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Published: July 9, 2013 at 6:14pm

This is the press release issued by the European Court of Human Rights in February last year: ‘Returning migrants to Libya without examining their case exposed them to a risk of ill-treatment and amounted to a collective expulsion’.

It contains all the facts you need to be informed about the matter.

Grand Chamber Judgment Hirsi Jamaa and Others v. Italy 23.02.12

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  1. curious says:

    U l-Prim Ministru Muscat kuntent:

    “People thought we were bluffing. The test happened earlier this morning when a new boat came in. We examined the options we had before us… today there was no mention of illegal immigration on the Council of Ministers’ agenda. The Commission then said it was ready to discuss offering Malta more assistance as new came in that we were considering all options. I’d say that this was a concrete example that our position has reaped the necessary results,” Muscat told MPs.”

    • Michael A. Vella says:

      Joseph Muscat, there is no justification or honour in seeking to obtain concessions by holding people hostage, more so when those same people are held in detention, are being deprived of their basic rights, are vulnerable, and totally defenceless.

      Such actions are unjust and cowardly; far from furthering the national interest, the stand taken shall remain a permanent blot on Malta’s reputation.

  2. Vagabond King says:

    And Judge Bonello remains silent. So much for human rights.

  3. FP says:

    The Catering Minister has just declared in parliament that his government will never go against any ruling by the ECHR if this were true. He was briefly interrupted by Muscat informing him that “it’s just come in”.

    Well done to the NGOs and all those involved in presenting the request to block the imminent deportation by this government.

  4. Manuel says:

    In my opinion it should have been the PN who should have asked the ECHR to block the deportation.

  5. A comment from my 11-year-old daughter says:

    This is extremely shameful. No one should be treated in such a horrible and disgraceful way. I am personally ashamed that people (mainly Maltese) would be so horrid to people of different races. How would anyone in the world like it traveling for four whole days in a tiny boat without food and water then finally arrive hoping to have a better life and then be sent away because they are of a different race. I am a big fan of Nelson Mandela who spent up to thirty years or more fighting for black people’s rights hoping to show the people of other races that because some people have different coloured skin doesn’t mean they are any different. Everyone in the world is equal, even though it may not seem that way in some people’s minds. They have every right to stay here and be treated the same way we are. So don’t act like what happened between Adolf Hitler and the Jews.

    • Observer says:

      Hats off to an eleven year old. This is no different to Hitler and the Jews. They may not all have the right to stay here but theu definitely have the right to be treated humanely and offered protection from persecution. It is shameful that Air Malta whould carry these people and outs any AirMalta traveller from henceforth in danger too.

  6. Emanuel Borg says:

    Joseph Muscat is a Mintoff clone.

    As I predicted, Malta is in the news for all the wrong reasons just as it did in the golden years.

    He put himself in this situation because in his quest for power, he criticised the previous government about immigrants and made promises which he cannot now deliver. But it won him votes so up to a point he achieved something.

    Now he ends up with egg on his face because of the ruling by ECHR, which he should have expected. It should not have taken ECHR to point out the illegality of his inhuman and stupid idea. What a giant dickhead this man is.

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