The most pertinent observation about Pullicino Orlando’s OTHER ex wife, Labour MP Marlene Farrugia

Published: November 24, 2013 at 12:49pm

Marlene Farrugia

I've begun to think they're both as cuckoo and as addicted to the limelight as each other. What is this - a cuckoo competition with the exes?

I’ve begun to think they’re both as cuckoo and as addicted to the limelight as each other. What is this – a cuckoo competition with the exes?

Marlene Farrugia has been doing a lot of speaking her mind lately, but I can’t say I am too impressed. Why is anyone giving her kudos for speaking against the sale of citizenship? She voted for it, for heaven’s sake. If she objects to it, she shouldn’t have. Decent and honest people don’t vote for something they’re against. And she could have got away with voting against it, because her boss and party leader doesn’t have a one-seat majority in the house, and he could have spared her vote.

By voting for something and then speaking against it, Marlene Farrugia looks as unstable as the man she married, who held the entire nation hostage so that he could marry Carmen Ciantar, the woman he’d been living with for 10 years after Marlene ran off with Godfrey Farrugia, and then when he could marry her, realised he didn’t want to, married her all the same because otherwise he’d have lost face, and within months had betrayed her already with one of her closest friends, Mariella Mifsud, a hairdresser from Hal Ghaxaq with a salon called Hair Mania.

Are they all cuckoo, or what?

Anyway, here’s a good observation sent in by Nighthawk, on the subject of Marlene Farrugia’s ‘dissenting voice’:

Sure – but she can afford to get on her high horse, because both she and Muscat know that she is no threat without a whole lot of other MPs doing the same, so she gets to look like an honest maverick and Muscat gets to look like the wise leader who tolerates dissent.

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  1. Alexander Ball says:

    Centuries of in-breeding.

    What else do you expect?

    [Daphne – Oh, I don’t think so. I’d say it’s more a case of extreme cabin fever, a far less glamorous version of what went on among the colonists in colonies. You’re trapped, you can’t get away, you’re stuck in the same environment with the same people for years, and you go bats. It was even worse for people who grew up in villages, like Marlene and Jeffrey, because their lives were even more restricted and when they encountered what the rest of us in the more enlightened parts of Maltese society took for granted, they skidded right off the rails.]

  2. ACD says:

    I thought John Dalli’s attack on Marlene’s husband was, in part, revenge by Muscat for her not toeing the line. More so, since he didn’t publicly disagree with that part of the report.

    [Daphne – Marlene Farrugia does not have a husband. She has an ex husband (Pullicino Orlando). She has a lover (the health minister), unless you wish to call him a companion. Godfrey Farrugia is indeed a husband, but not Marlene’s husband. The fact that they have the same surname is a coincidence. She was born with it, as he was.]

  3. A. Sant says:

    “Morally and politically corrupt”.

    I wonder how, in spite of this, JPO failed to be a successful Labour politician.

  4. Jozef says:

    In 1996, soon after Sant’s election, this Frederick Azzopardi was parked in Project House, he introduced himself as ‘baghatni l-ministru’, that’s Charles Buhagiar. Honest.

    He spent a good two months lazing around, until he proceeded to do his best to screw up all datum levels along Republic Street, cars leaving half their engine behind as they crossed down Melita Street.

    Just don’t give him execution of the jetty or dredging Marsaxlokk Bay.

  5. Min Jaf says:

    Marlene Farrugia’s statements criticising decisions taken by the PL government, including that on the sale of citizenship, are always qualified by a comment at the end such as “But I believe in Joseph”.

    Her statements are not intended to criticise Muscat’s flaky decisions and actions, but to reassure the increasing number of doubters among PL supporters and switchers that, despite adverse reactions in Malta and internationally, their Joseph will see them through at the end of the day, and blind faith is required as it was with Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the land of milk and honey.

    Marlene Farrugia is not a dissenter. She is a faithful disciple of Joseph Muscat, who is simply implementing a policy of damage control.

  6. Spiru says:

    Jozef, the minister might have sent him, but as a contractor involved in roadworks since 1979 I could tell you nobody worked as hard as he did in his coordinating unit.

    He coordinated works between different entities so that if Enemalta wanted to dig up, say, Dingli Road in Rabat, he’d coordinate works with all entities to ensure it’s dug up once, to the benefit of the community, as well as the contractor who ends up doing work for different entities.

    Remember this was the time Republic Street, Valletta was dug up and work went on smoothly without any untoward hiccups.

    Then the PN came back in and things went fast downhill at Sa Maison, with PN architect candidates and mayors not even able to distinguish between cold asphalt and hot rolled tarmac, Masters degrees notwithstanding.

    I am definitely not a PL apologist, but what’s right is right. And he did not have an office at Project House but a small office right outside it.

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