Kill. Me. Now. (oh, and he’s become Angelo)

Published: April 22, 2013 at 1:57pm



Speech by the Hon Angelo Farrugia, Speaker of the House Of Representatives, during the Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments – Cyprus – Sunday 21st April 2013


I am torn between wanting to know what the speech and delivery were like, and the desire to pretend that it never happened because I can just imagine it. For those of you who can bear to picture Angelo reading out these complicated words and syntax bl-Ingliz, here’s a PDF of the speech in which he obviously had little or not input. Mur ara x’jifhem f’ “curious Pandora”. pr0739

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  1. monique says:

    “- pluralistic and independent media and the freedom of expression that need to be instilled and nurtured”

    I hope he really means that.

  2. Jozef says:

    He got a podium. Tal-chrome.

  3. Neil Dent says:

    A la ‘Edward’.

    Imitation – the sincerest form of flattery…….

  4. myname says:

    And since when is the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Malta “elected”?

    • Min Jaf says:

      The Speaker is nominated by the Prime Minister, but is then subject to election by Members of the House. So, yes, the Speaker IS elected.

  5. La Redoute says:

    Is there a recording of this speech? I want to hear him say “Internecine conflicts and civil strife” and “The task
    confronting any interested observer is indeed daunting”.

  6. Ghoxrin Punt says:

    And what about “mitochondrial Eve”?

  7. Observer says:

    There is no way that Angelo Farrugia could have written that, or even understood it.

  8. Augustus says:

    Anglu bellu
    saqajh tal-firdiferru
    s*rmu tar-rix
    meta jkakki ma jbatix.

  9. Joe says:

    How can a person who achieved becoming a police superintendent, lawyer, deputy leader of a political party & speaker of the house, can be possibly ‘ semi illiterate’, as seems to be suggested by many. It’s just that two don’t go hand in hand, unless I am missing something….

    [Daphne – Isn’t ‘Angelo’ Farrugia just the same? Why are you surprised?]

    • Stephen Borg Fiteni says:

      I know, it’s a shame isn’t it? Under normal circumstances this couldn’t happen, but we’re dealing with the Labour Party here, and the Maltese mentality of indifference to these things.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        We’re dealing with MALTA. This is a Maltese problem, not a Labour one.

        Was it Labour that let him into university? Was it Labour that allowed him to graduate? Was it Labour that made it Summa Cum Laude? Was it Labour that pretends it’s dealing with a fully literate professional who was born in 1987?

        It was Malta, because recognising him for the subliterate fool that he is would be an attakk fahxi, wouldn’t it?

        We’re a vile nation of backstabbers and poison dwarfs, but boy can we put on a facade. Potemkin village? Potemkin nation, more like.

  10. taxxu says:

    “Ha nurik il-graff.”

  11. brimba says:

    It is no secret how people manage to become lawyers. As a certain Emmy Bezzina would say, “crieki go crieki, go crieki”.

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