My, my, my – what a nice and cosy Evil Clique and Oligarchy

Published: April 5, 2013 at 2:06am
Robert Musumeci and Consuelo Herrera

Robert Musumeci and Consuelo Herrera

Consuelo Herrera and Jose Herrera

Consuelo Herrera and Jose Herrera

Sisters Miriam and Veronique Dalli at Consuelo Herrera's birthday party

Sisters Miriam and Veronique Dalli at Consuelo Herrera’s birthday party

Michael Farrugia, part of Consuelo Herrera's and Robert Musumeci's group of friends

Michael Farrugia, part of Consuelo Herrera’s and Robert Musumeci’s group of friends

So Robert Musumeci, who for the last five years has lived with Consuelo Herrera, has been appointed part-time consultant and personal adviser to her friend Michael Farrugia, Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and the MEPA.

Meanwhile, Consuelo’s brother Jose is parliamentary secretary responsible for major restoration projects which are a big part of the MEPA’s planning requirement, and Veronique Dalli, Jose Herrera’s law firm partner and the woman now running his office (unless he continues to practise in breach of the code of ethics) is a director on the MEPA board.

Journalists asked how much Musumeci will be paid – or whether he will be doing ‘voluntary work’ like Marlene. They were told that Musumeci and the government are still in negotiations on that.

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  1. edgar says:

    According to some of my Periti friends, Robert Musumeci was very efficient and managed to get permits from Mepa much quicker than they could. It was known that he could open up certain doors with ease.

    Now these doors do not need to be opened. He is IN.

  2. lorna saliba says:

    Michael Farrugia is a medical doctor by profession: What would a GP know about planning and MEPA? So technically its going to be Musumeci running Mepa while this stooge, an excuse for a parliamentary secretary, looks on.

  3. old-timer says:

    Is comment necessary? – ask Emmy Bezzina “Crieki, go crieki, go crieki”

    • Carlos Bonavia says:

      Emmy Bezzina only believes that “Crieki, go crieki, go crieki” was only a Nationalist thing. It has suddenly disappeared with the election of a PL government,

  4. Jericho says:

    Il-klikka l-gdida tal-hamalli.

  5. Zunzana says:

    Musumeci has been appointed consultant to Dr. Farrugia. The latter is the Parliamantary Secretary for Planning and MEPA. Hence Musumeci is also a consultant to MEPA. Since things equal to the same thing are equal to one another, I cannot imagine if this is not blatant conflict of interest, what is!

  6. marks says:

    Don’t forget Jeffrey – he is a bosom buddy of Michael Farrugia.

  7. La Redoute says:

    That’s Eman Pulis behind Michael Farrugia, isn’t it?

  8. cesca says:

    They seem to have two things in common: 1. pro Labour 2. damn ugly.

  9. Maltyser says:

    Michael Farrugia did not stand a chance with those other Farrugias vying for top post at the Health ministry.

  10. kram says:

    U kemm se jlahhaq ma affarijiet:
    Ufficju tal-perit
    Kors full time ta avukat
    Konsulent ghal Michael Farrugia

  11. NA says:

    Robert Musumeci was already extraordinarily powerful in MEPA. Just imagine now. Flats in the middle of Buskett perhaps?

  12. Lomax says:

    “They were told that Musumeci and the government are still in negotiations on that.”

    Which nincompoop would accept a position without first concluding negotiations on remuneration and which sensible government (I see a flaw in this argument since the government is clearly not sensible) would appoint somebody without first determining how much they will cost? Come off it.

    I would bet my last cent that the “government ” and RM have reached an agreement on his remuneration well before the election.

  13. AE says:

    How can he be appointed if they still haven’t agreed his remuneration? Does that mean he can ask his price and will get it?

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