Now she’s even helping clients out with private lessons

Published: December 21, 2013 at 10:27pm

Why is Social Affairs Minister Marie Louise Coleiro Preca advertising private lessons in maths, English, Maltese and physics via a notice at her political office in Hal Qormi?

private lessons

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  1. Mandy says:

    Well, a search on the GO portal for the landline on the screenshot above came up with this:

    Coleiro George 368, ‘Gudith Hse’ Triq il-Kbira Qormi 21446178

    [Daphne – The Minister’s brother.]

  2. Karen Camilleri says:

    English private lessons? At someone whose house is named ‘Gudith’?

  3. dutchie says:

    Some journalist should apply for lessons and let us know if tax is being paid here, since the lack thereof are what private lessons notorious for.

  4. Carmen Debono Mintoff says:

    Those are private lessons given by her brother George since before the elections.

  5. Socrates says:

    Does the Minister’s advert fall in line with Evarist Bartolo’s age of enlightenment for local education?

    Does the MInister’s advert re-confirm that PL’s failure to educate for free is still a failure?

    Does the Minister’s advert imply that her brother is giving private lessons free of charge?

    May I kindly ask the Minister for Social Justice to explain such mess?

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