Pass me the smelling salts. I can’t believe Malta is represented by this man, even though it is entirely appropriate because it appears the population saw fit to make a prime minister in their own image.

Published: November 18, 2013 at 5:48pm

This photograph, for some reason I cannot quite understand, has been selected for distribution by the government Department of Information. It depicts Joseph Muscat with Tony Abbot, the Australian prime minister, in Sri Lanka.

Those who thought it so cool and amazing to vote for somebody so hip must be clenching their…well, never mind…right now. And I don’t mean their fist.


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  1. P Shaw says:

    Qisu qa*ba f’xalata? Jaqaw xurban?

  2. Plotinus says:

    I will limit my opinion to the shirt and not to what’s inside it.


    And if your neck is too large, buy a larger size.

  3. Neil says:

    He and Corto use the same tailor by the looks of it. And what is he doing with his sausage-fingers?

  4. ciccio says:

    Judging from Joseph Muscat’s posture and facial expression, I would hazard a guess that this was probably the moment when Tony Abbott asked Joseph Muscat if Muscat was “the suppository of all wisdom.”

  5. observer says:

    “Intix tifhem, Tony, x’wahda hdimthom?”

  6. king rat says:

    A salivating gibbon that has just spotted a bunch of bananas.

  7. Last Post says:

    Qisu ‘spiżjara’ f’xalata – bla dinjita’ , qisu tifel zgħir. Imma l-maltin sħabu jarawh ‘cool’ għax kif għidt int għandhom prim ministru ‘in their own image’.

  8. Denatonium says:

    Bit of a nail-biter, is he?

    • Neil says:

      Wow look at that! He’s gnawed a few of them down to the root.

      And that shirt. Did he travel hand-luggage only, sweat through all his shirts, and have to borrow one from a much taller member of the MLP/govt entourage? What a mess he is.

  9. il-Ginger says:

    I can see how he got the gay vote. It looks like he’s creaming himself.

  10. Rhonda Balzan Bastow says:

    Abbott is a dangerous man who will one day be at the Hague for his torture of innocent asylum seekers and his material aid to a state practising torture and ethnic cleansing.


  11. Joseph Caruana says:

    Sausage feast.

  12. FGF says:

    Just look at those fingers. Obscene!

  13. bob-a-job says:

    Abbot and Costello

  14. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Massive. I am the Junglist soldier.

  15. U Le! says:

    Looks like he is waiting for the punch line of a dirty joke. Unfortunately the victim of the joke is our reputation.

    • ciccio says:

      Tony Abbott has just told Muscat a joke about a whore who charged euro 650,000 for a session, and is about to tell Muscat her name.

  16. George Grech says:

    At 56 Mr. Abbot looks much more in shape than our much younger prime minister.

  17. Sue says:

    Dejjem zmattat

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