Twanny Bronka and the Three Magi of the Progressive, Liberal, Best-in-Europe Labour government

Published: December 31, 2013 at 3:57pm
This is the photograph sent with the Department of Information press release.

This is the photograph sent with the Department of Information press release.

Hello again. I’ve been taking a break from progressive liberalism and all that comes with it, but have come across something seasonal to brighten up your afternoon this New Year’s Eve: Twanny Bronka, the Three Magi, and their progressive, liberal, European journey (off the public purse) from Ghajnsielem to Rome and back again.

This is a real government Department of Information press release email and I swear I have not made it up in Private Eye fashion. And yes, it really is titled ADORATION OF THE MAGI and that email address down there really is Ta’ Gamri.

You can read the original in PDF format here pr2895


From: “Press Releases at OPM”

Subject: DOI – Press Release (PR2895)

PR2895 + photos


Minister for Gozo Dr. Anton Refalo, in the presence of the mayor of Għajnsielem, Francis Cauchi, launched the ‘Adoration of the Magi’ event where the Three Kings on Sunday will travel from Mellieħa before making a triumphant entrance to Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem. The Three Kings will arrive by an Air Malta flight from Rome on Saturday.

The Maltese Contingent will fly to Rome on Thursday morning 2nd January 2014.

Between Thursday and Friday there will be a programme organised by the Tolfa Local Council, which will include visits to senior citizens in the local community and a public activity during which the three Kings will start this unique voyage with the Maltese Islands being their final destination.

In Tolfa, the Contingent will be welcomed by Mayor Luigi Landi where both sides will hold talks to further enhance and promote co-operation between the Għajnsielem and Tolfa Local Councils.

Furthermore, other meetings will be held with all stakeholders concerned where Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo will explain the potential of the Maltese Islands with regards to religious tourism.

The Contingent will make a short stop at Vatican Square, where an Official of the Holy See will welcome the delegation. Letters written by children and other citizens of Għajnsielem will be delivered to be forwarded to His Holiness Pope Francis. The letter writing was the initiative by Radio Lauretana, the radio station of Parish Church Madonna of Loreto in Għajnsielem.

On Saturday morning, the Three Kings will leave Fiumicino Airport en route to Malta on board an Air Malta flight. Upon arrival in the Maltese Islands they will ride on horse-back to Bethlehem in Għajnsielem.

The general public is being invited to follow this unique trip.

The programme for the weekend will be as following:

Saturday 4th January
12.25 pm – The Three Wise Men arrive at Gudja MIA on Air Malta flight KM 613 from Rome,

Sunday 5th January
9.15am Departure of the Magi from Selmun Tower.

10.15am Arrival at Mellieħa’s main square.

10.30am Short re-enactment of the Three Kings in the main square.

11.00am Departure from Mellieħa’s main square to Ċirkewwa.

2.15 pm Departure from Ċirkewwa with Gozo Channel Ferry.

2.45 pm Arrival in Mġarr Harbour, to be met by Minister for Gozo and departure to Għajnsielem main streets.

The Three wise men will make the triumphant entrance at the nativity village, Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem, at around 4.00pm stopping at the grotto to present gifts to baby Jesus. This will mark the end of four weekends of animation and months of hard work.

For further information, footage and photos of the events in Tolfa and Vatican:

Official spokesman: Lelio Spiteri (available to provide direct links)

Mobile: 00393274296006 (Italy) 99822717 (Malta)

Email: [email protected]

Official photographer: Joseph Sultana

Mobile: 99422341

Email: [email protected]

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  1. Manhattan says:

    Check out Manuel’s promo on safe driving. Peter Paul’s uniform was not ready apparently and he had to use his predecessor’s.

  2. C.Portelli says:

    Didn’t this progessive party tell us that it will provide work for Gozitians in Gozo?

  3. edgar says:

    Twanny Bronka, l-ghageb tal-presepju. And what is this comedy going to cost the taxpayer?

    • ruth says:

      Nitghallmu napprezzaw naqra flok dejjem immaqdru, ndawwru kollox politka jew dwar flus! U jekk il-flus huma li qeghdin taraw: is-Santa! Jintefqu tant fluq fuq HMERIJIET, tal-Magi se taraw zejda u tmaqdru?! Betlehem f’Ghajnsielem offra lill-Maltin, l-Ghawdxin u kull persuna barranija li kienet hawn il-possibilita li jidhlu izjed fl-Ispirtu VERU tal-Milied u din tal-Magi TKOMPLI – ghax il-Milied MHUWHIEX ir-rigali u l-bozzoz u l-imbarazz kollu li naghmlu imma DWAR KRISTU u l-Magi gejjin minn Ruma JFAKKRUNA fi vjagg FERM ITWAL li ghamlu l-Magi vera cioe li segwew il-kewkba biex marru jfittxu lil-Gesu: xi haga li xi kultant ahna, tant ninsabu aljenati – jew biezla mmaqdru – li ninsew naghmlu.

  4. Makjavel says:

    The first batch of citizenship arrivals.

    Some talent.

    Happy 2014 to All.

  5. Dave says:

    Kings is about right.

  6. Gahan says:

    If I’m not mistaken Dr Joe Mifsud is in the organising committee.

  7. Corinne Vella says:

    Are the horses going to Rome too? And will Gozo god Refalo lead them there?

    This sounds like a free holiday for scroungers, at the expense of the taxpayer.

    If the modern-day Magi wish to reenact a 2013-year old apocryphal story, they could stuff their scroungefest and spend their own money on real gifts for real babies who’ve been turned away from every inn.

    Jesus was a Jew from Palestine, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if the Magi’s gifts went to a Muslim or Christian from sub-Saharan or North Africa, or even a few from his home region in the Middle East.

  8. Toyger says:

    The whole press release is in English, then you get one very stupid slip “f’Ghajnsielem”.

    • La Redoute says:

      The whole press release is an official one released by the DOI, but then the official spokesmen use gmail, not

  9. Vagabond King says:

    Only in Gozo – why are the Magi arriving a day early?

    • ruth says:

      The Roman Catholic Church celebrates – as a solemnity – the feast of the Magi on the 2nd Sunday after Christmas: they’re coming on time ;-)

  10. Alexander Ball says:

    What’s with the camel bollocks?

  11. Wistin Schembri says:

    Will the Gozo ferry turn back if the Magi miss it?

    • Angus Black says:

      No! The Minister will be at the destination side already. None of the Three Kings has the ‘devil’s ‘ mobile number!

  12. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Al Qaeda’s teamed up with the Zoroastrians polo club. I hope they get blown up by an overzealous armed drone.

  13. The Shadow says:

    Errmm. Where or what is Tolfa?

  14. Francis Saliba M.D. says:

    May I suggest that Ghajnsielem would next have a tableau showing the encounter between the Three Magi with Herod, acted by guess who?

    Elaborating on the same theme the three Magi may be induced to deviate the return trip away from the Gozo Channel ferries and instead to take the Chinese bridge route back so as to avoid an encounter with an irate Herod ordering the ferry to turn back?

  15. Loreto says:

    Smajna li anke s-Sur Joe Mifsud sejjer “jakkumpanja” s-slaten magi mill-fondi pubblici

  16. Me says:

    It’s very hard to find a wise man in Malta, let alone three – that’s why they had to import them.

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