This morning, the government launched an anti-obesity campaign

Published: July 18, 2013 at 1:36pm

And of course, the headlines offer too many temptations. Who’s going to front this campaign, launched by John Dalli’s servant Godfrey Farrugia this morning – Helena Dalli, Deborah Schembri, Manuel Mallia, Glenn Bedingfield, Claudette Baldacchino, the prime minister himself, who’s rapidly getting there despite lifting weights between 9am and 10am every day?

obesity campaign

Glen Bedingfield, righthand man to the foreign minister

Glen Bedingfield, righthand man to the foreign minister

Claudette Abela Baldacchino (right) - the other one is Kurt Farrugia, which gives you some idea of her height to weight ratio

Claudette Abela Baldacchino (right) – the other one is Kurt Farrugia, which gives you some idea of her height to weight ratio

Army minister Manuel Mallia, a fine figure of a man

Army minister Manuel Mallia, a fine figure of a man

Deborah Schembri

Deborah Schembri

Helena Dalli

Helena Dalli


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  1. Calculator says:

    Who knows, we might get a lean government after all.

  2. Roberto says:

    Malta is the laziest country in the world, and the government is the best advertisement of that.

  3. CIS says:

    “Maltese food portions are getting larger” we are told. Then we were not starving till March 8th were we? What about those on the poverty line – are their portions larger as well?

  4. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Yet another “launch”?

    I see Joseph Muscat has followed in Gonzi’s steps. Iniedu this and inizjattiva that.

    What else was “Imxi u caqlaq” (or whatever it was called) if not an anti-obesity campaign?

    Perhaps this one will be an in extremis campaign, offering liposuction, to be called “Iffanga u erda'”.

  5. A la Fransina says:

    Sink me, they found a way of getting even their gym sessions / health programmes sponsored.

  6. David says:

    I think John Dalli.

  7. Michael Seychell says:

    There is no need for a comment, the photos speak the truth.

  8. The Shadow says:

    Beddingfield is a conehead – physically and mentally.

  9. just me says:

    In my opinion, just another move to alienate people from the John Dalli affair.

  10. Francis Saliba MD says:

    Is the Body Mass Index of the illustrated illustrious personalities a state secret for a “before” and “after” comparison? Or will photographs have to suffice?

  11. M.grixti says:

    The Maltese prime minister needs to learn what a handshake is and how it’s done.

  12. Rose Grima says:

    All the above need a gastric balloon ASAP

  13. MojoMalti says:

    Someone get Joseph some deep pan pizza already. He’s looking weak next to that sturdy lot.

  14. Edward says:

    If you don’t go to the gym you’ll end up as fat as me! But if you do, you’ll only be morbidly obese like your new found boyfriend and man-crush Muscat.

  15. Peter Mallia says:

    Throwing a party for every ambassador visiting any of our 20 ministries (meaning you have at least one ambassador visitng someone every two days) might not be a bad idea if we’re to promote anti-obesity:

  16. Josette says:

    Quite a well fed bunch aren’t they?

  17. John Silver says:

    Joe Grima is the ideal candidate.

  18. rf says:

    Ara vera kien hawn l-ghaks fi zmien il-PN! Kollha ghadma u gilda msieken.

  19. Toyger says:

    And Marie Louise Coleiro Preca

  20. Freedom5 says:

    Is Deborah belly dancing in this photo ?

  21. Wot the Hack says:

    On a slightly different topic.

    Here is another report from Herr Flick.

    The point is, what is new in this report that we did not know before?

    Is it a Eureka moment if Dr. Gatt is suggesting that the Azure Window be listed with UNESCO?

    Reading the MaltaToday report is in fact like spending one’s time looking at the Dwejra window waiting for the next piece of rock to fall with a splash into the deep blue water below.

    Money wasted, in my opinion.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      THIS is a geologist? What a twerp. Any idiot knows that any rock formation will eventually be eroded. But here in Malta careers depend on gaining bloody household name status.

      • ciccio says:

        How much did this report cost?

        Maybe Herr Flick, the Minister of Waste, can answer this one.

  22. C Falzon says:


    Ah, so that’s where he keeps all that cash.

  23. A. Grech says:

    You forgot Pullicino :))

    [Daphne – You’re a tad confused. He’s in the Opposition, not the government.]

    • Michael says:

      He’s not confused.

      We’ve found a sarcastic Labourite I’m guessing, the kind that cautiously tramp on this blog to make sure they don’t erupt in flames whilst reading articles.

      Welcome to the truth cave, sir.

    • David Ganado says:

      Wrong example anyhow. Pullicino actually seemed to have lost quite a bit of weight in the last couple of years, so at least he has actually been doing something about it, unlike this lot.

  24. M... says:

    Well then the government shall soon implode!

  25. johnUSA says:

    off topic ..

    “”We will not allow any protests that do not abide by the law,” Zammit said when asked whether the police will grant the organisers of the 4 August protest permission to hold the demonstration.”

    Shouldn’t racists still have the right to protest? I mean, as far as I know, anyone can protest. What the police can do is press charges for hate speech but they should not get involved in who gets the right to protest or not. Am I right?

    [Daphne – The police do not have a legal remit to give permits for protests. Those organising protests are obliged to INFORM the police so that the relative traffic and security arrangements can be made. But they do not have to seek permission. A protest against immigration is not against the law.]

  26. silvio loporto says:

    This campaign will in no way help the circulation of your magazine ( which is nothing but Superb)
    I’d rather read your magazine and grow fatter than starve to death. After all I will not be carrying my coffin, so why worry.

    [Daphne – We don’t promote gluttony, Silvio, just good food.]

  27. My goodness, Godfrey is having a go at fat people now.

  28. bob-a-job says:

    Anti-obesity campaign theme

    Never mind our quality – feel our width

  29. maria says:

    God bless them all! A new gastro surgeon has strted work at Mater Dei Hospital, specialising in bariatric surgery.

    All of these are in dire need of a gastric balloon, gastric band or gastric bypass.

    Seriously, they should all benefit from a spell at the place the president will be opening.

  30. ciccio says:

    It’s not the fat that this government needs to cut, but the crap.

  31. Fatty place says:

    Interviewed by the times of Malta the health minister said that only a third of the population is overweight or obese. Wrong. In Malta, according to the last EHIS of 2008, 58% of the Maltese reported that they are either overweight or obese. 36% are overweight and 22% obese.

  32. SS says:

    I love your humour – you are truly the best journalist around.

  33. Fillias says:

    I’m afraid you’ve got it wrong this time.

    It was actually an “obesity campaign”, not an anti-obesity campaign, so plump politicians are perfectly in line with government policy.

    Here’s the headline to the Department of Information’s press release on the ground (and belt) breaking campaign:


    And it was no typo, maybe just a Freudian slip. This is how the invitation to the launch event read:

    “The Hon Godfrey Farrugia, Minister for Health, launches the ‘Obesity Campaign’”

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