No, the Commonwealth meeting in Sri Lanka did not take place in the presence of Mrs Michelle Muscat

Published: November 16, 2013 at 7:57pm

Michelle Muscat at Zara 16 November 2013

Some of you have been asking whether Michelle Muscat went to Sri Lanka to bulk out her photo album with pictures of meetings with David Cameron.

But she did not.

She’s just been papped at what non-Sliema-natives like her (God, that sounds bad) call “il-Ferries”, picking out clothes for the Infantas of Castille in Zara’s children’s department, which is adjacent to Zara Man, hence the sign. Laburisti are never safe when they enter my native territory, which is literally bristling with my spies.

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  1. Neil says:

    Those matronly arms, same ones from that infamous photo-shoot?

  2. One who was there says:

    Pity the photo was taken from the back. The side view was rather more impressive, displaying an overhang of belly over the top of tight-fit low-cut trousers.

  3. dutchie says:

    She was probably checking the clothes labels to see which items were made in Sri Lanka.

  4. ciccio says:

    Sri Lanka is a war-torn country. It would not look good in the photo album, and probably there is not much opportunity for shopping, anyway. I don’t think Zara or Primark have a store there.

    Maybe she can pay a visit to St. Kitts instead. Not that it is much better than Sri Lanka, but at least there has not been a recent war there, and if her husband sells one Maltese passport he will have enough cash to buy St. Kitts passports for all the family and will be left with cash to stash under the mattress.

    This is the sort of country Joseph Muscat wants us to aspire to. First it was Cyprus, now it is St. Kitts. “L-Aqwa fl-Ewropa” indeed.

  5. TROY says:

    Look Peter Paul, someone should be arrested for this photo of the first lady. Or is it once bitten, twice shy?

  6. Grezz says:

    Prince Charles passes a jibe about Mintoff – Muscat’s hero – and The Times pass it off as a headline, not realising what the speaker is inferring:

  7. edgar says:

    No photoshop on her waist in this picture. Must be the air in Burmarrad that inflates people.

  8. joe vella says:

    Neither did the Queen and civilized countries like Canada.

  9. C C says:

    The twins were running all over the place and her lady in waiting was with her too.

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