Qishom ahna, preciz: bathers in Syracuse form a human chain from beach to boat to help bring immigrants ashore. Puts sneering, jeering, rabid Malta to shame, quite frankly.

Published: August 15, 2013 at 8:28pm

Video and report from Repubblica TV – the link to the full report in La Repubblica is beneath the post.

15 agosto 2013
Siracusa, immigrati salvati da bagnanti in spiaggia

Le immagini riprese sulla spiaggia di Morghella, a Pachino (Siracusa), dove alcuni bagnanti hanno aiutato la Guardia costiera a trarre in salvo circa 160 migranti, tra cui donne in stato interessante e una cinquantina di bambini, la maggior parte dei quali al di sotto dei tre anni di età.

La segnalazione è stata effettuata, tramite il numero 1530 per le emergenze in mare, da un bagnante che ha avvisato la Guardia costiera della presenza di un barcone a pochi metri dalla riva. Quando l’imbarcazione si è arenata, alcuni migranti hanno provato a raggiungere la riva a nuoto, ma la maggior parte è stata tratta in salvo dagli uomini della Guardia costiera e dai bagnanti presenti sul posto che hanno formato una catena umana.

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  1. Harry Purdie says:

    Amazing, not even wearing surgeon’s gloves or masks.

  2. Delta says:

    Some Maltese would rather risk their life to catch a falling statue then to wet their feet to save an African immigrant.

    • George says:

      Unfortunately you speak the truth. I still can’t understand how our and why our hearts are turning so cold.

      My religious beliefs tell me that it is because we are becoming so pagan, just like the Romans of the old, worshipping our idols, money and greed while being indifferent to others’ needs. But then I know of a few non believers whose heart is warm, so again why?

      (PS: a believer is not necessary a church goer, but someone who at least makes effort to follow the paths of Christ and repent when he does not).

  3. ciccio says:

    Can you imagine this taking place on one of our beaches, and the Labour liberals on the beach?

    They would have formed a human barrier, and take out their placards with the message “Malta Taghna Biss.”

  4. Victor says:

    That is exactly what I thought to myself when I watched this evening’s news on an Italian channel… Qishom ahna!

    It was quite impressive to watch actually.

  5. CIS says:

    If one of us will even try to form a human chain, we will be called traitors to our country and told to keep them in our houses or ‘between you legs’.

    What a mentality. Most of us really need to learn that these immigrants are here already and that this is a new era. Societies which don’t change fossilise, stagnate or die.

  6. anthony says:

    Bhal tletin sena ilu qed nergghu naqghu ghan-nejk sahansitra anke mal-Isqallin.

    Ghal darb’ohra regghu gabuna nisthu mill-Isqallin,

    Dik misthija ta’veru.

    Vera bidu gdid.

    Irgajna bdejna naqghu ghar-ridikolu wara kwazi tletin sena ta’ progress kontinwu.

  7. Marlowe says:

    This is such a welcome breath of fresh air and a beautiful display of altruism.

  8. Joseph Caruana says:

    F’Malta n-nies hekk jagħmlu, ċirca’ 0060AD.

  9. Liberal says:

    I may be mistaken, but I believe that actually seeing an immigrant drowning would put many Maltese xenophobes into their right senses, and perhaps they would even assist them.

    Perhaps I have not lost faith in human nature just yet. I hope mine is not just wishful thinking.

    • La Redoute says:

      Sadly, it is. People who set homes on fire while their occupants are asleep won’t think anything of letting another person drown, particularly when they don’t think that individual is a person.

      • Liberal says:

        I wasn’t referring to the violent types, nor the “proud” members of far-right parties or organisations.

        I was thinking of the vast majority who keep complaining about immigrants – even using far-right arguments because they know no better – but who, given the right education, would be decent people.

    • Jar Jar says:

      Unfortunately it most probably is wishful thinking – rubber necking is a national pastime but to actually lend a hand – that is something else

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