A Maltese passport also gives holders the right to live and work in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Published: November 17, 2013 at 2:08pm

Here’s a point almost everyone has missed, including the international press in their reports on Malta’s sale of passports, which focus only on the right to live and work in the 28 EU member states, free movement through the Schengen area, and a visa waiver for trips to the United States.

Reader Fausto Majjistral has sent in a comment reminding us that holders of Maltese passports, like all other EU passport holders, have the right to live and work in non-EU states Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland – and it’s the latter two which are likely to be the ultimate destination of the shady types who will be interested in buying a Maltese passport.

In your article today you say that a Maltese passport give “the right to live and work in all 28 member states”. Not only. It also gives the right to live and work in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

And as you probably know, the latter two countries offer some serious fiscal advantages – even better than most EU states.

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  1. canon says:

    The international press should also note that there is no way that the Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, or the minister responsible, Emanuel Mallia, would think of resigning over this debacle.

  2. Edward says:

    Soon there will be Maltese citizens who have no family connection to Malta, don’t know where Valletta, Sliema, St Julian’s or Marsascala are, won’t know who st Paul is and why he is significant, not know why Paceville is only for teens and why Cristal Palace is popular, not know the bus routes, the names of the Gozo Ferry boats, or set eyes on the blue lagoon.

    They won’t know we even know we have a language let alone know that we have had for many years a language problem, or know who Dun Karm was, or go to a festa, or taste rabbit.

    They will be Maltese on paper only, making them plastic Maltese citizens. And what do they care, they ll have all of Europe to live in, and they won’t even know why the EU exists and what it means.

    The only reason why the PL are OK with selling our citizenship is because they do not value it at all themselves. They just want money.

  3. Dave says:

    Switzerland is not part of the EEA. There are some bilateral arrangements between the EU and Switzerland but it is not the same.

  4. C Falzon says:

    Effectively we’re selling that which belongs to others.

  5. Tinu says:

    Reno Bugeja is still contemplating how to announce on national radio and TV the reaction of the foreign press regarding the sale of Maltese citizenship.

  6. Foggy says:

    Mr Bugeja can’t do anything until Manwel tells him what to say or he will be replaced by a “person of (greater) trust.”

  7. L.gatt says:

    Are you sure about Switzerland?

  8. TROY says:

    Brace yourself, Europe,this is a 650,000 euro master key.

    So next time you hear a ding-dong on your door bell don’t be too certain it’s the Avon lady, because it might well be Kim Jong Un’s nephew, Ding Dong.

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