Here are tonight’s Labour Party propaganda machine headlines

Published: July 9, 2013 at 7:21pm

The headline news on Super One television tonight:

1. cabinet meeting takes place at Marsaxlokk
2. land reclamation
3. migrants push-back

A parallel universe…

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  1. Liberal says:

    In reverse order.

  2. ciccio says:

    Nice headlines.

    If the Labour party government cannot hide the John Dalli debacle with the push back of the immigrants, it will try do so under land reclamation – that should bury it at sea once and for all.

  3. rjc says:

    Pretty soon they will turn the PMs U-turn into a victory… say by the 11pm news.

  4. Liberal says:

    “Referring to the NGOs who filed the injunction with the ECHR, Dr Muscat said that anyone trying to stop the government’s position will also have to bear the cost”.

    How more Fascist can one get?

  5. Dumbo says:

    No not parallelism…..just Goebbels reincarnate

  6. Parir Legali says:

    So if our Prime Minister is ready to break the law to protect the national interest am I allowed to break the law to protect my personal interest?

    • Tabatha White says:

      The knowledge that the perpetrator finds sanctuary, repeatedly, and the victim none, repeatedly, will tip into a playing field where the rules, perforce, are different.

  7. curious says:

    Sometimes we don’t stop and reflect adequately on what is going on.

    Is it my impression only that this whole ‘crisis’ has been blown up by the administration itself? I don’t have statistics but there surely have been times when a greater number of imigrants arrived on our shores.

    It is the following that got me thinking.

    “Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia said the situation was a very serious one. The number of criminal organisations preparing to traffic people across the Mediterranean from Libya had risen sharply. Just yesterday the following boats were monitored: a boat with 166 people on board, another with 60 , another with 50, another with 114, another with 43, another with 303 and another with 94, all of which missed Malta.”

  8. Mallia's fridge says:

    If the Minister for the Far Right and the Prime Minister reduced their food intake to a normal level, we would have enough food resources to feed 20 immigrants.

  9. M. Cassar says:

    Dr Mallia is calling arrogance courage AND he did hear the Opposition say amongst themselves in parliament that they were not successful on this issue. Does anyone think that we can light a candle big enough?

    Speaking of candles the Pope and Bishops must be really pleased with themselves for the photo op they so generously gave this racist recently.

  10. markus says:

    Strong with the weak and weak with the strong.

    Is John Dalli that strong to being kept in Malta’s way. Another Berlusconi.

  11. M... says:

    I guess it shifts the attention from John Dalli onto a more contentious one.

  12. Riya says:

    F’mitt gurnata ghamilna minn kollox biex naqalghu l’inkwiet mal-Ewropa.

    Kelna xorti sirna membri u fi ftit xhur se nirrovinaw kollox.

    Kemm hu kapaci jbezza u jallarma n-nies Manuel Mallia.

    Kellu bzon ikun kapaci jbezzgha l-kriminali bi’istess moghd.

    Imisna nibaghtu lil Silvio Scerri tan-Naxos fuq il-Patrol Boat biex kif jarawh il-klandestini jibqghu sejrin.

  13. Basla says:

    Mallia should check how many illegal immigrants are in Malta, but not in Hal far centre. Let’s start, are the russians living in Malta have the visas? The Chinese that come to study English and than from Malta go to other places, but we are against the one coming from Libya because they are black.
    The eu in 2012 gave Malta €18m in assistance for these refugees. So people should know that we are getting help from the eu, everybody saying its from our taxes.

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