It’s hair again

Published: May 30, 2013 at 11:20pm

Here’s a recent picture of the prime minister, looking decidedly bare up top.

Malta doesn't need Joseph Muscat

And here’s the prime minister photographed this morning, looking as though he has spent the last month with his head in a bucket of MiracleGro plant food.

It’s not the most brilliant picture, though it was released by Officialdom through the Department of Information.

The deputy prime minister looks as though he is about to collapse with exhaustion, and the Minister of Justice, the Police, the Army and Broadcasting looks like one of our old refectory nuns caught without her veil after having swallowed a whole lemon. Most unfortunate.


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  1. CIS says:

    Spray-on hair or maybe that is why he has been away for some time, having implants.

  2. H. Prynne says:

    What’s with this fixation on his hairline? Doesn’t he have bigger problems to worry about? Petty minds and petty cares comes to mind.

    • Calculator says:

      It’s all about image; honesty and the bigger problems never really featured in any of his actions and/or words. He even puts his own family, for goodness’s sake, to such use.

  3. Catherine says:

    Helluva double chin for someone on the sort of diet and exercise regime he is on, or thinks we are stupid enough to believe he is on. Next time he disappears I bet it’s for a spot of liposuction.

  4. Joseph Caruana says:

    Manwel seems to be looking at Joe’s hair thinking, “ara dan kif?”

  5. Josette says:

    So we can expect the great leader to disappear periodically and reappear with miraculous new hair.

    The masses will then seek to touch the miraculous one so that their hair too can regrow.

    For the majority of Maltese men suffering from male pattern baldness, this will mean saving money on hair transplants, for the women, saving a fortune on extensions.

  6. Aunt Hetty says:

    What is that squirrel doing on the PM’s head?

  7. anthony says:

    The PM looks like an imbecile as usual plus or minus hair.

    The justice minister looks like a grotesque mask, which he actually is.

    On the other hand the deputy pm looks awful.

    He looks either very ill or very worried.

    For his sake I hope it is not the former and for our sake I hope it is not the latter.

    Only time will tell.

  8. gil says:

    You have got a midnight giggle out of me with the last description.

  9. ciccio says:

    The day after the EU opened excessive deficit procedures against Malta, here comes Joseph with his red hair-ring.

  10. Harry Purdie says:

    The silly little shit should realize that you can’t grow back hair, just as you can’t grow back lack of brain cells.

    • ciccio says:

      Ah, but hair can be transferred from one location to another – just like public sector employees who sympathise with the opposition party.

  11. ken il malti says:

    He should go the full il Duce and shave his pumpkin totally bald.

  12. Wot the Hack says:

    Kemm hu sabih, qisu Gowldiloks.

  13. Makjavel says:

    Berlusconi-style mentality. Next thing is Bunga Bunga. But will it be with girls?

  14. Bon Ton says:

    Absolutely spot on, Daphne – Soeur Emanuela Mallia, soru tal-kcina, bitter, twisted and sour-faced, looking on disapprovingly at proceedings.

  15. canon says:

    Joseph Muscat must have had a hair-raising experience.

  16. Rita Camilleri says:

    I just love the look on Mallia’s face..

  17. etil says:

    These eejits never have a pleasant and composed facial expression. Ma, xi dwejjaq ta’ nies.

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