Malta Taghna Lkoll update: more Super One reporters put on the state payroll

Published: November 27, 2013 at 12:22pm
Brandon Pisani

Brandon Pisani

Rodney Vassallo

Rodney Vassallo

Dorothy Falzon

Dorothy Falzon

Three more members of the Super One newsroom will be put on the state payroll as from next week: reporters Brandon Pisani and Rodney Vassallo, and newscaster Dorothy Falzon.

Charles Sacco (son of golden-years-of-Labour Remig Sacco) has been given the job of looking after the TVM website.

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  1. TROY says:

    And then Laurence Gonzi wonders how he could lose the election by a land slide.

    Miss Piggy takes care of all her piglets.

    • Anthony says:

      Very true and no doubt about your statement from what can be seen these past few months but I’d rather lose an election hands down and still command respect and be viewed as a statesman and an upright gentleman than go down in Maltese history as the biggest conman and mercenary ever.

    • Augustus says:

      Troy, maybe you’re right, but Miss Piggy can’t take care of about 36,000 piglets.

  2. daffid says:

    I hope someone has a notebook, as the PM seems to have, to be able to refer to these events. It might be needed when the PN moves its and Radio 101’s employees lock stock and barrel to the state payroll in five years’ time. Precedents are set to be followed.

  3. zunzana says:

    Gawdu, gawdu, la is-switchers riedu hekk. Veru kaz ta’ ‘VIVA CHI REGNA’. Addio meritokrazija, ghax Malta taghna lkoll il-Laburisti. Isthu jekk tafu.

    [Daphne – Actually, what is relevant is not that they are Labour activists so much as that they have been selected on that basis only.]

  4. Neil says:

    He’s found something else for Phylis Muscat as well.

  5. Paddling Duck says:

    Meritokrazija galore

  6. Pablo says:

    Super One is officially now a state entity fully funded by the taxpayer. Can I calculate that this translates into one million euros per year.

  7. Xifajk says:

    Issa min se jtihom l-istejjer tal-Pulizija lill-Orizzont?

  8. Bronka says:

    Reno Bugeja strikes again. A few days ago, in a newspaper interview, he claimed that he is not biased and there is absolutely no pressure from the Labour government. Bullshit.

    • La Redoute says:

      Ah, that would explain why he went all the way to China to cover Muscat’s official trip but failed to break the story of how Muscat cut a deal behind everyone’s back.

  9. Hu go fik meritokrazija says:

    I don’t know Rodney Vassallo well, but Brandon is a tool.

    Also, Dorothy Falzon doesn’t have the requisite 5 years experience as advertised by PBS. She was born in 1991.

    Hard to believe that the best three applicants all came from Super One and that the dozens who applied are total zombies. They must be if they were ‘beaten’ by this crap lot.

  10. Alfred says:

    Austin kien arroganti? Lanqas biss jibda’ hdejn Muscat u tieghu.

  11. zunzana says:

    Sewwa ghidt, Daphne.

    Ma kontx naf li dawn il-Laburisti intaghzlu wara sejha ta’ applikazzjoni u kif ukoll nahseb wara xi interview.

    Mela bilfors haqqhom ghax kienu l-ahjar ghazla. Imma b’min tridu tit…….ejku.

    Nerga nghidilkhom ISTHU……ISTHU…….ISTHU.

  12. Gaudos says:

    Unbelievable. One News is reporting about the number of EU citizenships granted in 2011 by each EU member state, reporting the news as “Tqassmin tac-Cittadinanza” (giving away citizenship).

    As if citizenship is comparable to giving away an unwanted gift. Are these the qualified journalists recruited by PBS?

  13. back to the 80s says:

    This can only get worse and it seems that people are afraid to speak up for themselves because they fear losing their jobs or being threatened.

    Remember the Nationalist Party outcry in the 80s – xoghol, gustizzja, liberta? Now gauge whether we are experiencing this once again.

    History is repeating itself and it will have to be up to the minority to flow against the currents and set the direction.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      The Nationalist Party raised an entire generation of pampered, stupidly happy citizens. They can hardly expect the numb masses to rise up now.

      • Lomax says:

        Hear, hear. I really believe this lies at the core of the problems we are having to face now. Make no mistake, the masses will, soon enough, be shaken out of their stupor.

  14. L-iehor says:

    I’ve dealt with Rodney Vassallo. The choice is excellent. If his IQ were five points higher, he’d be a plant.

  15. Wistin Schembri says:

    And then they got rid of Norman Vella.

  16. Pablo says:

    Super arrogance, super corruption and super feeding frenzy off the public purse. Super liars as they talk, super hypocrites as they use criminals to do their dirty work. Super pimps that sold us off to the millionaires and the worst dictatorship in the world. Super One to the millionth degree.

  17. notimpressed says:

    That Vella chap (I mean the foreign Minister) said – about the ambassadors – “give them a chance – judge them by results” – good – I supprose this applies also to all the incompetent stooges that have been put on our payroll

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