What a terrific, professional public relations officer for the Malta Science and Technology Council

Published: August 19, 2013 at 8:49pm

Lara Boffa_Franco Debono_Facebook

The public relations officer at the Malta Council for Science and Technology has uploaded on her Facebook account links to libellous content on the Law Commissioner’s blog.

Being not at all professional (what sort of public relations officer would sink to those depths, or fail to realise how bad it is for the organisation’s image, and her own?) and not being particularly bright, she doesn’t understand that at law, publicising libellous content is akin to publishing it yourself.

So, in the same way I am suing the Law Commissioner, I shall also sue Lara Boffa if that link is not down by tomorrow. And I shall not hesite in suing anyone else, whoever they are, who publicises any of Franco Debono’s libellous content or uploads links to it. If the individuals are not immediately identifiable through a real Facebook profile, I shall file a report for criminal investigation, with the police.

In Lara Boffa’s case, I shall also write to her employers, the Malta Council for Science and Technology, to draw their attention to this matter, and I shall copy the letter to the prime minister, who is directly responsible for the Council and the disgusting behaviour of those who run it.

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  1. ciccio says:

    Lara, weren’t you supposed to ignore Daphne so hard that she would doubt her own existence?

    • Francis Saliba MD says:

      Lara does not understand the meaning of the sentence she was blindly plagiarising. Forgive her because she does not know what she is doing – but Joseph Muscat should know, and if he doesn’t someone should do him a big favour and explain it to him.

    • Josette says:

      Someone should lend her a dictionary so that she can look up the meaning of “ignore”.

  2. Alex says:

    Wasn’t she ignoring you so hard that you shall soon be doubting your existence?

  3. Tracy says:

    Do they know what they are doing ? What about the cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment that JPO is promoting?

    [Daphne – You are right, unintentionally. That is exactly what he is promoting, going by the treatment of me on his Facebook. “It’s OK to cyber-bully and cyber-harass that woman, but nobody else.” Well, he can rest assured I’m not about to hang myself any time soon.]

  4. Anton Farrugia says:

    Personally I think its only fair. Eye for an eye and all that.

    [Daphne – We are not living in Old Testament times, Anton. In 21st-century Europe, the law applies.

    What the Law Commissioner and the MCST PRO are doing breaks the law and, even if it were within the limits of the law (which it wasn’t) would have been inappropriate to their position and the organisations they represent.

    Neither scenario applies to me or what I write here. I am not breaking the law. I do not represent the state or any state organisation. I am not paid with public funds, and hence am not accountable to the public for my behaviour, but only to the law.

    It is MY JOB to point out the deficiencies and shortcomings of public appointees/officials/politicians/their favourites. It is NOT THEIR JOB to point out mine. And besides that, mine are irrelevant (see above). Lying about me, of course, is a hundred times worse, and it breaks the law.

    The mistake made by the intellectually-challenged – the disproportionately large percentage of the Maltese population who a professor of education recently described, in an interview with Times of Malta, as being unable to analyse information – is the equation of somebody who writes about politicians, appointees and their fellow-travellers with the person whose job it is to write about them (this being a democracy). The equation is false and illogical. Lara Boffa, the Law Commissioner and you belong to this intellectually-challenged group. As the professor himself explained, IQ is useless without analytical training in the growing-up years.]

    • Jo says:

      Anton, if you don’t understand the difference of the obligations and limitations, for any official, employed by a public or a private company and those pertaining to a free lance journalist, then you haven’t the faintest idea of what democracy is all about.

      It is a journalist’s duty to point out to any misdemeanours committed by ministers and their staff.Unfortunately most maltese journalists seem to be lacking in this regard.

  5. Marlowe says:

    She’s too much of a pillock to know the many differences between your blog, and Franco’s posts on his ‘blokk’. All that’s going to go through her mind is how not ‘ferr’ it is that you get to write about people, and when they are ‘hodor’ back they get sued.

    Frankly, I don’t know how cartoonists reap out a living on this satire deprived archipelago.

  6. La Redoute says:

    What a silly woman she is. Every time she slips up she proves how unqualified she is for her job.

  7. Joe Fenech says:

    “Being not at all professional (what sort of public relations officer would sink to those depths, or fail to realise how bad it is for the organisation) ”

    These people need a 5 – 10 year training period in a civilised country to see how things go.

  8. Not Sandy:P says:

    You’ve scared some sense into her. She’s removed the post.

  9. ACD says:

    Don’t mean to be cheeky, but you’ve got a link to Mary Mifsud’s offending post in that image.

    Here’ s a version with the link blurred out if you prefer: http://i.imgur.com/Q88MlDF.png

    [Daphne – Irrelevant. The law does not allow one to libel oneself.]

  10. Gahan says:

    Were you authorised by Franco to copy his articles? In the bottom left hand corner he put the “ © Franco Debono’s Blog 2013 “
    © stands for copyright,doesn’t it?

  11. P Shaw says:

    Isn’t it obvious that this anonymous comment was posted by the “blokker” himself? He is not only immature, but also quite stupid and transparent.

    • TinaB says:

      That was what I immediately thought too after I read it – it was clear that the comment was posted by someone suffering from extreme hysteria.

  12. Victor says:

    Amateurs all through.

    Nobody has a clue of what their job requires of them.

    Basta jizzatu.

    They’re all making a mockery of the country’s institutions.

  13. WhoamI? says:

    Nehhietha, ja chicken. Tal-Profs she may well be, but Profs herself she ain’t.

    • Lawrence Attard says:

      Fejnu Eddy Privitera llum? Given a second chance? Lili lanqas nofs cans ma tawni, fejn kien dritt tieghi. Ga bdejna bil-hmieg.

    • ciccio says:

      There are 145 comments under the link with “today’s news,” but not a single one by Eddy Privitera.

  14. george grech says:

    Milli jidher lil PM sabuh zghir u qed jaghmlu bih li jridu. M’ghandu l-ebda kontroll fuq l-imgieba u s-sens ta’ etika ta’ dawk ta’ madwaru.

    Baxxew rashom ghalih biss qabel l-elezzjoni u issa kollha out of control. Qishom corma tfal li qaghdu bil-ghaqal sakemm id-daddy jixtrilhom rota u wara li xtrahilom flok bezghu ghaliha farkuha f’jumejn.

    • Tracy says:

      Ma naqbilx mieghek. Li hu ghadu immatur u ma jaf xejn kif imexxi pajjiz naqbel mieghek. Imma mhux ghax ghadu zghir fl-eta’.

      L-eta’ hija irrilevanti. Hawn min ikollu maturita’ u risponsabbilta’ minn meta jkun zghir u hawn ohrajn li ghalkemm kibru fl-eta’ baqu’ immaturi.

  15. mc says:

    Didn’t she say she wll ignore you? Seems she’s not trying hard enough.

  16. botom says:

    Franco has removed the libelous posts from his blog. Franco is his own worst enemy. He is dangerously impulsive.

  17. AE says:

    Looks like she got scared and removed it.

  18. Jake says:

    Neigbour? Nahseb qas sa grade 2 ma’ wasal.

  19. MojoMalti says:


    It’s suddenly quite okay to publish that link.

    Page not found.

    The cock has chickened out.

    • Wayne Hewitt says:

      The crap English used was pretty much his own writing. I believe he was using the third person to write his own slur.

      [Daphne – He wasn’t. This particular woman I am talking about here wrote all that herself and was happy to do so. I have had to contend with much worse from her. This is a confluence of her interests and the Law Commissioner’s, which they share in this particular case.]

    • “I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none”: Macbeth

  20. Peppa says:

    Well done Daphne, show these idiots what democracy is.

  21. Pinu Primus says:

    Right Daphne, hit them with all you’ve got.

  22. gustuz says:

    Page not found.
    Daphne, is he referring to you as Daphne Vella throughout?

    [Daphne – He thinks it’s an insult, rather than the opposite. More fool he. But then he wouldn’t have any idea, would he. He comes from a very different socio-historical background.]

  23. H.Galea (NRK) says:

    404 Page not found. He’s taken it down.

    [Daphne – There are some other things he needs to take down fast.]

  24. Lawrence Attard says:

    I found out that he had removed the post yesterday evening. I thought: how can the chap be so impulsive and, ultimately, cowardly? Incredible.

    I think you scored a particularly good one this time.

    [Daphne – Bullies are cowards. That’s one of the indications that people get it far wrong when they say I’m a bully. What they do see, and get the interpretation confused or twisted, is that I’m not a coward.]

  25. albona says:

    I cannot think of one PRO who has ever acted like a child publicly and thought it normal. File these incidents under OIM

    Only in Malta

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