Forget the bird-shooting package tours to Egypt. Now we also have shoplifting package tours to northern Italy.

Published: August 21, 2013 at 6:14pm


You just have to read this article on Maltarightnow:

It-tour li kienu jiffurmaw parti minnu dawn il-Maltin kien fin-naħa ta’ fuq tal-Italja u hu mifhum li hekk kif nhar it-Tnejn il-Maltin kienu qegħdin jieħdu ritratt ta’ tifkira ħdejn l-“Arena di Verona”, numru ta’ Carabinieri marru fuqhom u ċċirkondawhom bil-karozzi tas-servizz fost il-ħsejjes tas-sireni. Erba’ minnhom – tliet nisa u ġuvni – ġew arrestati u ttieħdu l-għassa tal-lokal biex jiġu nterrogati.

Doesn’t it make you just want to die?

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  1. Kif inhi din? says:

    Surely Franco Debono must be able to find a way to get them out of this pickle, after all he is virtually the highest authority on the Island.

  2. DP says:


  3. La Redoute says:

    Who was the tour operator?

  4. albona says:

    In answer to your question – I tink dats a yes ta’.

  5. Joe Micallef says:

    Given his latest asinine contributions, I can imagine Kitten telling us that the arena of Verona is “roofless” because it was stolen by these PN undercover agents.

  6. Viva lejber says:

    Mela taht Mintoff konna nitilghu sa Sqallija biex nixtru u taht Joseph nitilghu sa l-Italja biex nisirqu.

  7. Josette says:

    Can they please leave one place outside Malta where we can still show our face?

  8. Wilson says:

    What a bunch of mejtin bil-guh.

  9. dutchie says:

    Who are the thieving foreigners now?

    This is us giving the good example to our irregular migrants of how we must behave in Europe.

  10. Tarzan58abc says:

    No, it does not make me want to die. Very few things, if any, will make me want to die. But it does make me angry, because this puts our country in the news for the wrong reasons.

    The Italian police and justice system are to be commended for their efficiency. Maybe they can give our guys a few tips.

  11. Lawrence Attard says:

    I have just seen your post and was following up on the story at the L’ – Il Giornale di Verona:

    Lo and behold, comment no. 5 posted yesterday night states:

    “i maltesi, quella brava gente che manco soccorre gli immigrati alla deriva in mare…”

    Lovely eh.

  12. albona says:

    NB comment 5

    5 • braghe_onte (237 commenti ) • 20.08.2013 • 22:16

    i maltesi, quella brava gente che manco soccorre gli immigrati alla deriva in mare…

  13. anthony says:

    If Baxxter intends starting a register of Maltese nationals who are intent on embarrassing their country I suggest he stocks up heavily on printer ink cartridges.

    A hotelier in Italy once told me that he charges Maltese clients a premium to make up for the towels and cutlery that go missing after they sojurn at his hotel.

    Konna tan-nejk u ghadna tan-nejk.

    My comments in the vernacular are purposely intended for local consumption only.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Nowadays, when I’m asked where I come from, I usually say I’m Gibraltarian. It fits in nicely with my Sephardic looks and my language, and avoids the embarrassing questions. Yes, Anthony, you have to learn to lie.

  14. ciccio says:

    This opens a great opportunity for the part-time Law Commissioner, part-time Coordinator of the Constitutional Convention and part-time criminal lawyer to travel to Italy and appear in Italian tribunals to defend fellow Maltese persons.

  15. Galian says:

    Am I right in saying that only Radio101 and Maltarightnow reported this? If yes, is there a reason why?

  16. Kif inhi din? says:

    Verona – taghna llkoll.

  17. Alex says:

    Kburi li jien Malti. Ejja nipprotegu l-kultura u t-tradizzjonijiet taghna mill-indhil barrani. Viva Joseph.

  18. Aston says:

    Mulej hudni!

    It’s rapidly reaching a point where I’m embarrassed to show a Maltese passport.

  19. pm says:

    Daphne, I am sorry but your title is not fair on the majority of the Maltese people who travel to Europe.

    As many are aware, before the revolution in Egypt, specific bird shooting tours were organised. Whoever joined these tours knew that they were going to spend days shooting birds. However, quite a few other tours to Egypt were also organised on a cultural basis, including the very informative nile cruise.

    in the recent shoplifting case, it was absolutely not the organiser’s specific aim to aid people in shoplifting. On any tour, in any group of people, even on individual travel, one can find a rotten apple which gives sensational headlines.

    [Daphne – Oh for crying out loud, talk about a clash of cultures. The literalism in this ruddy country makes me despair. Look, you are not going to get ‘Zoo’ type wisecracks on this website, so don’t expect any you find here to come heavily ringed in pink and marked JOKE. Humour does not translate from one culture to another. I have never been known to laugh at anything in Maltese, and believe me when I say that it’s not because I don’t understand the language.]

  20. Francis Saliba says:

    It is terriblly unjust to insinuate that the respected tour organisers in any way have “shop-lifting package tours to Northern of Italy” or anywhere else. They have no control over the unknown conduct of unworthy clients who are solely responsible for their own disgraceful conduct, unfortunately reflecting badly on the other tour members and on their country of origin.

    [Daphne – This is not a website for the literal-minded.]

  21. Scerri S. says:

    How flattering! We’re now there, with the Moroccans and the Romanians. I have nothing against these nationalities but they are quite notorious in Italy…

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