They’ve got so comfortable already that they’re not even bothering to conceal the obvious anymore

Published: October 14, 2013 at 11:33am

The winning bidder for the new power station – the one we don’t need and the one which was all-too-clearly thrashed out well before the election, ‘roadmap’ and all – was announced yesterday.

Today, Times of Malta carries an interview in its print edition – which would have had to be carried out yesterday afternoon at the latest. quoting a spokesman for the bidder that had been announced just a couple of hours earlier.

Yorgen Fenech, a director at Gem Holdings, the Maltese company with a 30 per cent stake in the winning consortium, said the specialised storage ship has already been contracted.

Perhaps the specialised storage ship administration offices operate on Sundays and are not averse to whipping up a contract there and then.

The devil is in the detail, and the government isn’t bothering to pretend anymore. That’s how far things have slipped already in seven months.

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  1. Guz says:

    Gasan Finance p.l.c. last week sought authority from the Malta Stock Exchange for a new bond issue.

    • Jozef says:

      Just pray they build power stations better than a block of apartments.

      I mean, lose money a block away from Stella Maris church?

  2. Fair fare says:

    it’s all programmed – a fair fare for the vote

  3. Infurmat says:

    If only someone could whip the mask off this crazy development. A contract has already been signed and yet:

    1) we do not know if MEPA will approve the project or not;

    2) OHSA have not carried out any safety studies to mitigate concerns which may easily affect populations in the vicinity;

    3) we have not seen any feasibility studies comparing this tanker option to other energy generation options;

    4) the government’s exposure is tremendous, especially after the fifth year;

    5) we do not know what the implications will be on the gas pipeline from Europe, and the relevant EU funding;

    6) the cost of electricity with the BWSC engines has already been reduced; it can be reduced further with the interconnector that will start operating next year.

    The Nationalist Party cannot hold back from criticising this scam, this redundant ‘investment’ which exposes Malta dangerously to China and Azerbaijan.

    • Jozef says:

      This is NOT what the Maltese were promised.

      Definitely not five years fixed price against fifteen years supply.

      Forget that cable, Konrad already said he’ll reduce it to 20% of its capacity. Imagine what he’ll do in reality.

      Forget the pipeline, we’ll be bypassed via Sardinia.

      This Yorgen Fenech thinks it’s ok to flaunt it, perhaps he could tell us which vessel it is. I’m sure it’s up to scratch on cryogenics, passive and active safety procedures, materials, date of production, logs and so on.

      If it’s a standard vessel used by the industry, I doubt it can pass some more stringent tests re. containment given the facilities’ proximity to inhabited centres.

      This is seriously dangerous. In their hands it’s lethal. It’s not as if Siemens haven’t been in the news for a myriad of contracting scandals. They’re considered the bad boys of technological mishaps when a project is left in their remit.

      Better left as busbar suppliers under strict supervision than designer builders.

      One can conclude their inability to build a proper terminal, relying instead on hiring a standard ship and cobbling a ‘regasifier’ together, which technology has to be seen, is the reason for this hilarious ‘solution’.

      Pity the sucker is us. Labour, nowadays they get their idiocy off a tablet.

    • Denis says:

      As if they could be bothered with your list of requirements. Dak kollu cucati!

  4. Francis Saliba MD says:

    The important over-riding consideration is that Joseph Muscat & Co will not be there to pick up the pieces five years from now. But the rest of us, Labourites, Nationalists and shifters will be there to pick the tab.
    God help us!

  5. verita says:

    Really fast. No bureaucratic procedures was a PL electoral promise.

  6. Natalie says:

    That’s precisely what I thought when I read that sentence. They were quite quick to contract that ship, weren’t they? It’s all a bloody show biex jitn**ku bina.

  7. Gullible's Travels says:

    The possibility that the power station/Azerbaijan deal was wrapped up between Gasan/Fenech and the Labour Party well before the election is given more weight by the fact that Ray Fenech and Joe Gasan were among the first high profile appointments this government made, and they were appointed in tandem, as chairman and director of Air Malta. It is clear that the GasanFenech and Labour Party synergy really hit the ground running.

  8. anthony says:

    If that b….y gas storage vessel goes up in flames there will be no Marsaxlokk anymore.

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