The press should stop asking John Dalli whether he did X or Y, and ask his daughter Claire Gauci Borda instead. She is his business alter ego.

Published: July 1, 2013 at 3:34pm

Claire Gauci Borda

John Dalli’s entire business interests, including a shareholding in Alfred Mifsud’s (Labour Party) companies, are held by his daughter Claire Gauci Borda.

When he says ‘I never did this’ and ‘I never did that’ and ‘I never transferred money’, he’s probably not lying, technically.

What the press should be asking him – or more to the point, asking her directly – is whether his daughter Claire did. No need to ask whether she did it on his behalf. The question is irrelevant. A woman that age, who never did anything much in her life except work for her father, doesn’t accumulate her own business interests extensively in Libya and Malta, nor does she rent a villa in the Bahamas for the summer, just for fun.

At some point, Dalli transferred all his business interests, including the firm John Dalli & Associates, to his daughters. They are registered to his office and home addresses at Portomaso.

Anybody who goes to Facebook to look for Claire Gauci Borda should be aware that there are two. This is Claire nee Dalli. The one with blondish hair is somebody else.

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  1. Toyger says:

    Is the background picture one of the Bahamian beaches she visited whilst there?

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