Racism reported to the police for action

Published: July 12, 2013 at 4:18pm
How proud they must be to be championed by racists

How proud they must be to be championed by racists

In Times of Malta today:

Police probe ‘racist’ videos

The Police Commissioner has been asked to investigate two potentially racist YouTube videos and an advert on the Maltese auction site Maltapark selling “fresh immigrants”.

In a letter to Police Commissioner Peter Paul Zammit, lawyer Andrew Borg Cardona drew attention to two videos on YouTube which, he said, constituted a breach of Maltese criminal laws.

He asked him to investigate and, if need be, institute legal proceedings against the people involved.

The first video shows an argument on an Arriva bus between a Maltese woman and an African woman who is repeatedly called “rubbish”.

During this war of words, the Maltese woman hurls insults at the African, saying she herself was rubbish, as a Maltese national, for having accepted people like her into the country.

Appealing to the bus driver to order her off the bus, the local woman told the other that she would not be in Malta for much longer “because we’re going to kick you out”.

At one point she also told her to shut up because she would “skin her alive”.

The migrant, who is not shown in the footage, responded by using all the Maltese foul language she knew.

The other video is a song penned and sung by satirical singer Joe Demicoli named Diska Illegali (illegal song), uploaded in December 2009 but starting to make the rounds in recent days.

The song is about migrants who arrive in Malta on a boat, packed like sardines, but who are now living the life, “wearing leather jackets and branded jeans”.

The Government is giving them allowances while the Maltese people works and pay their loans, the song goes.

The third item complained about was a Maltapark advert – which has since been removed – selling “fresh immigrants” for €1.32. The item was accompanied by a photo of a boatload of irregular migrants.

It said they were reasonably priced, enough to cover the costs of diesel before they being “thrown back into the sea”.

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  1. johnUSA says:

    They think that I’m you.


    [Daphne – I see that Joe Anastasi has hit a fresh low, mixing on Facebook with racist scum. But then perhaps that has always been his preferred metier.]

    • Mandy Mallia says:

      I had previously thought of Joe Anastasi as a decent, nice, polite human-being, who probably wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s funny how the Internet exposes facets we never really knew about people. Who would have thought him a racist? Or a Laburist?

    • Victor says:

      Gosh, these people are so full of hate, it’s scary knowing that they think they have the upper hand.

    • Michael says:

      You should’ve continued scrolling down then Daph, Joe Laqghi Meli is now feeling superior by calling you an “it.”

      Useless waste of space these kind of people are.

      [Daphne – He’s absolutely not all there. I happen to know him in real life.]

    • charon says:

      Why doesn’t Joe Anastasi stick to what he knows best, and recycle for the umpteenth time his beloved Mini Cooper S?

  2. Rumplestiltskin says:

    Probably the first complaint will be dismissed on the grounds of ‘provocation,’ while the other will be dismissed as mere ‘sense of humour.’

    Anywhere else throughout the civilised world these people would long have been brought up in front of the courts without the need for prompting by anyone.

    The situation developing here is beyond pathetic, it’s downright scary. Those in power have a lot to answer for.

    • Victor says:

      Oh, so now we’re also against Italians. Well, as long as we give vent to our hatred I suppose

      I must say, we are heading in the right direction to destroy the tourism industry too.

  3. johnUSA says:

    Please help share this page


    It is about time that someone in Malta sends out a clear message.

    With the Paula Deen situation going on in the US, I am sure that all Americans are now aware that using the N words is inappropriate. And Malta should be no different.

  4. edgar says:

    Joe Anastasi agreeing with the scum of a person Jo Meli? Joe, you could not go down further.

  5. Antoine Vella says:

    The police told me yesterday that insults do not count as hate speech or racism. Unless there is an explicit exhortation to hate or cause harm, they cannot prosecute.

    Not sure if this is true; maybe some lawyer could explain.

  6. ciccio says:

    Well done, Dr. Borg Cardona.

  7. Socrates says:

    PLEASE note that I had anticipated Dr Borg Cardona on the same issue in one of my former posts in this blog. Dr Borg Cardona’s action confirms the true moral character of a ‘gentlom.’

  8. Fran says:

    Re’ John USA, what about Jo Meli? Another extremist.

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