Why isn’t Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando on the Republic Day honours list?

Published: December 13, 2013 at 1:19pm

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando

It is most unfair that he isn’t. If Joanne Cassar has got her Medalja Ghall-Qadi Tar-Repubblika for campaigning to be allowed to marry her boyfriend (who has long since left her and this one she’s got now is somebody else), then surely Jeffrey should be given the same medal at least for campaigning for divorce legislation so that he can marry his second wife (who has also since left him, giving him the dubious honour of becoming the first person to use Malta’s divorce law twice in quick succession).

So – why wasn’t he on the list?

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  1. ciccio says:

    And why isn’t Franco Debono on the list?

    He campaigned for meritocracy and thanks to him and the Labour government, now we have it.

    And he also campaigned for accountability, transparency…

    • Giovann DeMartino says:

      Neither is Eddy Privitera who spends his time trying to defend the indefensible, and making a fool of himself.

  2. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Is there a Medalja ghall-#i tar-Repubblika?

  3. dak says:

    The whole honours list is skewed.

    Why those and not il-Qahbu? Why overlook Toto’? Why no posthumous Gieh for Fusellu?

    13 December was the day of Gieh ir-Repubblika. Now turned into Qieh ir-Repubblika.

  4. george grech says:

    Kif tistennew li il-bniedem li ma ddejjaqx izeblah gieh ir-repubblika ikollu sens ta’ xi jfisser dan l-unur ?

  5. Rahal says:

    Ghax traditur u haxxej. Pero hemm xi haga ahjar ghal Jeffrey li tiswa ferm aktar. Il permess tal-Mistra.

    Meta ser itieghulek?

  6. Gaetano Pace says:

    For the very simple that he does not deserve it. I do believe though that he merits a pastizz from the reception held for the occassion. We would soon know, come the next photo at four in the morning.

  7. vittorio says:

    Purcinell , injorant u imbecilli . Kellha ragun titilqu .

  8. observer says:

    Why? Ghaliex tan-n*jk izzejjed. Kieku kien ftit anqas, forsi.

  9. Francis Saliba M.D. says:

    Because, to the best of my knowledge, he was not had bilateral orchidectomy performed on him with oestrogen therapy for breast enlargement, breast implants etc. Neither has he won any world contest of juvenile singing. Those are two very good reasons why he is not on the Labour Party’s first Republic Day honours list.

  10. A montebello says:

    How about a Golden Rasberry Award to counter the trashification of the Gieh ir-Ripublika awards? I’d like to nominate JPO, Franco Debono (what’s become of him), il-pufta bic-coff, and all the others who rubbed their switching in our faces precusely to get a reward.

  11. Joe Fenech says:

    The difference between Joanne Cassar and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando is that the first used to be a man, but the second one never was.

  12. canon says:

    Last year year , Joseph Muscat was convinced that Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando was a liability to Lawrence Gonzi and the government. Today, Muscat is seeing JPO as a liability to him and his government.

  13. Gaetano Pace says:

    Could it be Joseph Muscat bartered the medal for the Mistra permit with JPO? Time will tell.

  14. Riya says:

    Trid toqoghd ferm attent lil min tippremja b’Gieh ir-Repubblika ghax huwa gieh importanti. Jekk tista’ tibqa tikkunsidrah b’dan il- moghod.

    JPO kien mar ikisser anke d-dar fejn kienet marret toqoghd il-mara tieghu propja meta telqitu, u allura peress li dan huwa att kriminali ma jixraqlux li jigi moghti Gieh ir-Repubblika, allavolja Joseph Muscat irrenda Gieh ir-Repubblike qisu qed iqassam il-bigilla..

  15. Gahan says:

    Talking about Pullicino and divorce – I heard part of Joseph Muscat’s speech on “principles”.

    He insinuated that he was the one who introduced divorce, because he held steadfast to his principles.

    He conveniently forgot to tell us that he did not bring a private member’s bill on divorce, but relied on Pullicino Orlando to do it instead.

    That’s what Joseph Muscat’s fighting spirit for one’s principles means: chickening out when he knows there wasn’t enough support for his ideas.

    Anyone recalls his “family wage” principled proposal?

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