So, do we have a business venture going on here, with the venue-rental effect?

Published: May 30, 2013 at 9:34am

fashionable soiree for the high society

The prime minister has leased his family car to the state, for Eur7,000 a year, for use as his official limo. So in these circumstances, the press and Opposition MPs should be permanently on the alert to other money-making opportunities which might be less obvious.

For example, ‘Mrs Michelle Muscat’ has quite obviously taken control of access to the Auberge de Castille and Girgenti Palace for the purpose of ‘fund-raising events’ like fashion shows.

There has been at least one already at the Auberge de Castille and there is to be another one at Girgenti Palace. I did not see the invitation to the one at the Auberge de Castille, but the invitation to the Girgenti Palace fashion show makes it clear that the palace is being treated and looked at as a ‘venue’, like – for example – Palazzo Parisio, which has a proper commercial role and purpose.

But it is not a ‘venue’.

These events are fund-raisers, but they are organised by a commercial company to raise money for charity, and not by a charity itself. Is the commercial company doing all this pro bono? And what are its connections with the woman styled as ‘Mrs Michelle Muscat’?

If the commercial company organising the events is making money from them, then what we have here is a business venture using access to significant buildings like the Prime Minister’s Office, the Prime Minister’s official summer residence and the Prime Minister’s official ‘country house’ (now no longer in the country), Villa Francia, obtained in turn through access to ‘Mrs Michelle Muscat’, who then stars as the ‘patron’.

The trouble is that it is practically impossible to discover whether ‘Mrs Michelle Muscat’ obtains more than the raising of her profile through allowing her fashion-promoter friends to use the state halls and palaces which are officially designated as the prime minister’s.

It is probably also impossible to find out whether those fashion-promoter friends are using those significant buildings in the same way they would use commercial venues – to make money, as a business, while giving a proportion of the profits to charity.

But salient questions should still be asked, by the press and by parliamentarians.

This is the thin end of the wedge. It is only a matter of time before there are face cream demonstrations by Phyllis Muscat’s company at Villa Francia, or those ‘botox parties’ which are used to push the stuff, at Girgenti Palace. And while we’re at it, why not promote some wine on the ‘lonn’ there as well? All for charity, of course. It goes without saying.

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  1. La Redoute says:

    The answer to the obvious question will no doubt be “Mrs Muscat has not received payment for her services, nor for the use of Girgenti Palace or the Auberge de Castille”, which is neither here nor there.

  2. canon says:

    Kollox sar taghhom.

  3. Athina says:

    The high society’ indeed, and pray, on what criteria is one deemed to be part of this high society, as decided by MYN fashion promoters and Mrs Michelle Muscat?

    • anthony says:

      Whatever the criteria, it is my privilege and honour that I do not qualify.

      Neither does my wife, bless her.

  4. Jozef says:

    I suppose Kevin Drake would know.

  5. bob-a-job says:

    Independent Sunday, 30 September 2012.

    MYN Media Entertainment recently paid a formal visit to First Lady Mrs Margaret Abela to present her with a donation of €1,213.18 collected during a Charity Fashion Tea Party.

    The event took place at San Anton Gardens on 15 June, 2012. Attendance was by invitation only.

    For di rekord. Marisa Grima, Yvonne Desira Buttigieg and Noelene Miggiani, represent and own MYN Media Entertainment.

  6. Maria Xriha says:

    The need to specify only matches the yearn to belong.

  7. Neil says:

    Hmm, is it just me or do the sentences “soiree for the high society,” and “participation in our raffle for many beautiful gifts,” not belong together on the same invitation?

  8. edgar says:

    Yes of course all this charity money will go to charity same as the money given to the President George Abela. Would not give them a f*cking cent.

  9. rpacebonello says:

    Who are MYN entertainment and who do they consider to be high society?

  10. helen says:

    U xi haga minn ta Natius, miskin, hallejtu barra.

  11. helen says:

    Qalbu tajba Natius, u taf kemm jaghti ghall-karita!

  12. Leli says:

    How about Marion Mizzi slimming and beauty treatments!

  13. Tom Double Thumb says:

    Why is anyone surprised that the MLP and Tony Zarb do not see what is wrong with having a flea-market next to an Architectural masterpiece by Piano?

    Or that the Eternal Flame is to be be lit only on a part-time basis?

    A list of the Labour Party’s respect for culture, heritage and history in the golden years of Mintoff and KMB would include the following.

    1. The threat to bulldoze the war graves (for which he got a rollicking from Mrs Thatcher) which he considered as depriving Malta of land that could be “developed”.

    2. What was known as Hubbard’s Flats (now looking like a slum area) which replaced part of the Cottonera Line.

    3. St Saviour’s Bastion, also in the Cottonera Line, given over to a family member to turn it into a Pre-Stressed Concrete Factory.

    4. Many of the historic gates in the Cottonera line turned into pig-farms or chicken farms.

    5. Parts of the historic bastions pulled down for more ”utilitarian” use.

    6. The statue of Manuel Dimech in front of Auberge de Castille, one of the finest architectural creations of Girolamo Cassar.

    7. The Freedom Day monument that disfigures the noble façade of St Lawrence Church in Birgu.

    8. A nightclub and swimming-pool at Fort St Angelo.

    9. St Michael’s Training College for Teachers sold to Gaddafi.

    10.The Main Guard turned into a Libyan Cultural Centre.

    11. The filing down of VR (Queen Victoria), GVR (King George V) on red postboxes.

    12. The destruction of works of art at the Curia. (to say nothing of the desecration in the same place).

  14. Joe Fenech says:

    7000 E is more expensive than a lease in the UK!

  15. A. Cremona says:

    The graphic design of this invitation hurts. The dark thick lines bordering the artwork are utterly incongruous, synonymous more with a car mechanic’s shop. All the gold text is ostentatious, further undermining the artwork.

    High society, my left buttock!

  16. janni says:

    one conclusion the Labour Party is evil.

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