Some people (OK, so they’re intellectually challenged, but still) actually believe the rubbish about Labour wanting to ‘attract people of talent’/rich people, and that they will soon be walking among us

Published: November 17, 2013 at 4:02pm

In my column in The Malta Independent on Sunday, today:

Let’s make no bones about it. The government is not selling Maltese citizenship because it wants people to come and live here. That is yet another lie. It is selling Maltese citizenship precisely because it knows nobody who buys it will bother to live in Malta and will move on to London, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm or Berlin.

The proof of this is the fact that it has not tied the sale of citizenship to direct investment in Malta via job-creation or even residency. If the government wanted those people to live here, if it really wished to attract what it rather disingenuously calls ‘talent’, then it would have made an address in Malta a requirement. But it has not. Our government actually wants those people to move on into other member states.

It wants to take their cash and have them foist themselves onto others. That is exactly why Manuel Mallia, Joseph Muscat and the other hawkers in our government think it such a brilliant idea. They take the money and others carry the can.

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  1. C Falzon says:

    I think the revenue aspect is just a welcome by-product rather than an end in itself. I don’t think the PL’s interest really lies beyond the first few dozen ‘applicants’. It is those who need to be satisfied at all cost. The others will just be riding on the needs of the first few.

    • La Redoute says:

      That is why they voted against the proposal to remove the secrecy aspect. It bought them enough time to rush through the first lot of passports. Once that’s out of the way, they’ll pretend to have ‘listened’ to the public call, and will override the law they pushed through in the first place.

  2. Min Jaf says:

    Spiv and barrow-boy mentality, the whole lot of them.

  3. Newman says:

    Another argument that makes me want to scream in frustration is that if one accepts citizenship by naturalization then one cannot object to this scheme in principle.

    Citizenship should only be granted to persons who have a link or commitment to the country.

    This scheme is objectionable in principle because it requires no such link. Its so-called ‘investment’ requirement is a sham. It is the outright sale of citizenship. No wonder they fail to understand why it caused such a reaction all over the world.

  4. canon says:

    The Europeans feel insulted about the scheme as much as the majority of the Maltese.

  5. gorg says:

    Muscat bhal goalie li jinxtara. Jithallas u jhalli l-blalen dehlin.

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