    Probabbli hekk kif jigu implimentati dawn il-mizuri godda tismaghhom jghidu: “Hiii Joseph ga beda jzid l-istupendji, ga naqqas it-taxxi… heh! Bhal dak il-broxk ta’ qablu… “.

    Kill. Me. Now.

  9. lino says:

    No, Dr. Gonzi should not seek the PN leadership. This country does not deserve him.

  10. Joseph Caruana says:

    He forgot that a few months ago we was the leader of the opposition. Meaning that no job for the leader of the opposition was created. What a faulty produce of the Maltese aħburist society, miskin.

  11. Manuel says:

    Amazing! He arrived 10 minutes late for Parliament this morning and the debate could not start because of this. What a bidwi. Keep them waiting, make a grand entrance as if the whole world depends on you.

    Kiesah u maledukat.

    He was late for King Juan Carlos’ visit, he was last for the State dinner in honour of Eddie Fenech Adami, he was late for his flight and kept passengers waiting and he was still then Leader of the Oppisition. Imagine as PM how much more he is going to abuse his position and keep all the others waiting.

    Hamallu, baxx u ordinarju.

    [Daphne – It’s actually done deliberately, and is not the result of disorganisation (I am always late because I live in time management chaos, for instance). It’s a way of intimidating others and keeping them in their place by making them wait for you. Mintoff used to do it all the time. It comes from the subconscious need to punish others in revenge for perceived rejection suffered in one’s early years, in social contexts.]

  12. Time out says:

    With all due respect Dr Gonzi mistake was when he ignored the intellegence of the people and from the little I see since Dr Muscat is only one month in government he is persuing the same attitude and it would be really interesting the see the great fall of Dr Muscat when the maltese nation will remove his mask. To all politicians stop playing the Virgin roles and listen to the people.

  13. Smeagol says:

    A lot was said about the ex-MEPA chairman’s salary.

    Well the new one will only be attending board meetings held once a week and still pocketing EUR 17,000 per annum.

  14. Josette says:

    Did you see the self-satisfaction on Joseph Muscat’s face when looking at his own photo? I have never seen him looking that way at Michelle.

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