Pistols at dawn

Published: June 4, 2013 at 9:42am


Kemm huma sbieh l-irgiel Maltin, hux? Ghandhom certu stil li jgennek.

Kemm huma sbieh l-irgiel Maltin, hux? Ghandhom certu stil li jgennek.

No handbags for these two – members of my international worldwide network of spies tell me that some weeks ago the sound and fury of a major row boomed out of Mario Cutajar office at the Auberge de Castille, Cutajar being the long-time GWU man who Muscat teleported in on March 11 to replace the head of the civil service and secretary to cabinet.

The conflagration appeared to be between Cutajar and deputy Labour leader Toni Abela, both of whom are known for their excitable personalities.

My spies are now wondering whether the security door, intercom, camera and electric entry-system (see previous post) are a way of avoiding similar occurences.

To (mis)quote Franco Debono: “Qieghed fl-akwarju, Mario? Iss hej, mar jinghalaq go l-akwarju. Hekk sewwa mela, fl-akwarju, biex hadd ma jista’ ikellmu.”

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  1. Min Jaf says:

    Both look like clones. Or should that be clowns?

  2. canon says:

    It seems that Mario Cutajar is finding ways and means to protect himself from Toni Abela.

  3. Macduff says:

    More interesting still… what was the row about?

  4. Paddling Duck says:

    A good PQ’s question would be how much all this stuff is costing the taxpayer….

  5. Jozef says:

    Direct order booklets running out, fast.

  6. ken il malti says:

    They can easily be chummy again over some refreshing coke.

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