Kim Jong-Un has his mistress executed by firing squad – can we have a statement from his friends, the progressive, liberal, feminist Malta Labour Party?

Published: August 29, 2013 at 6:41pm
Kim Jong-Un with his mistress Hyon Song-Wol

Kim Jong-Un with his mistress Hyon Song-Wol

Reuters reports that Hyon Song-wol, long-term mistress of North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un, was executed by firing squad along with others “accused of selling sex tapes of themselves” while some of them “allegedly possessed bibles, which is a political crime”.

The women were machined-gunned with their families forced to watch. Their families were then sent to prison camps because of North Korea’s policy of ‘guilt by association’.

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  1. Interesting line up … pornographers and bible owners. God REST their souls. All of them.

  2. Paddling Duck says:

    Ma taghmlu xejn mal-perit Mintoff! That should ring a bell or two.

  3. ray says:

    Statement? What statement? Most of them will be trawling the internet trying to find the sex tape.

  4. Mike says:

    Actually the first picture is Kim with his wife Ri Sol-ju, who happens to have been an ex-member of the same siging/dance troop as Hyon Song-wol.

    British newspapers are reporting that it might have been the wife that coerced the ‘Dear Leader’ to get rid of his mistress.

    [Daphne – That photograph comes from The Telegraph, where it is captioned as being his mistress.]

  5. Jozef says:

    They’re expecting it from Beijing any time this evening.

  6. Rahal says:

    The socialist party of Malta should condemn the severe restrictions on human rights in North Korea.

  7. It-Tezi ta' Mario says:

    Labour’s secret agreement with north Korea

  8. La Redoute says:

    Why would Labour have an opinion on North Korea? They don’t even have an opinion on Syria, despite their electoral promise to resolve tension in the Middle East.

    Maybe that’s because – as Labour sindku Natius tal waxing puts it – if-Cina raPtitilOm il-kitlA

    • Floater says:

      X’jimpurtana. Besides, if foreign affairs win elections, Gonzi would have won hands down. But alas!, that happens nowhere.

  9. kev says:

    For pictures and videos the Daily Mail is the site to go.

    Enjoy, and wait for Muscat’s statement on Kim’s mistress.

    Note to new visitors: In this world, Joseph Muscat is responsible for everything Kim does, as bequeathed by Mintoff himself.

    The Lady says so.

  10. Betty says:

    Come on Joseph, let’s show some progressive empathy with the ways of dictator Kim, partly bred in Malta in the Mintoff years. It seems he has learned well from the Maltese socialist experience

    I believe the last resident ambassador at Pyongyang was the iced bun beneficiary Pawlu Gafa’ (another petty sports journalist) well known canvasser of Alex Sceberras Trigona.

    Yes, of course, the rabid socialist AST(eroid) would be ideal to be your man in North Korea and I’m sure he will oblige for the sake of ideology and Mintoff memory. Where is the stellar ex-foreign minister hiding in Castille nowadays? I wonder.

  11. La Redoute says:

    Muscat has an opinion on everything. Why not North Korea too?

  12. ciccio says:

    Perhaps Joseph Muscat and Alex Sceberras Trigona will send the condolences to Kim Jong Un.

    Perhaps he can tell him that:

    “Death by firing squad is a legitimate right of sovereign states,” and “express his will to work hard to expand the friendly relations between the Malta Labor Party and the Workers’ Party of Korea and between Malta and the DPRK in the political, economic, cultural and other fields.”

    • anthony says:

      What do you mean by other fields?

      It’s not firing squads is it?

      Don’t give the inflated toad and his puppets any bright ideas.

  13. Bob says:

    I am sure the Malta North Korea Friendship Association will clear this misunderstanding.

    Shame Agatha Barbara is not around as she had ties with them too.

  14. ciccio says:

    OK, no travelling to North Korea for the Chairman of the Pharmacy Council.

  15. Victor says:

    I see where Joseph Muscat gets his fixation about youngsters should be interested in taking up manufacturing as a career.

    I sincerely hope that we will not be seeing this video on TVM very soon. With Labour one never knows!

  16. Tabatha White says:

    It’s the “guilt by association” part that’s also troubling: The inverse side to the same concept of the “We’re in – Malta Taghna” grouping.

    We’re coming up to 6 months of Labour government and files are either going to result in “worked upon and still pending” or “forever pending under Labour don’t ever expect a positive reply”.

    Some statements are implicit but just as effective as the firing-squad action.

  17. Floater says:

    Not a great singer.

  18. verita says:

    Once I heard an interview with a Maltese professor that Kim was in Malta to learn English and nobody knew his identity except the trusted few.Moreover there are still ex army personnel who were trained by North Korea.

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