Why am I not surprised to find that Saviour Balzan is a liar, too?

Published: July 7, 2013 at 12:22pm

Saviour Balzan has written in his column in today’s edition of Malta Today that I called the National Security Minister’s children “handicapped”.

This is a scandalous lie. I have not used the word ‘handicapped’ since circa 1980, when it was common parlance. I would never use it. I do not even use the word ‘disabled’ unless I have to – for example, when referring to the relevant reserved parking space.

Just as I do not find it necessary to specify that somebody is black, white, Catholic or Muslim, so I do not find it necessary to say that somebody is disabled.

I would certainly never bring anybody’s children to public attention, still less when they are vulnerable because of their very young age or other matters.

If Saviour Balzan is referring to my quoting of the Romanian household servant who fled back to Romania, then he should say so, and quote the whole thing in context. Yes, it was relevant there because no sensible person employs an untrained individual to look after children with very specific needs in addition to doing the household chores and fetching water from the public fountain.

I happen to have a soft spot for children, and certainly a much greater understanding of them and their vulnerabilities than Saviour Balzan does, who never raised any of his own, with all the direct experience and exposure to legions of other children that this brings.

I happen to have a particularly soft spot for children with physical and intellectual vulnerabilties.

It is the National Security Minister who is the focus of criticism, not his children. And I doubt very much that Saviour Balzan gives a damn about anyone’s children in the first place.

He has also said that I have criticised the children of other politicians, which is another outrageous lie. Where and when have I done that?

I have criticised their parents’ decisions, which is wholly different, including the prime minister’s and Mrs Muscat’s unwise decision to constantly drag their children into the public limelight for the cynical purpose of scoring popularity points, while taking them out of school to travel on government trips and keeping them up way beyond bedtime so that they can go to fashion shows and receptions with their mother. That amounts to using one’s children as a marketing tool, and should be criticised. It is bad for them, and reflects terribly on the parents, because what it says is that they are prepared to use anything, including their children, to get what they want.

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  1. Jozef says:

    I bet he keeps this blog open all day.

    Hi Saviour, how is it it’s always you who has to volunteer for the dirty work?

    You had something going with Maltatoday once, why you had to screw it so gloriously is beyond logic.

    Did you really think Dalli would be up to anything after Gonzi’s gone?

  2. ciccio says:

    I have posted comments here for some years now, and I can confirm that I have never witnessed any posts attacking any children on a personal basis.

    I guess Saviour Balzan and the others should quote very specifically.

    Any criticism of children’s clothing, their inclusion in a ‘delegation’, how they are carried by their parents and the like are fair comment in our advanced society.

  3. F.Chetcuti says:

    Dear Daphne,
    I used to be first in buying the Independent newspaper, but for a very long time and since your writings are a lot of rubbish decorated with the finest English vocabulary sentencing and idioms, I can honestly tell you that journalists like you worldwide write sensational journalism for the sheep. Saviour Balzan is an honest writer, to my liking and thinking re his comments in today’s editorial.
    Lets begin as an engineer, the root of a mechanical problem has first to be identified.
    The prime minister with BALLS is taking on the EU and people mind thinkers like yourself about BLACK people invading, unwelcome and uninvited to our country is not accepted by the Maltese. If ever you need a referendum try holding one on this subject.
    Going back to the engineering principle of fault finding, mela, these black people are coming here – why?
    Asylum seekers.
    First the country is becoming overpopulated hence the animal instinct to migrate to more fertile land.
    Overpopulated why?
    Because the christian Church has, time and TIME AGAIN REFUSED POPULATION CONTROL. The Chinese have done it and are quite successful.
    When you get idiotic people like Joe Azzopardi collecting money for the poor Africans, he is sustaining and promoting the increase in the African population.
    The moaning Maltese who are against these Africans helping through euphoric sensationalism promoted by the likes of Joe Azzopardi and the like of course reducing the collected amount by a percentage on its way to Africa.
    To comment that the Prime Minister with Balls has correctly using his hallmark technique, If thats what you think, then we can always pass our immigrants on to Sweden, or for that matter, to your villa helping to pick up the broken plates which you probably ended up throwing at your husband for having correctly tried to point out to your insane thinking, or for financial gain, derived from your warped minded
    This now goes way back during the best prime minister Malta ever had, the one and only DOM MINTOFF whom you at that time tried to undermine his now historical achievements which are still hanging around sustaining Malta’s economy. Just look at the China docks from upper Barrakka and notice where the huge gas tanker is docked which we shall see more off in the coming future to feed the dilemma power station which you people tried unsuccessfully to put down.
    Daphnie I and many like me, think you will not live without your negative journalism sensationalized for the sheep and the cattle.
    If you need to write derogative comments about Saviour Balzan, read his comments about people like you putting across good English but not sustained by logic which only engineers understand. Engineers only understand one thing, does it work, yes it does, it flies, it takes you to work, gives you the time, works in all hospitals and to top it all, you continuously write about it to deliver your warped minded writing.
    F. Chetcuti.
    tel 79823177.

    [Daphne – In my experience, engineers think logically. They also know how to write simple sentences. I will take you at your word that you are an engineer. However, it has nothing to do with the price of eggs. Your reasoning is irrational regardless.]

    • It's all in the stride says:

      The Chinese have 75 million extra men with all the social problems that sort of situation creates. The current reasoning is that the initial reasoning was flawed.

      That’s just for starters and to state independently of anything to do with Malta, that your reasoning, too, is flawed.

      Logic deals with true, false and if thens. If one is messed up, it puts the rest in jeopardy. One messed up concept is a reflection of the rest of the reasoning.

      Since when does an engineer allow emotion to interfere with logic?

      • F.Chetcuti says:

        I think the likes of you have messed up my message.
        The Chinese as mentioned have nothing to do with Malta.
        Your good grammar indicates an educated person but your comment is not logical and most educated people are not. I was referring to the population problem in the world.
        If you are observant, when the Ghana team were filming for charity was on TV, what did you notice – women holding children and children running around. No birth control so we have to collect funding to sustain them. When they grow up they migrate to Malta tajjeb.
        The Chinese have a one child policy. Tajjeb.

    • Gahan says:

      An engineer calling Dom Mintoff the best Prime Minister?

      He brought to Malta a power station which was going to be scrapped because it was too old and inefficient.

      He left Malta’s telephone system on the Strouger (mechanical) system instead of changing it to an electronic system.

      And your idol Mintoff left Malta without a sufficient supply of electricity and water. And you call yourself an engineer?

      • F.Chetcuti says:

        Hi, that old scrapped power station still running at Marsa? Clever guy.
        Let me tell you what Mintoff left.
        4.5million plus about 1 million in consolidated funds. Compare this with the 5.5 billion which someone left behind in debt; Air Malta which someone tried to destroy; Sea Malta which was destroyed; a new runway; Freeport; SGS; Brand International and others; China dock presently occupied with an example of what an ocean going gas tanker looks like for future reference.; A dockyard that bred engineers and craftsman which Dr Gonzi boasted are ex dockyard personnel now working with Lufthansa technique.
        The dockyard left by the British produced a discipline of engineering which now does not exist, no matter if it run into an annual debt.
        There is no other moneymaking enterprise that does not involve a production of any kind, maybe your job is one of a non productive nature. As an example, look at Germany and the Japanese and now even China’s economy. Production through engineering my friend. Everything you use is engineered.
        A social security that did not exist but was stared at by the holy of holies.
        Any one like Daphnie can pin point a negative and forget the positive.
        Another example for your reference:
        Mintoff was so clever that he held on to a principle of what you do not have in your pocket, you cannot spend. Hence the telephone system was not updated.
        May I ask what car or house you own so that your wishful thinking can be analysed.

    • F.Chetcuti says:

      Francis,-In my experience, journalists write a lot of rubbish, repeating and harping on the same subject but in a different format. We do not write simple sentences,as technical instructions have to be elaborate.The subject matter was not answered to, hence it hit home allright.

      [Daphne – No, technical instructions have to be comprehensible, not elaborate. But that is not the point. You can’t construct a proper sentence, whether simple or elaborate, and because grammar is directly linked to logical thinking, I hate to think what sort of engineer you are, or who and what allowed you to graduate – that is, if you ever did.]

      My reasoning is not irrational just beyond understanding of true facts by the sheep, followers of the establishment and the system. The price of eggs as a comment normally used by you is not the subject matter.I am sure you can bargain for eggs with the farmers in Bidnija.Only Savour Balzan has a nice title for you.

      [Daphne – Your reasoning is completely irrational. And you are not the first person to think himself a great original simply because he refuses on principle to admit the obvious.]

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        F Chetcuti, you are so typical of the messed-up Maltese Right Wing. You clearly regard Africans as distinct from the Maltese. And you place the Maltese within the European sphere. Malta, to you, is part of The West. So far so good.

        Then you go on to tell us about that vile bastard Mintoff’s “historical achievements”.

        Mintoff’s greatest achievement was to sever Malta’s links with The West, to place us firmly within the Third World, “anti-imperialist” camp, and to destroy, in the space of two decades, Malta’s European identity. He couldn’t have cared less about High Culture, or genetic identity or the survival of the white race. He imbued the Maltese with blind narcissistic pride so violently atavistic that they henceforth regarded emigration, which for centuries had been the norm, as a cataclysmic betrayal of themselves. So they stayed on the island and multiplied. And the Gens Malti grew and grew.

        A splendid achievement indeed.

        Malta might have had a proper Right were it not for you deluded Mintoff-worshipping fools.

      • Gahan says:

        Oh please cut this crap, I can pin point hundreds of technical mistakes in instruction manuals, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic Acad drawings, spare parts lists, together with plc programs which sometimes decide to stop.

        I challenge you to write an instruction manual on how to ride a bicycle. I suppose it would be a piece of cake for you.

        Engineers like all other professions are far from perfect. Don’t tell me, I’m at the receiving end.

    • charon says:

      Mela mhux perit biss kellna mnejjek imma inginjier ukoll.

  4. helen says:

    You know the answer Daphne. As the old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

  5. MM says:

    The printed version of The Malta Independent on Sunday printed this article http://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2013-07-07/news/court-documents-reveal-shakiras-business-empire-run-through-malta-based-company-2008875009/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook next to that about John Dalli. I was wondering whether there was more io it than meets the eye, given all the scum currently rising to the surface.

  6. botom says:

    Reading about Saviour Balzan I was wondering why Malta Today stopped running stories about what was being discussed in the previous administration cabinet or Parliamentary group. Incidentally such stories ceased when John Dalli was appointed commissioner. I am not implying anything. Just another weird coincidence.

  7. Meritocracy Rules says:

    Saviour Balzan needs to get over you. No offence but one would think he would have more important matters to write about. His fixation with you is rather disturbing.

    [Daphne – Yes, that’s exactly what I think, that he is in the throes of a sick obsession.]

  8. Lupin says:

    Could he be clutching at straws before he is dragged into the hole that John Dalli is digging? I thought he would have more important and actual matters to write about.

  9. F.Chetcuti says:

    I need not have to write a manual about how to ride a bicycle, but tell you what, I have invented a new drive chain that you would never ever imagine how it works. Regards technical manual mistakes, this is not the original subject.
    Go dream about the drive chain.

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