Failed Labour candidate Charlie Azzopardi hawks his wares on Recycle Malta

Published: October 29, 2013 at 9:02am

Charlie Azzopardi


One of the Labour Party’s ‘kandidati stilla’, family therapist Charlie Azzopardi (who failed to be elected), has been hawking his wares round Facebook groups.

The latest is Recycle Malta, where his move met with obvious disapproval.

Trid tkun Laburist, insomma.

Quite frankly, it is beyond me why anybody would want to go to a therapist who needs therapy to have himself surgically detached from the sunglasses glued to his unsuitable hair in all indoor situations.

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  1. Paddling Duck says:

    Perhaps he sees family therapy as a way to recycle failed relationships?

  2. Ta'Sapienza says:

    Actually he was in the right Facebook group. That’s where trash belongs.

  3. botom says:

    This is unethical and in breach of the code of conduct. Who in is his right mind would go to a therapist who promotes himself in a “recycling site”, who promotes himself at all?

    People with the most bizarre behaviour have joined the Labour wagon before the last election and the problem is that Joseph Muscat is actually happy about this so much so that he calls this as a National Movement. Indeed Labour has transformed itself into a dumping site.

  4. Gahan says:

    Ghax ma jindiesx naqa ma’ Gorg Abela forsi jiftahlu klinika b’xejn mill-fondi tal-Istrina bhalma ghamel il-president ma’ oht il-mara t’ibnu?

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