Yet again, John Dalli has lied

Published: July 7, 2013 at 11:03am

I’m told that at yesterday’s press briefing in the Portomaso office which is his one day and his daughters’ company’s the next – depending on the exigencies – John Dalli said that when Lawrence Gonzi was prime minister, he gave me John Dalli’s Sargas proposal “to discredit it”.

Shortly afterwards, a reporter from TVM rang me for my comments (nobody else bothered). I told him that if Dalli really did say that, then perhaps it’s time he lay down on that psychiatrist’s couch again and got himself certified for psycho-social disorder once more.

I said that I had had meetings with Lawrence Gonzi twice in the entire nine years he was prime minister: once for an interview about divorce and other matters at his office at the Auberge de Castille, with his aides present, and another time when he became party leader nine years ago and held a series of ‘meet the press’ meetings for editors, columnists and reporters at the Nationalist Party headquarters.

All the other times I have met him have been at mass events like receptions, where the encounter does not consist of anything more than a handshake, a greeting and two sentences of small talk. Oh yes, I also said hello to him as he walked past at Heathrow airport with his aides, when we were waiting to board the same flight, I think it was in June last year. And the only time I have ‘met’ him since was last January, at the feast of St Paul Shipwrecked, in Valletta, which was held two weeks early – a meeting that consisted of a single greeting in a throng.

The Malta Independent on Sunday reports this morning:

But instead of taking this advice, Mr Dalli added, Dr Gonzi presented the project negatively, also emphasising the use of coal. The former commissioner noted that this was “absolutely not true”, since the plant was set to use liquefied coal, adding that the former prime minister gave the deceitful impression that the coal heaps that used to be piled at the Menqa when the Marsa power station ran on coal would return.

Mr Dalli also insisted that instead of passing on the proposal to experts in the field for review, Dr Gonzi “gave it” to columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia and TV presenter Lou Bondi to discredit it.

This assertion led to a swift reaction from Mr Bondi, who contacted the press to “categorically deny” that the former prime minister had ever contacted him over the Sargas proposal.

He also said that he was talking to his lawyers over a possible libel action.

I’m not in the habit of suing for libel. We all tend to forget that there is an intermediate remedy called the ‘right of reply’. Fortunately I have a forum of my own here, which I can use.

Lawrence Gonzi never spoke to me about anything, except the matters about which I asked him specifically during the one formal interview I conducted with him for The Malta Independent on Sunday, some years ago. He certainly never gave me anything, still less the Sargas proposal to discredit it or even just to read it.

I know for a fact that that is not the way Gonzi operated, though it might well be the way Dalli and Muscat operate, hence Dalli’s confusion.

Oh, and another thing that every newspaper and television newsroom seems to have missed, including the Nationalist Party’s, though it is the most salient point.

Dalli was an EU Commissioner at the time. What in God’s name was he thinking, trying to sell a power-plant to his country’s government, on behalf of a corporation for which he worked as a paid consultant some time before that?

That kind of thing is banned outright by the European Commission, which can’t have its commissioners running around brokering deals on power stations between manufacturers and governments.

Do we not realise how OUTRAGEOUS this is? It is just that – outrageous. Yet John Dalli speaks about it as though it is completely normal. He expects others to treat it as normal, and you know what – they do. He either truly does have some kind of mental disorder and all that talk about psychiatric certification was not just an excuse to escape investigation by the police, or he is so hopelessly corrupt that he knows no boundaries at all.

An EU Commissioner trying to sell a power-plant to the government of an EU member state? Come on. That’s bloody shocking.

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  1. MALLIA P says:

    This is so sad.

    I must be going through a mid life crisis.

    These are people we followed and admired 25 years ago.

    We spent every Sunday afternoon demonstrating and fighting for in mass meetings.

    We believed that they wanted Malta to change. We used to be ashamed of being Maltese “mal-barranin” and believed that these people would change that.

    Utterly disgusting and shameful for all of us.

    • rjc says:

      You’re right, of course, but the shame is not on us, but on those like Dalli and that gang of PN turncoats whose only interest was personal gain.

      What we did then, did in fact change this country and we should be proud of it. corrupt and spineless egoists are to be found everywhere and unfotunately we have been saddled with our share of them as well.

      They are now all in the Labour camp, so let them saddle the party in government with their brand of ‘meritocracy’.

    • Futur mill-aghar says:

      We demonstrated for our own liberty and justice. If there were people who were corrupt there, it is neither here nor there. We did get the change we wanted.

      So no, it was not a waste of time. Can you imagine if we didn’t have the Eddie Fenech Adami and Gonzi governments. Were we’d be now.

  2. Katrin says:

    “He either truly does have some kind of mental disorder and all that talk about psychiatric certification was not just an excuse to escape investigation by the police, or he is so hopelessly corrupt that he knows no boundaries at all.”

    One does not exclude the other, they go hand-in-hand.

  3. MG. Agius says:

    Ma niktibx bl-Ingliz biex ma nwaqqax il-pajjizi ghaz-zuffjet mall-barrani.

    Ingredjenti biex tkun politku tajjeb f’Malta huma:
    tkun giddieb
    tkun halliel
    tkun faccol
    tkun minghajr ebda sens ta gustizzja
    tkun egoist
    tkun bla karrattru
    tkun minghajr ebda idejal
    tkun reghejb ghall-flus
    tkun bla ebda principju
    tkun ipokrita

    Dawn l-affarijiet jghamluk l-aqwa politku f’Malta. Jekk m’ghandekx dawn id-doni sbieh !!!!!!!!!!! tersaqx lejn il-politka ghax taharqek kif ghamlet lil dawk li kienu onesti.

    Kif qatt jista’ jkollu fiducja f’min imexxi lil dan il-pajjiz.

  4. silvio loporto says:

    I suspect that there will be many eating humble pie by the time that this matter is over and buried.

    It’s nothing but a repetition of the Olaf affair, which is now practically forgotten.

    Could it be that all this is a smoke screen to alienate us from the true scandals, like the oil scandal, undeclared money in swiss banks, prominent persons humiliated by 500 euro gifts, and so on.

    All this is very reassuring, for it means that we don’t have any real serious problems to worry us like most of our neighbouring countries.


    • La Redoute says:

      One of the most serious problems here is the unanalytical, piddling petty-mindedness that you so ably demonstrate. Were you born a c*nt or did you become that way?

  5. xdcc says:

    Behaviour which is unacceptable is considered to be normal by John Dalli. Eventually others, sadly including journalists, also accept it as normal.

    One example is the way everybody seems to be treating as normal the fact that Dalli, when EU Commissioner, tried to sell a power plant to the Maltese government.

    There was more unacceptable behaviour from Dalli the Commissioner. His comments on the Maltese political scene were in fact political involvement, something which should not be considered as acceptable from an EU Commissioner. Eventually people accepted it as normal behaviour.

    Dalli seemed to think that being EU Commissioner was a 9 to 5 job and that he could do and say what he liked outside office hours. In everything he does, an EU Commissioner represents the Commission.

    He or she no longer represents his or her country of origin nor a political grouping. Political involvement in a member state therefore is unacceptable …. but not for Dalli.

  6. Meritocracy Rules says:

    I believe it is the latter – that he knows no boundaries at all.

    He has been getting away with so much for so long that to his mind it has become normal and even ordinary to do things like this.

    So much so that he speaks about it openly (of course only once you have exposed it) as if there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of it. When there is.

  7. Riya says:

    Ghal nies bhal John Dalli ma jezistux kantunieri u jahsbu li jistghu ibellghu ir-ross bil-labra lill-kullhadd.

    Izda fid-dinja mhux kullhadd iblah u mazzun.

  8. Kevin Cassar says:

    John Dalli attacks Lawrence Gonzi when he knows full well that Gonzi cannot respond.
    How low can he get?

  9. marlene says:

    John Dalli does not suffer from any sense of guilt. How can he? He has a gargantuan superiority complex but when his actions are questioned and he feels cornered his other complex is revealed – this time a persecution complex.

    It’s always about people wanting to ruin his reputation but honestly, what reputation?

  10. Joseph Ellul-Grech says:

    Calling John Dalli a liar is an understatement. He is a deceitful, compulsive liar to the point that he commits perjury. Read my blogs and his witness in my case when he falsely accused me and make your mind up. To read the court transcripts in Maltese click on the pictures to enlarge.

    Reading what you have being publishing on this infamous charade continues to confirm to what extent Dalli is prepared to go to cover up his corrupt practices. Dalli getting involved with a character like Mary Swan/Eloise Marie Corbin speaks volumes.

    Why hasn’t Dalli made public the documents he showed the PM to shut everyone up?

    It is not Brussels that tarnished Malta’s international reputation. It is John Dalli and his dodgy manoeuvers and dealings that tarnished Malta’s reputation. This will never be corrected unless he is held accountable.

    Unfortunately, to make matters worse he is supported by our PM. What a disgrace. The PM had stated that he appointed Dalli for his capabilities and international contacts. As for his international contacts, Mary Swan whatever else she calls herself and the Gaddafis, speak for themselves.

    It could be that Malta is going to go through a period of political corruption we have never experienced before.

    He is so “hopelessly corrupt that he knows no boundaries at all.” I have been saying that for many years. Many are now coming round to my way of thinking.

    If you do not like what is happening in Malta start to protest and demonstrate peacefully but loudly.

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