Apparently, the Law Commissioner has taken to hiring out beach beds at Ghajn Tuffieha

Published: June 17, 2013 at 9:45pm

This is a photograph of Franco Debono working really hard on law reform at 4.30 this afternoon. It was sent to me by one of my international worldwide network of spies.

You can see him right there, hard at it on his amazing phone, obeying the Department of Health warnings and staying out of the sun.

Or maybe he just has a doppelganger (please, God, no) who rents out beach-beds for a summer living.

Franco Debono at Golden Sands, Monday  17 June 2013

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  1. patriot says:

    Malta’s Baywatch star.

    • ciccio says:

      Hu Go Fik Lifeguard Services, for those instances when one might need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

      • ciccio says:

        correction: one might NEED…

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        The absolute classic work in the history of sartorialism is a book called “Dressing the Man”. We have before us a quasi-naked Franco. But where does one start? I mean how do you hide that?

      • Harry Purdie says:

        Is he dressed left or right, Baxxter? Can’t bear (bare) to look. Can’t see his pony. though. Will resist my next comment, since Daphne will wipe me out. Probably will anyway.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        I don’t know, but there is a pull-cord to activate the thing.

  2. Giovanni says:

    Ara kif spicca Franco. Mhux ahjar deputat bahbuh.

  3. helen says:

    Is that a tattoo on his right thigh? Xi serduq?

  4. Makjavel says:

    Jew xtara il-bajja kollha, jew ibezza lin-nies.

  5. Joe Farrugia says:

    Moby Dick and Franco C**k

  6. ciccio says:

    Morna l-bahar. Literally.

  7. Catherine says:

    I’m half expecting a David Attenborough voiceover

  8. canon says:

    Is that beach listed for the nudists?

  9. P Camilleri says:

    Nixfa, qaghad, u morna l-bahar.

  10. Grezz says:

    Mummy must have warned him to stay out of the sun, now that it’s too warm for a vest.

  11. botom says:

    You are all jealous because “he has the looks”. and that it is actually his quote not mine. Humility is definitely not one of Franco’s virtues.

  12. Chris Portelli says:

    I bet he’s texting Brad Pitt’s wife.

    [Daphne – Austin Gatt’s wife, you mean.]

  13. MxC says:

    A bit far to fully i.d. him.

    [Daphne – You can download the picture, save it to your computer and use your photo magnifier to get a proper look. And you can also use it as a screen-saver.]

  14. TinaB says:

    Tghidlix li spicca jiehu t-turisti bid-dghajsa, Kemmuna.

  15. aidan says:

    He is doing ‘Come to Malta Plenty of Sun and Wumin’ Part II, instead of Chalie – ghax you know issa ghandu s-sahha. Unfortunately the cameraman is late.

  16. Printer says:

    Nahseb li beda jghodd ir-ramel halli jkun jista’ jnizzel l-ammont fuq ir-rapport.

  17. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Oh look, he’s brought along his inflatable dolls.

  18. Paddling Duck says:

    A nice day out with his only friend, his smartphone.

  19. observer says:

    Dak is-‘sun bed’ fuq in-naha tal-lemin qieghda hemm ghal min irid joqghod fuq siggu wahdu il-boghod mill-ohrajn?

    Mhux hekk kien kwazi fil-parlament?

  20. Alexander Ball says:

    Is it him? I guess Law Commissioners can do what they want while the rest of the civil service is on summer hours.

    I might rent one and have my photo taken with him. I easily pass for a tourist.

  21. E says:

    That’s Golden Bay.

    [Daphne – No, it’s not. It’s Ghajn Tuffieha. That’s the real name of the bay and the only one I knew everyone to use when we were children and used to go there. Golden Sands, it should occur to you (it is English, after all), is a very recent ‘nickname’ and comes from the name of the original Golden Sands Hotel which was built there in the 1960s. The smaller bay down the steps, which people now know as ‘Ghajn Tuffieha’, wasn’t known as anything in particular by Maltese people, because it was British military territory and used by the British army (there were barracks nearby; the buildings are still there). When the British relinquished it, and Maltese people started going there to swim, they tended to be people known by The Other Malta as tal-pepe, who called that beach ‘Riviera’ – again after the old abandoned hotel that stands collapsing on the edge. As Ghajn Tuffieha proper (the large bay) came increasingly to be known as Golden Sands, the name ‘Ghajn Tuffieha’ shifted to the smaller bay.]

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Royal Navy, not British army, if we wish to split hairs. It was the home of 41 Commando Royal Marines. Hence the Commando Restaurant in Mellieha.

      Times gone by, when we had someone to set standards. Now it’s all gone to ratshit.

  22. rowena smith says:

    The owner of the kiosk is a vey close friend of Franco’s.

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