Crooks, liars, fraudsters, cash hoarders and criminals in power – what a fine mess we’re in

Published: October 30, 2013 at 1:49pm

The Commissioner of Police, a man who wasn’t even a policeman when he was appointed to the position, testified in court this morning about the importance of hanging onto to Norman Vella’s personal property, his phone and iPad, because it constitutes evidence in the very serious crimes with which he will be charged.

They are not quite sure what those crimes are yet, though they have a vague idea, and they don’t have any indication that he committed them, or proof that he did, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something and keep shifting the goal-posts until they do.

We are now in the realm of corrupt, abusive insanity. The police commissioner is putting Norman Vella through this, without a crime, without evidence, without anything, and has sequestered his private property and threatened him with suspension from work. All because of a complaint made by Ramona Attard, his political master Mallia’s communications coordinator.

Meanwhile, the very same police commissioner, faced with a huge file on the investigations into John Dalli, both by the Maltese police under John Rizzo and by the European Commission, says that there is no case against him, flying in the face of his predecessor’s decision. While Norman Vella is threatened with the loss of his livelihood, the prime minister immediately summons Dalli to Castille, glorifies him, and appoints him de facto health minister.

This is sick, really sick. It is abuse of the worst order. I look forward to the opinion columns of the paragons of democracy who told us, in the last election, to vote Labour or AD for the good of the country. They can’t possibly have any sense of perspective if they were unable to read the situation for what it was and predict, with accuracy, the outcome.

The bottom line is this: never, in any situation in life and definitely not in politics, expect good things from bad people. And if, over the age of 50, you are unable to identify bad people, then you have no place inflicting your opinions on others.

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  1. tt says:

    Jista’ Norman Vella jaghmel kawza quddiem il-Qorti Ewropea?

  2. P Sant says:

    Can we have the name of the magistrate presiding this court case?

  3. ciccio says:

    Amen to that.

    The Commissioner of Police says he is defending the State from a crime. He is actually defending his Prime Minister and his cabinet of incompetent and dangerous clowns.

  4. Watchful eye says:

    The title to this post reflects perfectly who is dictating in Malta today.

  5. Toni says:


  6. A Montebello says:

    I have a hunch that the only reason the photo hasn’t turned up yet is because Kurt Farrugia and Ramona are not on the island to quickly pose for a grainy pic.

    These people have some experience in frame-ups, so the pic might just be “discovered” on their return to this hell hole.

  7. Calculator says:

    Well said. It is just plain disgusting to see what is unfolding before us.

    And this may also be of interest:

    Note that the article hints that Malta already has a reputation abroad as a haven for Russian oligarchs. Lovely.

  8. Carmelo Micallef says:

    The reins of power in Malta are in the hands of `pimps, thieves and scoundrels` gorging themselves on the spoils of war.

  9. Joe says:

    Back to the old Labour Party days.

  10. Il-Hsieb tar-Ronnie says:

    Today is Norman Vella, tomorrow it’s anybody who is suspected of upsetting the regime, not of breaking laws.

    Back to the 1970s and 80s. People who have lived that time, and had eyes that were not blinded by the rhetoric of Kim Il Sung’s friend, can see the striking similarities.

    Imagine if such a thing happened under a Nationalist government. Horror of horrors! But now…no it’s ok taf…nothing serious…this is only just personal (as the PM would say).

    As if human rights are embodied only in Normal Vella and not enjoyed and shared by all humans living on this rock. Looking forward to the next furrow on the PM’s forehead…if journalists are able to insist on asking him the questions on behalf of their readers, listeners and viewers.

  11. Alexander Ball says:

    I am handing my mobile to the Commissioner personally later today, because, well, you know, you never know.

    Can he read minds? Future crime? Who are the pre-cogs – coconut, greasy & the ginger magician?

  12. pablo says:

    Section 257 has nothing to do with any allegation of fact so far made by the same Police Commissioner in respect of Norman Vella.

    It deals with the crime of unauthorised disclosure of professional secrets that carries up to two years imprisonment or Euro 46,000 fine, or both.

    In his reply the uniformed clown gives the game away. He has nothing on Vella except a false report, which he knows to be false and which does not include anything remotely connected to the crime he says he is investigating.

  13. D. Borg says:

    Cannot understand why you are mentioning AD.

    AD politicians and the greater majority of AD’s liberal voters condemn this police charade, and IF AD were in a coalition government, the police and government would not be acting in such arrogant and reckless manner.

    The cure for all this, is simply to avoid single party governments, which at best, turn arrogant and abusive (blatantly or discreetly) with each day, as they deem they are untouchables until the next election.

  14. nutmeg says:

    Up until March, Joseph Muscat, would tell us that, while the current government declared it worked in the interest of the country in broad daylight, it sought the interests of its clique, in pitch dark.

    Thank goodness for his change of direction. Now government serves the interests of its clique in the daylight, and declares it works in the interest of the country, in the dark.

    Truly, these administrations are as different as night and day.

  15. FP says:

    That last clause is the source of all our problems.

    They have no place, but unfortunately they have the right, and worse still they exercise it.

    It’s not about the people in power. It’s about the people who put them there. And as long as there are idiots with a vote, there’ll be politicians to oblige.

  16. minn mars says:

    From Times of Malta’s report: @The police commissioner stated that “In the footage taken near the (passport) booths Mr Vella was seen talking to another person and it looked looked like he was transmitting data. He presented a still image showing Mr Vella face down looking at his phone.”

    1.How come they only produced or quoted a still image from a CCTV?

    2.Could it be that he was asked for a telephone number from the other person and he was fetching it?

    Interrogating people and holding personal effects on the basis of WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE?

  17. Ramona says:

    The thing is, so many otherwise reasonable people used to say (I believe even you did at one point) that no matter how incompetent a Labour government would be, things would never get anywhere near as bad as the eighties because things have changed and certain things simply cannot happen nowadays. Well, I hope you’re all very happy now.

  18. Jozef says:

    Note to Times of Malta.

    Ah, so traffic chaos is the problem now is it?

    How sweet of you to put the question to your ‘readers’. I bet you’ll be launching an ongoing campaign to promote public transport next. Pity Arriva stops selling tickets tomorrow.

    Honestly, you’re pathetic.

  19. Makjavel says:

    This is a frame up in the making.

  20. Michael says:

    “And if, over the age of 50, you are unable to identify bad people, then you have no place inflicting your opinions on others.”

    Were you referring to Eddy Privitera?

    [Daphne – Not at all. He’s just somebody who’s been brainwashed from birth. I had in mind a few people I know.]

  21. Spock says:

    If this is only the beginning , what in heaven’s name will happen during the rest of this legislature?

  22. Paul Saliba says:

    You sum it up to perfection, Daphne. Well done for standing up for our inherent and inalienable human rights against this oppression.

  23. Fido says:

    So now we have enough proof to conclude that the Labour appointed Police Commissioner is:

    EITHER ignorant of the laws of this country (contrary of what is expected of a lawyer worth his salt) when his action of confiscating personal items of Norman Vella in total absence of even a single shred of evidence as was confirmed by the Courts

    OR, if he knows what the law states and not withstanding he bowed to the wishes of his political masters, he has given a clear certificate of his integrity as the oath he was required to take on joining the Force unequivocally states,

    “I …………………… solemnly swear/affirm that I … will discharge all the duties of a Police Officer according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill will. (So help me God)”.

    Is he the mature and responsible person he tries to project himself to be and which personal attributes are deemed to be sine qua non qualities for post of Police Commissioner?

  24. Gaetano Pace says:

    Security at the airport my foot. How are going immigration officers on duty at our airport to handle a bad egg who would have purchased a Maltese citizenship when his name is going be shrouded in secrecy ?

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